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90HP Test Drive Vehicle

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by pdranjith, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. pdranjith

    pdranjith Novizio

    Finally after almost two months of back and forth calls and emails, I took delivery of a BNW Linea MJD Emotion from VST Motors, Chennai. This is the same one I have mentioned about in my earlier posts, the April dated one. A big thanks to Ramjn for all the help he had extended during these days, right from accompanying me to do the PDI, to negotiations and in joining me in conf. to speak with TATA Motors SM Mr. Krishna Kumar and DGM Service VST Motors Mr. Ramesh.

    Will post my detailed experience w.r.t sales of FIAT soon, as well as an initial ownership review(not that its new, but just my take on this) but hope to clock some kms first before I do this.

    Ranjith PD
  2. Hey Ranjith .. my warm wishes for owning the linea ..

    So now it is time to change your status from FiatEnthu to Linea owner :)

    Do post pics of the beauty ..


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