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A glimpse of the Paradise

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by nkrishnap, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    To elaborate the title in a short sentence "7298 kms driven through 8 states to catch a glimpse of the paradise"

    How it all began

    Ever since I got the Linea home and Rohit's Leh Trip "How hard can it be" came up made my urge stronger by the day to drive to LEH. I started planning for the trip by taking loads of inputs from Rohit. There was a bit of resistance from everyone at home. However, after showing Rohit's thread to parents they finally relented and the Green Signal was given. The next hurdle was getting the leaves sanctioned from office. Since I had already discussed my intentions with my manager to drive down to LEH for a vacation, the leave approval though took time was approved well before I started making bookings for the drive.

    With all the hurdles cleared, the preparation for the drive started. The car was shod with new tyres and the basic checks were done. The below items were stocked and packed.

    1. Engine oil - 1 litre
    2. Coolant - 1 litre
    3. Araldite
    4. Air Filters - 2
    5. AC Pollen Filter - 1
    6. Hydraulic Jack (borrowed from Sidhu)
    7. Tow Rope (borrowed from Rohit)
    8. Funnel (borrowed from Rohit)
    9. Jerry Can 20L

    The car went through a routine wash and wax session a day before the journey.

    Car Ready for Trip.jpg

    With all the required stuff for us and the car packed, we were ready to hit the highway on the 26th July 2013.

    Boot Luggage.jpg

    Odo at the start of the Journey

    Odo Start.jpg

    Journey Leg 1

    Started off from my house at 5.40 am and headed to RR Nagar to pick up the remaining team. Ended up starting at 7.10 am from RR Nagar and exited the city through the NICE road. Stopped at Kamat (a few kms after Dabaspet) for breakfast. With a nice sumptuous breakfast drove on towards Belgaum for our Lunch Stop.

    Beautiful NH 4

    NH 4 - 1.jpg

    NH 4.jpg

    The clouds threatened

    NH 4 - Clouds.jpg

    The rain started giving company

    NH 4 - Rain View.jpg

    NH 4 - Rain.jpg

    A quick photo break

    NH 4 - Quick Stop over.jpg

    The 20000 mark achieved on the way

    20000 mark.jpg

    Had decent lunch and tanked up fuel at Belgaum outskirts and continued driving towards Pune. The progress was quite quick till we reached Kolhapur. The roads sort of deteriorated with various deviations and the road conditions were getting poor. Stopped over at Satara for a quick tea break. Continued the drive but the progress was slow due to traffic, poor roads and to make matters worse the drizzle kept company. Stopped at Katraj for Dinner at one for the Vaishno Dhabas. The roads until the Mumbai Pune Express way was quite bad.

    Beautiful roads in Karnataka (NH4)

    NH 4 - Nippani.jpg

    Pathetic roads around Satara

    NH 4 - Satara.jpg

    The progress was good on the express way. Took a coffee break at the coffee day and the cappuccino recharged me and we made good progress to exit the expressway and entered Navi Mumbai. Here the nightmare started. A huge pile of trucks we were stranded for about two and a half hours. Later the traffic started moving at a snail's pace. One helpful soul who was in an autorickshaw helped us by guiding us through the narrow lanes to exit the mess and finally enter the Gorbander Road.

    From here on the roads were quite good, but the heavy rains kept us a bit slow. Then a VRL volvo overtook us. Simply followed the VRL multi axle Volvo who did the job of clearing the path by weaving between the trucks. This continued until we reached the outskirts of Valsad. We stopped at one of the hotels for freshening up and breakfast.

    Effect of driving in Rains

    Gujurat Effect.jpg

    With light breakfast to ensure I dont feel sleep continued driving to Ahmedabad. Stopped for lunch on one of the hotel for an early lunch around 11 am on the Sardar Patel Ring road. The AC restaurant and the tasty food kept us happy. The drive continued and had a small stop over at Himmatnagar to refuel at one of the COCO HPCL bunks. After the refuel it was a non stop drive to Udaipur.

    Vadoara - Ahmedabad Expressway

    Ahmedabad Expressway.jpg

    Reached hotel Mewar in around 3.40 pm. With the other passengers deciding to rest, I headed to one of the Car Spas to get the car cleaned. Returned to the hotel and off we went to dinner at Hotel Nataraj.

    Hotel Nataraj

    Hotel Nataraj1.jpg

    Tasty Rajasthani Thali

    Hotel Nataraj.jpg

    The sumptuous dinner ensured only one thing a good sleep. The cosy bed at the hotel just gave this opportunity.

    End of Journey Leg 1

    To be contd...
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  2. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Very nice Sir. Was much awaiting for this thread. Thanks for taking time up and pouring it here. Will wait for next bunch of pics. Sure its exciting.

    Any specific reason for "must" opt Jerry can? I read the wiki, the steel ones are said to be very strong for military purposes. But here, i fail to draw an opinion :)
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  3. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    The jerry can is to carry additional fuel. The steel one is just to ensure the fuel carried is kept safe in the car.
  4. Atlast the much awaited travelog..
    Simply awesome. ..dont want to waste anymore adjectives, will stock it till the end...
    Please complete it fast...

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  5. Good pictures, how was the roads in Gujarat?
  6. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    The roads in Gujarat are excellent barring a few patches were some sort of work is going on. Will list out the road conditions of the entire in a single at the end of the log. :)
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  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    We were waiting for this, next few days/week, we will have a nice thread to read on.
    You covered so much on first leg itself.
    Hehe, nice to see this, normally people will jump to bed first :) after so looong drive.

    I know its a 5-star thread, rated now itself.
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  8. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Journey Leg 2 - Udaipur to Amritsar

    With a good night's sleep and a light breakfast (bread and Jam), it was time to hit the highway again to head towards Kishangarh from where we take the Mega highway to Hanumangarh. We started from Udaipur at 7.30 am and our journey till Kishangarh was with a few stoppages for taking pictures.

    One of the many numerous lakes around Udaipur.

    Udaipur Lakes.jpg

    The foggy NH8

    Foggy NH8.jpg

    Foggy NH8 - 2.jpg

    Foggy NH8 - 3.jpg

    Beautiful NH-8 Though it's a 2 lane national highway


    On NH-8.jpg

    Drove on to Kishangarh via Nathdwara and Beawar. Deviated from the NH8 to take the Mega highway. Had lunch at the outskirts of Kuchaman City and continued driving. Refueled a few kms after Kuchaman city and continued driving on the Mega highway. With little traffic, we made good progress. However, it was quite hot outside with the temperatures hovering around 39 degrees. To be frank the straight roads got a bit boring to drive after a while. To stop and get out of the car, it was way too hot to be comfortable.

    A few pics of the Mega Highway

    The Mega Highway.jpg

    The mega highway with desert on both sides

    The Mega Highway 1.jpg

    The Mega Highway 2.jpg

    The Mega Highway 3.jpg

    Blazing hot sun

    The Mega Highway 4.jpg

    Around 8 pm near Abohar

    The Mega Highway 5.jpg

    The route between Hanumangarh and Abohar had quite a few pot holes. It took nearly an hour and 10 mins to cross this stretch and it was dinner time at Fazilka. The nice rotis and the Lassi kept us happy and the drive towards Amritsar continued. The road from Fazilka all the way to Amritsar is quite good barring a few humps and potholes.

    Reached Hotel Bluemoon around 1.30 am. The cozy beds ensured only one thing, that we sleep like logs till the next morning.

    End of Journey Leg 2

    Journey Leg 2 - Map

    Journey Leg 2 Map.jpg
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  9. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Very nice pics there Krishna.

    Questions so far:

    1. Did you had to get to fill any of the supplements you took for the car? (Engine oil, coolant, etc.)?
    2. Travel Cost distribution please?
    3. Any car maintanence done @service stations any where?
  10. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Zen, hold your excitement man, he just started, these details will come :).

    Krishna, what is Mega Highway?
    Also, if you could put the map, for each leg, will be helpful.
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