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A Big Hello to all the Team-FiatIANS :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mindsipn, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. mindsipn


    Thanks rsInfo! :)

    Thanks Gurjinder, About my name I get that a lot :).. In college (Here in Bangalore )I had pretty tough time with the new teachers mis-pronouncing it as "Playboy" and the consequent laugh of my class mates. (Cant tell you what that means though! :)

    Will upload the pics soon!.. Lost my camera so will upload some which I have taken with my phone's camera ! Besides I have asked a close friend Jack (who's is a photographer) to shoot this beauty of mine so hope he does that sooner :)

    Thanks mhitesh, Will do that Sooner! :)

    Haha, Thanks Tony!. My mom wasn't really excited about it but she was happy none the less that i bought my first car. Dad was like "Good Going Son !" Hope you have long and healthy relationship with her :). Would post the my initial report soon. I m just tied up at the moment with lot of things besides I just moved into a new house so no internet at the moment!

    Shams , Thank you. I tried to get myself into TBHP but wasn't very lucky with that one :( .I m just happy about the fact i was able to join this community with much hassle and I m excited about all the welcome messages from all the members.

    Thanks Ravi, Will do that soon!

    Hi kedarbendre, Thanks for you message. I feel at home already. By the way sorry about the post , I could see there is something wrong with the smileys I used , but it was too late as i had already clicked on the "Post" button

    I will post the pics of my GP soon. About pics of my GP along with the other cars at home wouldn't be possible unless I use Photoshop as my family is back in Assam. My dad doesn't own a fiat anymore. The last fiat he had was he white Palio which he sold-off in 2009 and bought a Verna. He currently owns a Verna 1.6 petrol and an Alto.

    Hi drarvindc , Thanks for the message. Though my mom was not very excited but anyhow she was happy for me that i bought my first car :). I m sorry but my dad doesn't own a Fiat anymore, the last Fiat he owned was the Palio. Now he has a Verna and an Alto. I will post my initial review and pics soon.

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  2. mindsipn



    I would just like say A big Thank you to each and everyone of you for the welcome messages.Its exactly been a month since I got my 1.3 BNW Punto. I absolutely love my baby but in the same breath I would like to add that in these last 31 days i had to face a lot of niggles/issues with the car. In fact its still lying at the Concorde's Service Centre at the moment as i write this message. I dont think it would be right on my part to give the ownership details here in the Introduction section so I will continue with those details in my Initial Ownership / Reviews thread.

    Thanks Again and Drive Safe.
    P.S. - And if you can please do you bit support Anna Hazare in his fight against Corruption.
  3. Welcome to TFI Plabon. I am late to welcome you to the forum but great to see like minded FIAT fans in the forum.

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