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90 HP Red Rum

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by dharibaba, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. dharibaba


    I have waited for so long to buy a car. My friends, boss, parents, in laws every had to asked me to buy buy buy any car but get a car somehow I could not make my mind which car to buy.

    Some three/four years back when I first saw Punto on Gurgaon ... i felt like WoW (first time for a car) ... what a car. But then it was out of budget and went out of mind.

    I wanted to buy a petrol since my daily run would be in range of 20 KM/ day. Had been thinking to go for Jazz X ... then floods in Thailand happened. Took Brio test drive, but the car and the steering wheel was too light to my liking. At that time I did not the knew about HPS or EPS but did felt that the steering was just not right for me as there was little control at high speeds and the car is behaving like a toy in hand. Then though to purchase Swift VXI without test drive as everyone seems to buying one ... waited to get some discounts and I had almost finalized swift petrol ... but with government flip flop on petrol vs diesel again got confused which car to buy and whether to go for diesel or petrol since my week day run was short. But I am sort of free spirit and love Mountains so I wanted to buy a car which I take it to the mountains. Since I earlier wanted to buy a petrol and had been told by friends who own punto to look at different cars never considered Punto. But weekend drives potential prompted me to also look at diesel cars.

    Then one day with discussions with my friend who happens to own Punto diesel, he asked me to reconsider it. This was about 1 month back. I also came across team BHP started reading reviews on Team-BHP. I came across punto's and other cars reviews. Slowly Punto started to grow over me. But again, Amaze happened and I also waited since Ecosport was also around the corner. Ecosport review came some good points some not so good especially loosing the HPS. I also think that the diesel version with ABS would be out of budget and therefore dropped the idea. Took test drive of Amaze, the boot sheet was so thin that I did not considered to purchase it as I did not know where they have done cost cutting which may impact safety especially at high speeds. I was also looking to get more information on Punto costs, went to the website saw the rates, Dynamic was a perfect choice since it has all the functions except ACC and 15 inch tyres. Dynamic was also in my budget. At that time, I did not knew on the offers on fiat 2012 cars. Since Gurgaon does not have a dealer yet getting information was difficult. Then I called Fiat Caffe in Delhi. And the guy asked me whether I am calling after seeing ads in today's newspapers of discounts on 2012 cars. After that I did little more googling and came across ads in website "fordoe" and saw that there are offers on 2012 cars in range of 77K on Punto. But I was apprehensive of buying a 6 month or older cars. Checked with few colleagues and also read on team BHP that it is good provided you can do a through PDI make sure car is not used in test drives. Since fiat was also giving 3 year warantee from the day of purchase, it was also a + point.

    I started with negotiations on Dynamic Oceanic Blue. I got a Nov 12 model quote for 6.4 lacs all inclusive. Then the reviews on team-bhp made me realize that probably 60 K more for 15 inch alloy wheels and setup would be worth it. Then I also quickly realise that 7.35 lacs 90 HP Red is also good it considering the better seats looks, leather wrap steering and gear knob and the VVT engine, though from the reviews I learnt that there is not much difference in power between 75 and 90 hp but 100+KMPH performance may be better. Karthikk review on team BHP also helped a lot in making my decision for 90 HP. Thanks man ... i have read you review quite a few time on BHP. I think as some members have stated also, if there is sales increase after posting of your review of red 90hp ... it got to be your review's effect.

    Fiat sales service in fiat caffe is good when you are dealing with them face to face. I find dealing with them over the phone is difficult. The guy Keshav is my salesperson and helped me throughout the deal. I told him, i will confirm the car once i do the through pdi. He was ok with it and never pushed me. He also helped me in getting the loan through SBI at 500 Rs processing fees and 0% prepayment penalty at 10.45%. My salary account bank, HDFC, told me 11.25% with 4 or 6% prepayment penalty before 2 years made this decision easy in favour of SBI.

    I did the PDI yesteday, there was some loose glovebox (which I asked them to tighen). On Odo the car shows 17 KM with H sign. Also the GT3 tyres were almost a year old manufactured, though not used. I have asked them to change them. But they are not doing it. The car is due tomorrow. I thought it will be better for me to pen down my thoughts today of what went during entire transaction. Will keep this thread updated as my ownership thread. Plan to change the tyres to Michellen PLC from BK tyre. He quoted me 3800 for GT3 buyback and 5600 for MPLC i.e. 1800 per tyre. Plan to get good seat covers but still cannot make mind on type of seat covers.

    Will let you know more once I get the car. Till then good bye.
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  2. Welcome to tfi buddy.
    Congrats on your 90 hp punto.do post some pics once you get the delivery.

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  3. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Hi dharibaba, Nice to read your experience congratulations for your punto, post some pics soon..
  4. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Dharibaba welcome to Team FIAT India and congratulations for 90hp thats a wise decison.

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  5. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Congrats and welcome to TFI,
    You have taken the right step and that too after a test driving many others.....
    Have a great drive with the 90HP.
  6. GaganTakker

    GaganTakker Amatore

    New Delhi
    Hey Congrats :)

    And hope you would refer TFI too going forward

    Check out PDI list on TFI to check u haven't missed anything
  7. Naughty

    Naughty Superiore

    Warm welcome to TFI DHARIBABA....

    Wish you lots of miles with Smile :)


  8. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congratulations on buying the hot hatch and welcome to TFI.

    Good that you did PDI, and by reading above, its clear you already know much about your car.
    Yes, get the tyres changed as soon as possible, after delivery.
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  9. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Welcome to TFI..u hav come to the right place..Congratulations Dharibaba on buying the most powerful hatch in India..n the colour which u selected is hot indeed..post lots of pics of ur car..we r waiting..
  10. Rachit Bhatnagar

    Rachit Bhatnagar Amatore

    Welcome to TFI. Wish you many 1000s km drive with your new love & enjoy monsoon drives

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