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A Cheap partial DIY for abarth badges

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by vigneshram, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone,
    I m back with something new(maybe not so new) but atleast new coz of the less money spent on a abarth logo.i spent 100 bucks in getting this done both for the front and back.i call it partial DIY coz the cutting of the matte black background and sticking the abarth logo was done by me.

    But i think i might still be called "VINYL" Vignesh coz this mod too involves vinyl.teky and most chennai tfians be must be knowing how the name Vinyl Vignesh came from.:p.

    anyways jokes apart.take a look at the pics and send in ur comments.anyways i continue to have mods that are heavily criticized.the reason,i will switch over to a bigger sedan in one year.so these kind of aftermarket stuff can be done only for one year.i m n the final year of ma engg.


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  2. i like what u did with the grill....real good............so how did u do it
  3. finally, you did it.
    Looking fantastic, have u done this for tail gate badge?
  4. yes tail gate too.will upload daylight pics tomorrow.
    i also removed the matte black abarth logo on the tail gate now as this one has come in.
  5. buddy pm me the vectors.!!!
    these ones will be the first things on my car.
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  6. teky

    teky Esperto

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  7. @teky
    i don like using some funny names.but if i can use i m just thinking whether i can use broken alloy teky,bent bonnet teky(ma bonnet is better off with only a vinyl.) or something like tat.people are comfortable with their handle names,which they choose themselves but someone naming them something and publicizing it,i dont know how to react.if i use vinyl i become vinyl vignesh.LOLZ.Ok coming to ur sarcastic question of what sedan i mite upgrade obviously to a linea.but depending on budget may go for a BMW 3 series as well.have to think.

    @srikar.yes for the bonnet and roof thingy.the joke is, this name has reached even Palio User Group members in chennai.

    I hope this thread doesnt create any issues.if it does i m really not bothered.I am free to make my comments when someone can give me a funny name.

    and the reason i dont update many of my stuff here in team fiat is that people start saying different things.i do what i like and i do just coz i like and not to impress someone.Some people may make fun of my cars hood.but someone out there would be making fun of all of us for buying a FIAT.so it is all individual wishes to do things.

    u think i am not mature enough.fine but i m only 19,people elder than me have to be mature enough too.
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  8. Vignesh
    Chill buddy.
    We all are like close friends. Dont get hurt.
    Sorry if anyone from here has hurt your feelings.

    Relax dude, this is for alll of us. Have a pleasant stay here.
    Yourmods were cool. Your ideas are cool..
    Never back out if some one has said something. It's your car, your money, your mind.

    All the best
  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Hay Vighnesh hats off to you!!!

    Can you please send me vector files for the abarth graphics. I was planning to import the Abarth logos from UK, but after reading this thread I changed my mind.

    Waiting for your reply. ;-)
  10. hello vignesh, your mod jobs are unique in a better way, and i like that brother. Infact the picture u have poosted above with the front portion of your car is so good, me too thinking your way now. I loved the stickering done around the grill,

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