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90 HP Red Rum

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by dharibaba, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. dharibaba



    Got the deliver of my 90 HP Red Rum. Had a slight issue. The car battery had loose earth wire, therefore it did not started the evening I brought it to my home. Called Kashyap, they send a technician, and got it rectified in 2 minutes.

    Gave order for art leather seat covers around 10,000 in black and red shade, got the reverse sensors for 3000 odd bucks and mud flaps for 400 bucks.

    Initial impressions.

    The car drives beautifully. It does leaps in 2nd gear as soon as I leave the clutch.

    The gear box could have been better, but no complaints .. as I got the rest almost perfect.

    No rattles, I also did not went for the tyre change as earlier planned. It seems now will ride these GT3 to end of there life.

    On road costs including zero dep and comprehensive insurance and extended warranty for Gurgaon (removing basic accessories)

    = 7,48,000.

    I did asked the Kashyap's to atleast provide door sils as free ... but did not get it.

    While I did the car purchase there, a couple of potential customers which were dissatisfied with the way their queries were handled, did asked me lot of questions about why I am purchasing this car etc, etc. They even did like the car but could not make their mind for purchasing it. I tried my best to convince, and I think one of them is also purchasing the same 90 HP Red Punto :p. I guess, they even got better deal than me.

    These guys still have 2012 models. The last quote that i have heard from Kashyap is 7.4 Lacs for 90 HP Punto Nov / Dec Models. I did had an apprehension on buying a 7 month old car, and was worried when it did not start but the car is as good as new.

    Thanks for all the feedback and posts here. It did helped me a lot in finalizing the car.
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  2. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    @ dharibaba, Congratulation on the buy and wish you a lot of happy miles with the ride.
    Looking forward to pictures of the ride.
  3. dharibaba


    Hope the fiat brings the 6th gear and new gear box in the updated Punto. That will probably make the car complete ... if you know what i mean.

    Someone has earlier written on the forum that holding the steering wheel in your hands brings a smile on your face ... I used to wonder how it can be true ... till it started happening with me also.

    I am going for the seat covers tomorrow. Do I need to take care of anything .. please let me know.
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  4. RDY

    RDY Timido

    Congratulations for the new car and becoming punter! I don't have a FIAT but just love them to make such good cars. Where you stay in Gurgaon? ( You can PM me the answer for that question if that suits you.)
  5. dharibaba


    Guys ... what is the mileage that one normally expect for city driving in Punto 90 HP. I am getting about 14 KMPL in mixed city traffic. I have done 1200 KM till now. Will it improve going forward?
  6. 14 is very decent..I get almost 10 constant any way I drive, if driven sedately it climbs to 14-16.
    So just chill and enjoy your car.

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  7. dharibaba


    Swirls Marks

    Guys ... I don't have a parking place. The place where I have to keep my car is opposite to construction site and dusty. I have got a man for cleaning the car every morning and have given him the microfiber cloth for cleaning, but it is not able to prevent the swirls marks on the car.

    I am trying to find any good car paint protection service in Gurgaon, but online google is not helping either. Shall I ask the person who is daily cleaning the car to stop and I just use a Jopusa duster everyday and wash every week. Would that be better. How to undone the swirl marks that are there on the car. The information on the web is confusing and lead to products that are mostly not available in India.

    Please help. Thanks a lot. Also wanted to know if there are any Red 90 HP in gurgaon or any fiat meeting in GGN???.

    Update on fuel efficiency: Its getting better, currently on the last reset on trip B, I got 15 KMPL (current odometer reading in around 1900 km), I believe it will improve slightly more till 2000-2500, when it should stablize. Also based on the instantaneous fuel consumption watching, I believe, how you accelerate the car is major factor in fuel efficiency, hard acceleration will lead to lower fuel efficiency and vice versa.
  8. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Microfibre also will induce swirls if you press on the settled dust and rub upon the painted surface.

    As you have said, do a Jopasu daily and wash by yourself once a week or 2 weeks.
  9. dharibaba


    Bought one, will go for Jopasu daily and wash week/2week.

    Has anyone on the forum experience of excel car care in gurgaon, they are asking for 3500 for new car paint protection. Will that be useful to protect the car's paint?
  10. Swirls can only be removed by using a compound polish using a buffing machine followed by a paint sealant coat. Newbies cant do it. You need professional care. Use 2 bucket method to wash once in 1 or 2 weeks using a pH neutral shampoo followed by a quick detailer spray. Dust off the loose dust using jopasu duster.

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