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76 hp or 90 hp punto mjd???

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by sundar1900, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    That is a good place to read and learn about cars, engines, gearboxes, steering and what not. I am banned there but still go there and read up. I don't plan to post anything once the ban is lifted next month. As knowledgeable as that place is, you need to remember that these are the "Masses". They may be correct on technical specifications, they somehow lack the intelligence to not rate a Korean i20 better than a Fiat Punto. That applies to most of the Indian car buying population. They somehow reason with themselves that a Peter England shirt is better than a Benetton or a Teacher's Whiskey is better than a Johnie Walker and a Swift is better than a Punto. In all fairness, it is all true when it comes to the masses as their requirements are different. They need a commuter vehicle + low price + Kiss A*S*S* + Good resale value + Good Interiors. None of them are talking about ride and handling, safety, looks etc.
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  2. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    A bit off topic but i think moderator should have addressed it already & i couldn't hold-on further.

    Can we avoid referring to other forums when we have more than sufficient to talk & share?
    I clicked on the links posted in this thread & all i can see is some 10-20 morons just killing their time by bashing FIAT for nothing. All of them are behaving like they have worked side by side, shoulders by shoulders to Mr. Giovanni Agnelli - Enzo Ferrari & they really know where exactly the problem lies. Everyone of them is ready to be a successor to Mr. Marchionne with his own reasons.

    Why the hell they are so worried for a car brand that they have never driven, owned or even need to rent ever in their life?
    Just thought like appealing to TFIans on this, let's discuss which we are truly concerned about (which is our vehicles). Pls avoid such references. It doesn't matter if he "lives to drive", there are very good chances that he very well be "put to rest in peace too while driving". Whenever i see those black/yellow stickers of that "live to drive (specially HCs, i20s & Verna's)" in Delhi, swirl my punto intuitively, take over & sticks it's boot to their front bumper. I have teased them with even by making signs & every other way i can but not a single one reacted:A. I am waiting when someone come side by side & dare to stare in eyes & show me how they "drive & live". That's just some fake internet blog, that's it:thumbs down. Don't take it serious.
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  3. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Chill ENKI, They know they are faKe blashers and are trapped by listening to the mind, Now feels envy when they watch us enjoying every bit of the drive,
    I know many of them are reading on our sites.
    How many more examples do they want i dont understand......

    Back to the Topic my vote goes for 90HP, Its a beauty turning to vampire when needed,,
  4. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Sure Tony, completely agree!! It's copy-cat dear, Jaisa maalik vaisa Kutta:up.

    Sundar, Being 90 HP owner & completely aware of my vehicle's capabilities, i hardly trust biased magazine's reviews. But a recent one appeared to which i agree to some extent. First the things that i don't agree with,
    0-100 --- 15.5 secs (i can get 13-14 secs even with filters clogged)
    0-120 --- 23.1 secs (i can limit it to 21-22 secs, obviously on the basis on 0-100 timings only but still it's very quick & is on par with Vento/Verna's 1.6 TDI's)

    Now the things that i agree to,
    In the 80-120 kph and 100-140 kph range, the 90HP is quicker than the 75 by 5.9 and 7.3 seconds respectively.
    If you care to notice, 90 HP will reduce to a small dot in these ranges to 75 HP with that much timing difference. 6 secs & 7.3 secs is a big-big difference.
    In-fact with very average 0-100 timings being lagged behind by 3 secs at least, 90 HP will stay with in 20-30 feet of Verna/City/Vento's petrols with corresponding 0-120 in 18-20 secs range. That some serious achievement by this pony 1248 cc diesel VGT.

    Top speed of 185 kmph
    : I will surely agree to this. In-fact i have always claimed that 90HP is capable of touching 190s despite all the critics around me. Now cars other than Linea T Jet is hardly mentioned to cross this Mount everest stuff. They may get it like a cakewalk but who is stopping? cruise your Honda city to 200km/hr & takeover a 90 HP like you are inching past:mrgreen:.
    90 HP is one sick & mad highway cruiser, mind it! I don't know how & on what basis, but it is when driven on road!

    Even FIATians ignore this quality of 90HP but i am fan of this sole virtue of 90HP & in love with this car. Article's highlights pasted below & URL is there for reference

    Fiat Punto 90HP - Power up!
    Keep it on the boil and the 90HP starts to make its presence felt, though. It’s in the mid-range and top-end that the engine comes into its own — it propels the Punto to 100 kph in 15.5 seconds, 120 kph in 23.1 seconds and on to an indicated top speed of 183 kph. Over the 75, this gives the 90HP an advantage of 1.5 seconds, a whopping 3.8 seconds and about 10 kph respectively. In the 80-120 kph and 100-140 kph stakes, the 90HP is quicker than the 75 by 5.9 and 7.3 seconds respectively. What does this translate to in the real world? I’ll tell you — the Punto, which with the 75 bhp engine was already a superb highway car, is now an even better vehicle in which to set out on that road trip, or to drive flat-out. As a city car, however, you’re really not going to feel the difference between the two engines, because the in-gear acceleration times are virtually identical. There’s a very marginal drop in the city fuel efficiency figure, and as said earlier the NVH levels have been improved upon, but aside from these, there are no noticeable performance differences in the city.
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  5. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    After reading ENKI's above post :- Team Fiat Forum has always good stories about Punto and Punto and Punto only.....
    What about Linea guys ?:shock:
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  6. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    @ENKI - We all know about the capability of the 90HP. I have also owned one before getting Linea :). But, I don't ever make comment in public forum that I can beat XXX cars even if it is true. This may make us too biased. Thats the reason I don't do that. Being a frequent highway cruiser, I showcase the capability of our cars practically when someone tries to rub me off :D.
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  7. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Ganges, Linea Tjet is one sinner of a car & totally different from the fragile stuff we see around. The true cruiser, i would say. It will definitely rise out from the herd bypassing everything & will go all alone on it's way. A true driver's car!
    By the way, since it's 76 vs 90 HP discussion, i refrained from including Linea.

    @Ramjn: It's hardly any racing that i am talking about. It's a likely situation for top speeds that i am putting here than a drag race. Is Punto 90HP really being@185-190 km/hr is easy to overtake & defeat by city's-Verna's for whatever power they have? Pls note Punto owners have the confidence in Punto's to catch that speed as it is so often read in auto-forums.

    Obviously every thing else have to be at least@200km/hr if we are talking top speed & overtake claims. No person inside a City/Verna will do that even@150 until he manages somehow not to get fainted with blurring vision. Almost all owner's have reported speeds like 170-180 km/hr despite of whether they are sedate/average/expert drivers or whatever.

    Does it signify that FIAT owners have exceptional driving skills? I think they don't, it's the vehicles that inspires such confidence.

    Yesterday, exact situation like Verna/City racing @130-140 was encountered on NH-10. I was passing by & wasn't given any side to overtake as they both were lost in their own world. With a little bit of off-roading & ensuring that car won't scrap it's bottom (level difference of the road & off-road was not more than 2 inches), i overtook them. I was not racing at all but just feeling ecstasy of my 90 HP. Pls keep up with your good work miss Verna & City. The dust shooting up in the air was so much because of pressurized air escaping out that i couldn't see any vehicle in my rear-view when i got back on the road. In less than a minute they were no where in my rear view. I don't hesitate blaming the other stuff fragile/un-capable because it is! We are holding a true credit & core reason for being a die hard FIAT fan that we prefer over the rest of vehicles. Being feeling conscious about Fan-Boy stuff, i don't give a damn because it isn't. It takes nothing away from FIAT if their cars are fully capable to exploit the max. potential of their engines. Even if we talk about stats, my purpose was to show that difference is not catastrophic when it comes to 90HP & other powerful cars. It's bad-luck that 1.6 MJD is not offered with good calipers in all 4 tires in Punto/Linea:A. Had it been, i could bet my life for any vehicle of sub 25 lacs range barring Accord V6. You would need an Audi/BMW at least starting@35 lacs to be a contender at all.

    I would appeal to all die hard fans not to feel conscious for FAN BOY thing & hold the true selling point of FIAT. I hardly give a crap about FIAT if their cars wouldn't have been like i mentioned above. That's what that sets apart FIAT from Chinese for me.
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  8. Well Said Ramesh..

    In my recent trip on NH 45 .. while i was slowing down at 140 so that my daughter can see some sceneries , one swift was crawling besides me inch by inch overtaking me .. I just smiled and thought that let him go 100 mtrs ahead and within 3 -4 minutes by a slight tap on accelerator , the swift was not even visible in my rear view mirror . Now dont call this racing ...

  9. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    If some Verna's owner call his car a "rocket" as it's unique USP, that not being biased?

    If some Honda owner praises it's built quality & reliability as it's USP, he is not biased (where as the truth is totally exposed on hard braking or sudden undulation at high speeds. Car jumps like popcorn on a hot plate & one be rest assured that this jumping would be worth Rs 20000 expenses with many applicable things broken & bent in the car:confused:)

    Swift owner's praising the service N/W as it's unique USP, are not biased though they hardly realize that such a service N/W is must for these fragile plastic bins to keep running them over?

    Ramjn, When we are not privileged of any of the above selling points, is it wrong when a FIAT owner wants to speak over his car's USP i.e. sturdiness, toughness, endurance & high speed capabilities, why it is biasing if an eg. is cited? FIAT is not FIAT without these traits. I have not only spoken but also posted videos for all to see that how i couldn't lift any of it's tyre by a single inch even after sudden extreme U-steering@120kmph with cars spinning 180 deg. & starts traveling in opposite direction!! Did you sense the kind of confidence i have in these vehicles? I can't dream of doing that in any other car, i respect myself. It's very ugly feeling for other cars & send a chilling wave through the backbone. Moreover, after all that maniac deeds during last 6 months, not even a screw's unwanted noise is heard with everything being impeccable & hell bent to stay at it's place. This is not reliability of a plastic sheet, this is macho-ism, toughness & rock hard sturdiness with technical finesse at it's best. Only such cars are meant for maniacs like us.

    Never hold back the credit to your favorite car brand for some one else acceptance. One shouldn't turn a deaf ear to the soul. I hope you maintain a transparent stance for FIAT. Be rest assured FIAT can't be helped till we communicate it's true USP. Without it, it's just another car & questions rise like why we are supporting a brand with n number of drawbacks.
  10. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    76hp will fulfill all your needs but.. later u would feel.. "Why the hell dint I buy the 90HP in the 1st place....."

    in my case i nevr considered buying 90Hp as my friend who owned a punto said 75 was better than 90hp.

    I regret i never did a 90hp TD...
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