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A Fiat Harmony in Kodai

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by ramjn, May 8, 2012.

  1. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    Great pics, I am sure 5 Fiats together would have raised a lot of eyebrows everywhere you went.

    Waiting for details on the rest of the trip.
  2. pemmasg

    pemmasg Regolare

    Great Photos Ramesh... Hope I too will join the party atleast next time....

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  3. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Day 3

    This was a muted day for us. Our plan was to have breakfast, go for boating, do some shopping, have lunch and start the return drive to Chennai. The planned return route was Kodai-Batlagundu-Dindigul-Trichy-Chennai. Sathya and teky had different plans. Sathya left early at 8 AM for his native near Tirunelveli. teky started with us but he wanted to visit Palani Temple and then return to Chennai.

    After checking out the so called home stay, we had a leisurely breakfast at Hotel Astoria. And then we directly headed to the Kodai lake. We opted to take row boat that can take 6 persons. Ranjith and his friend did not accompany us and they again headed to the Home stay to collect the ipod which they have missed there.

    The boating was really enjoyable. The ride lasted for about 40 minutes. Overall, I felt that the ride quality of the actual boat is better than that of Hyundai Verna :D.



    We did some brief shopping around the lake and we decided to pack our lunch and have it after driving down the hills. I fuelled my car to full tank before leaving the Kodai. Me and Ranjith had some fun drive till we reached Batlagundu. We found a decent place to sit and have lunch and we have to wait for linealover as all the lunch packs were in his car :). He arrived in 20 minutes and we all had very good late lunch and continued our return drive.

    After crossing Batlagundu, it started to rain heavily and to add to that, the road till Dindigul was in very bad state as the road expansion work was going on. We made a mistake of not taking the Palani route again. I was only able to do 20-30 kmph from Batlagundu to Dindigul. We got the 4L again from Dindigul. By the time we reached Trichy it was 9 PM and was decided to break at Hotel Sangeetha for the Dinner.

    We left from Trichy at 10.15PM and did sprited drive till Ulundurpet. Me and Ranjith reached a maximum speed of 170 kmph. I became sedate after the Ulundurpet toll. We broke shortly at Villupuram for tea. And finally, it was 2.30AM when we reached Chennai.
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  4. sungoa2010


    There is no surprise why 100 Dezires came to your mind.
    1. The food was borrowed from other hotel(DDIS)
    2. 30% extra charge(does it worth for the stuff)

    Ram, it was a very nicely written travelogue. Enjoyed reading it. :up
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  5. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    I had hearty laughter after reading these two sentences.:lol:
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  6. Nice pics and seems you all had a great time!

    What's the story behind that high angle pic Ramesh?

    Did teky really go to Palani for the temple or did he go there to see some Djire's??? :car
  7. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Some Lighter moments

    Sathya's Angel with the beauties


    The Morons (???) :D




    This is how the Ariel shot was taken at the Berijam Lake by teky :)


    Sathya inspecting for a perfect shot


    Now, I leave it to teky, linealover, Sathya_sc and pdranjith to share bits and pieces of information and photos of this trip.

    Thanks for reading guys.
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  8. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    Thanks a ton Ramesh!!!

    very well written travelogue.sedate drive rewards with wonderful fuel efficiency.

    1.very less brake.

    2.37 ltrs consumed for 660km.including ghats.

    1.leyland truck,omni overtakes me,i vouch ashok leyland has got good handing he also took the curve at 100kmph.

    2.only seasoned driver can do sedate 80kmph.otherwise you will end-up measuring the lane without tape.
    as ramjn sedate move ends up makes him sleeping to glory.

    i was tailing ramjn's white beauty @80kmph at 06:30am, one fine curve moves rightward but ramjn didn't move along the curve,i noticed

    something fishy yet couldn't do anything,In addition do that lorry coming in wrong direction with headlights on.

    oh come on come on ram,my heart missed a beat.it was like last ball 4, runs to win.finally ramjn made a 6.oh what a relief.
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  9. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Not only this, he will tell his friends, family & relatives that people rightly criticize FIAT. They don't run fast as i overtook them in a row with my loaded lorry. When it comes to handling, my Leyland is ecstacy in corners:mrgreen:

    ---------- Post added at 07:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:02 PM ----------

    Not a surprise. FIATians pave their own ways:dancing
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  10. sathya_sc


    Awesome narration there Ramjn and had some good laughs with those 100 Dezires and boat vs. Verna. This trip was a welcome change for me since during the return journey, I was sedate all along without going anything beyond 120km/hr. My avg speed was 83km/hr and Fuel Eff was 14km/lt for 601kms (from my native to Chennai) and I did that distance in 7 hrs and 11 mins flat without overspeeding. The most important thing as I said earlier is I never crossed 120km/hr all along.

    The onward trip was a blast with me reaching from BLR to Madurai in about 6 hrs with a fuel eff of 9km/lt on the highway. Also not to forget, the 4 km drive in Berijam lake roads where my wife threatened to open the door and get (nah.. jump) down as I was doing 80+ in single lane steep ghat roads. Pure bliss to push the Jet in those curvy roads although, I had to bow to my wife after she almost opened the door when I was negotiating a steep curve at insane speeds.. I gave up and reduced the speed. Lesson learnt - do not take the better half when you want to get drunk (in power). Thanks Ranjith for that awesome drive which induced me for that superb drive. Everytime it will be LL, but this time it was you. Really enjoyed it.

    and Thanks LL for getting slow. As you said it right, driving slow is a skill by itself.

    One more milestone in my Jet - Was able to achieve an Avg speed of 106km/hr between Madurai and Tutucorin stretch with avg fuel eff of 8.2km/lt. The distance was ~125kms. Did consistent speeds of 160-200km/hr. A new Sonata tried to follow... He did good speeds and was able to keep up in straights but zonked out in corners.. He must have also done 190-200 in straights (it was a new "For reg." car!). He finally backed off because I was MAD! He must have understood the "FIAT CLASS" and might have repented spending 20L on that boat!

    Now some pics from my side..

    Mr Teky in meditation.. Tekyahnanda!!


    The Three Muskateers!


    Mr LL doing his daily routine..


    Mr Teky sweating it out. Why this KOLAVERI?


    Mr Ramjn focusing his better half, I mean his Linea.


    Mr Teky, horning "OUR" ancestral skills..



    The Panoramic view..


    The T-Jet surprise statistics..

    Stat 1.jpg

    Stat 2.jpg

    Stat 3.jpg

    Stat 4.jpg

    Lurking in the wild..



    Some adhoc shots of the beauties..
















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