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A Grande Ownership report-the 2012 Punto Dynamic

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by sidindica, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. sidindica



    img (3).JPG
    at delivery time, before I break the coconut

    Make: Fiat
    • Model: Grande Punto
    • MY: 2012
    • Month of Manufacturing: August 2012
    • Variant: Dynamic

    • Type: Multijet 1 SDE diesel
    • 1248 cc, 4 cylinders in line 16V DOHC
    • 75 bhp, 197 nm

    Buying summary:
    • Final price paid for the car OTR Delhi: Rs. 6,75,000

    • Cash discount: Rs. 10,000
    • Corporate discount: Rs. 7,500
    • Exchange bonus for the santro: Rs. 10,000

    • Extended warranty for 26 months (in addition to standard warranty of 24 months)
    • Roadside assistance for 50 months
    • Comprehensive motor insurance with INR 5 lakhs unnamed PA cover
    • Punto Door sills
    • Fiat carpet floor mats
    • Chrome exhaust tip from the punto sport
    • Underbody chassis antirust treatment with 5 years warranty

    Modifications done and cost:
    • 15" Steel rims from the linea, 5 pieces: Rs. 4900
    • Linea active wheel caps: Rs. 1400 (set of 4)
    • Michelin Primacy LC tyres, set of 5: 5600 per tyre
    • Exchange for old JK tyres in 14"=Rs. 2600
    • Net cost for 5 michelin tyres: Rs. 15,000
    • Art leather seat covers: Rs. 7500
    • Leather steering wrap and gear knob wrap: Rs. 2100 (special price for me only)-actual cost is Rs. 3000
    • 3D Kagu Mats: Rs. 4,000 (special price for me-actual cost=Rs. 5,000)
    • Speakers, rockford fosgate prime 2 way front with tweeters: Rs. 5,500
    • Speakers, rockford fosgate prime rear, 3 way rear coaxials: Rs. 3,400 (mounted on MDF rings called spacers)

    img (80).JPG
    First day after delivery
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  2. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Very good and congrats on your new car. Guess you should write about the experience you had with SA's and Dealer in general.
  3. sidindica



    img (68).jpg

    What I like:
    • Evergreen Design with all the right angles
    • Looks the richest in red and grabs eyeballs
    • Attention to detail WRT safety engineering-vault like build and underbody protection
    • A Class ride and handling supermini
    • High GC, powerful AC and slightly reduced turning radius make the car easier to live with
    • Linear power delivery from Multijet, highway mile muncher
    • Fantastic torque spread, highway tuned engine also comfortable in city
    • Comfortable seats
    • Big boot can be used like a quasi truck for load lugging

    What I don't like:

    • Storage spaces are a joke, too small
    • Weird Driver ergonomics, telescopic steering adjustment absence is baffling
    • Unpremium feeling workman like interiors with some brittle plastics
    • Brilliant chassis begs for more power on the twisties
    • Weirdly tuned gearbox
    • Turning radius still a pain in congested lanes
    • Poor dealer experiance WRT vehicle paperwork
    • perception of dicey after sales and resale value, here in Delhi NCR and up north

    img (90).JPG
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  4. Aniket

    Aniket Superiore

    Thane, Mumbai
    Punto look nice with active caps, in mumbai too i saw so many punto with Linea active Wheel caps
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  5. Congratulations red color is too good

    Congratulations red color is too good
    I own a punto for 2.5 yrs now and would like to say that its a very good car especially a very good highway car
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  6. sungoa2010


    Congrats. Neat and clean report.
  7. sidindica



    Dealer: Oberoi Cars Noida
    Team Leader from whom delivery taken: Mr. Rehman Khan
    Test drives taken: 3-4.
    Date Booked: August 19, 2012.
    Order Placed: August 21, 2012
    Delivered on: September 14, 2012

    img (109).jpg

    Test driven by me and dad, booked by dad.

    The overall experience with respect to the explaining the vehicle FABs (Features, Attributes and benefits) has been excellent. He understood my needs well and helped me in selecting the correct variant. Passive safety was a priority, plus on the other hand, budget was a severe constraint, hence selected to go for the dynamic version which seemed to be the best VFM. Vehicle arrived at stockyard on 12th, I did the PDI on 13th and took delivery on 14th. I gave my 2006 1,34,000 odd kms ran pristine condition Silver Santro Xing to them since after a week of research and hard negotiations, they gave me the best price the market could offer. Plus the 10K exchange bonus was an icing on the cake. How much, sorry, cannot disclose. The delivery process was smooth, in fact my and a couple of indicas were the only cars were delivered that day. I specifically told them not to put a single sticker of the dealership or any flower on the car. In fact, I even hated ribbons, but on dad's request, I got them applied (Lol...)

    Good sales experience, however was just the beginning for a series of nightmares related to paperwork. These were:
    • Clerical Mistake on my insurance policy. IMT-28 and Unnamed PA cover was NOT added. It took many escalations and my direct mails to future generali corporate to get the issue resolved directly. A 5 minute cancellation and endorsement job took 21 days. Shocking.
    • My temporary number (UCF XXXXX) took one week instead of just one day that my friend got in his Indica Vista. I was at big risk of driving at TC number plates which could lead to challans in NCR.
    • Permanent number of Delhi came two weeks after that, but no RC. Delhi RTO delay.
    • HSRP plate slip receipt came on October 9th and at the dealership on mid october.
    • HSRP number pates installed on November 11th.
    • BUT, all of this was only possible due to my personal daily followups on me phoning the dealer time and again. They didn't even bother to inform me at any time. I had to shout and scream to get the work done, all poor training and coordination to blame.

    However, there has been some silver lining, even if its a just:
    • My car developed a nasty scratch on front bumper left side in late october when I misjudged the size and banged onto my family's own Honda City. Gave it for repairing the next day and got i back within 5 hours. Took Rs. 1,500 and outstanding paint job done by the bodyshop. Mr. Kamal's inteference greatly helped.
    • A few days back, there were a series of niggles due to some misuse or abuse in family. The pickup dropped, slight steering wobble was felt, seats were squeaking and wind noise was prominent. For the same, the car was taken again to sector 1 where one by one, all the issues have been addressed. Mr. Vineet, thanks for the support provided by your team.

    img (112).jpg

    The car till today has only clocked 3,478 kms and will await its first service when it will approach/ cross 5,000 kms. Part 3 of buying experiance will come in a few days time, so stay tuned. Ciao.
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  8. mvb4u

    mvb4u Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3

    Congrats on your possession. Nice report. Nice photographs too.

    Are the same sidindica on the definitive forum?
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  9. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Great Looking macho Punto with a Punch
  10. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Excellent Start sid, and the pictures are equally brilliant.

    After you, seems its getting popular to have 15" steel rims and Linea Active wheel cap. I thinks shams already put that.
    Can you post the closer picture of Leather steering wrap, is OEM or you got it done outside?

    I hope this is same because of Air Filter issue, right?

    Keep this thread updated.

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