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5004 kms of Italian Ride

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by pandemd, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. pandemd

    pandemd Novizio

    Dear Friends,

    This is a Ownership Review for a beauty of mine called as Fiat Linea 1.3 MJD.

    When I was reading many of the Ownership Reviews in the forum, always wanted to post one of mine, but wanted to wait until 5000 kms mark.
    That is just because, in my opinion at least that much time should be given to any machine to experience the full potential. And I am proud in fact all of us should be proud for such beautiful mean machine.

    Today I sent the beauty for the first scheduled service. Odometer has shown 5004 kms at the service center. (Ohh, I missed the benchmark by just 4 kms.) Well, apart from initial problems like AC and battery, I thoroughly enjoyed every single kilometer of this Italian beauty. I just compelled to forgot these initial issues by the ride quality and enjoyment on the road. This beauty is absolutely bliss on the road. Of this 5000 kms, I drove on all type of roads including expressway, crowded highway like NH 50, Pune City traffic, dirt roads of my native place, and not to forget the road where everyone will ask where is the road ? But this beauty managed to adjust to all types of road. Thanks to nice ground clearance. Only mud flaps used to scrap the road (?) at my native place.

    Till date, the beauty has consumed 320.52 liter of diesel costing Rs. 18756.00 and with fuel economy of 15.61 kmpl. All these 3 months and 15 days; I have a very proud feeling of owning a this Italian beauty. Thanks to aCar app for my android phone for vital statistics and car information management.

    Following are the observations or improvement areas for this beauty. I may be wrong at some places and stands to be corrected by the members of the forum.

    1. Suspension :
    I was holding an Indica V2 DLS earlier; there is no point of comparison with this but may be I was expecting more smooth suspension from this beauty, may be I am completely wrong. I never drove the Linea or Fiat for that matter earlier though two of my friends having it. There is some sort of "thud thud" sound from front; I have communicated to Service Adviser today; let's see what he is going to tell me about it.

    2. Noise :
    At highways when I cross 80 kmph mark, noise increases, not measured by any device but I feel like it. May be this is normal or this may be related to tyre i.e. Apollo which comes as standard with Fiats. Earlier I had Michelins for my Indica so that might be the point of difference.

    3. Service Review :
    This may be completely off topic, but is vital for any company to grow. I booked service appointment online with Sky Moto Fiat, Akurdi on 16/11/2013; in reply sms, they said they will confirm the appointment with a phone call, which they were supposed to do. I didn't receive any call from them, instead I call them yesterday and then the lady said I was about to call you and confirm the service booking. This is I fill like a childish or non professional answer given to me. Anyways I confirmed the appointment and drop the car with them today at 10:00 am.

    This is all for the time, though not big issues, I am happily enjoying every moment with this beauty.

    Thanks for patiently reading to this point.

    Milind Pande
    Wakad, Pune
  2. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    1.suspension-fiat Linea has the best, there should be some problem with your car.Certainly it should be better than Indica.
    2.noise-yes.it will disappear after 10 k kms.It did with my Linea.
    3.About the service guys calling you and reminding you, come on this is india.
    Congratulations on your car.
  3. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    Nice to see that you are enjoying with the beauty..Please share the pics and experiences further :)
  4. ramvignesh

    ramvignesh Amatore

    Congrats !!!
    Thud sound from front... I think you are referring to the road feel of Hydraulic steering. What so ever the bump I have came across, the actual thud from Linea is so cute that we hardly feel the bad road.
    And regarding the noise, Though I am yet to try, I think sealing the glass window should help.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2013
  5. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Congratulations on the Linea.

    No ownership review on the TFI is complete without pic of the beauty, so take some time and post many of them. You havent mentioned anything about your buying/delivery experience, nothing interesting happened during that time? Post some more information about the dealer, OTR cost, what colour, what variant of the car for interest of the forum.

    Apollo Acceleres are prone to road noise but are rugged. Michelins are quieter in that regards but have soft walls.

    It is great to see you are enjoying the beauty and continue doing so. Happy mile crunching and drive safely.
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  6. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Hey Milind congratulations on completing the 5k mark with a wide grin on the face. Wish you have that big green all the time, and wish you many more happy kms with linea.

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    Last edited: Nov 29, 2013
  7. pandemd

    pandemd Novizio


    Yes you are right. No ownership review is complete without photos. So here are those attached.
    1098471_10200501755641531_155766893_n.jpg 1146631_10200501755841536_126692862_n.jpg 1150257_10200501756201545_646331432_n.jpg 1157718_10200754059388967_578127475_n.jpg 1233427_10200754059948981_300510057_n.jpg 1392615_10200991774931707_1766795197_n.jpg 1441296_10200991775331717_1126931156_n.jpg

    And this is of my old Indica and this is a good bye image of her and letter written with emotional heart in marathi though offtopic. 1011586_10200448241463710_2095203092_n.jpg

    And about delivery of car or dealer review which is a very long story; I will write separate review on dealer.

    Hi Ram,
    that thud thud sound vanished after servicing. SA told me; he examined all ball joints, stabilizer bar etc. all were fine but they just tighten them and sound was not coming again. But that was no way related to hydraulic steering sound which you are referring. Anyways now that issue is resolved. Thanks for your input.
    Thanks mchanna; one issue still open off course from my side and that is eco drive. I will call you for the same and try to resolve as per your convenience. Thanks again.

    Milind Pande
    Wakad, Pune
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  8. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Congrats for the mjd milind. Enjoy the beauty!!!

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  9. dnyanesh666


    Hi Milind,
    Your Indica looks fantastic. You seem to have maintained it very well. Also the letter is heart touching. Hope you have many great miles with the Linea.
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  10. pandemd

    pandemd Novizio

    Hi friends,
    Was away from the forum and later a spectator for quite a long time. I just wanted to update you all that I have crossed 44300 kms mark with my Linea and 45000 service was due. Dropped the car at Sky Moto Fiat Akurdi today morning. No major problem as such as Fiats are simply superb cars on the road, we all know. Just some screeching sound from Front Right Window and problem during gear shifting typically for 1st and 2nd gear at low rpm generally in traffic.

    My car is always serviced on time and at Sky Moto only from day first. Even I replaced headlight too at Sky Moto. Last two services, one at 15000 and second at 30000 kms was attended by a trustworthy Service Advisor Ravi. Today too he was to suppose attend my car but he got late in morning and I was told to handover car to another SA Nikhil. After inspection he pointed out that the Major Service (i.e. Service which includes all the lubricant changes and which is scheduled at 30000 Kms or 2 years) was skipped at 30000 Kms and this may cause problems if any warranty claim is involved in future. I wasn't aware of this but when I counter him asking "Who is supposed to carry out service as per schedule and did I instructed them to skip the service if at all it was necessary and even if any customer for that matter asks to skip such service (be it major or minor) do service center agree to him?"; he was speechless then and told me that he will ask Mr. Ravi when he comes.

    Later at gate while leaving workshop Ravi arrived and I asked him about the major service. His answer was like this. Major Service is due at 30000 Kms or 2 years as per new schedule received from FIAT (He didn't mention the words "whichever is earlier") and last time when car was serviced it was only 1.5 year old so it wasn't necessary to carryout the Major Service.

    I would like to know from my fellow members here, what is the updated service schedule for 1.3 MJD engines ? Does anybody have any information on this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Milind Pande

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