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5 years & 1.50 Lakh Kms - A short recap

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by arian, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. arian

    arian Amatore

    This is a short write up of my experience with Linea MJD

    Purchase Year : November 2009
    Kms till date : 1,51,000

    The Good -
    a) The feeling of being in absolute control every time I get behind the wheel (Rock-solid)
    b) Absolutely unfazed under most circumstances - hard braking / unexpected undulations etc
    c) Ability to do consistent speeds in typical Indian road conditions (good roads, bad roads, curvy roads) and keep up faster cars as I never had to slow down when they did
    d) Good mile crunching ability
    e) Affordable spare pricing
    f) Never had to wait for spares
    g) Never left stranded anywhere, never has the car refused to start / No unpleasant surprises ever
    h) No issues with any engine related parts / turbo / EGR etc
    i) Longish clutch life. Had one replacement under warranty at 20,000kms due to some manufacturing defect. Next at around 90,000kms as part of preventive maintenance which is still going strong at 1,51,000kms

    The Bad -
    a) Fast wearing suspension parts - some part or the other wears quicker than I anticipate (strut mounts etc). Have done major suspension work multiple times
    b) Okish fuel efficiency vis-à-vis other cars from the same segment
    c) Mandatory timing chain replacement at intervals of 60k. Run a risk of costly damages if not done
    d) Power not to my satisfaction...takes time to get going
    e) Not the smoothest engine beyond 120 km/hr
    f) Engine Noise with increasing age
    g) Fast wearing brake pads in first 2.6 years of ownership. Resolved during the later part of ownership. I presume FIAT subsequently changed some component of pads for it to last long
    h) Had to replace engine mounts at 1,20,000 kms

    The Ugly -
    a) Brand new vehicle was delivered to me with ABS warning light on.
    b) Highly intrusive combination of tyre, engine, wind noise in the cabin.
    c) Service centre locations. After Tatas stopped taking FIATS, I have to go till the other end of Mumbai to service my car (I stay in South Mumbai & service the car at RS motors kandivali)
    d) High service bills because most 15k service has some suspension part replacement
    e) My bad luck with warranties / Unresponsive FIAT / Some bad quality parts from FIAT for which I had to pay up with respect to following issues:
    i) Rear axle rattle - circular issued by FIAT for free replacement for cars that have done less than 60,000 kms but I had already crossed 60,000 by the time circular was issued & had to pay from my pocket (Rs. 23,000 odd)
    ii) Free timing chain replacement - Again missed out on free replacement schedule due to more mileage
    f) Front driver window stopped working recently. Problem identified to some faulty electronic control module for the window. Cost of replacement 9,000 Rs. + Labour & Rs. 2500 for recommended winder replacement. Avoided rectifying the issue due to cost. Need to open the door to pay Tolls.
    g) Pain to drive in heavy traffic
    h) Low quality Audio that gets worse with time
    i) Low quality Audio panel - entire fascia labels ( CD/ Radio, fm channels) have disappeared with use.
    j) Dashboard and interiors tend to get more worse with passing years

    1) Front door window winder ...goes kaput frequently
    2) Suspension parts
    3) Falling bonnet release tab
    4) Fading black masking on window pillars
    5) Fading black on plastic below wipers
    6) Low quality door rubber beadings which crack / come off
    7) LINEA / DYNAMIC decals - alphabets come off one by one
    8) Rattles from rear
    9) Recent CV joint work

    I may have missed on something as I m just randomly posting my experience and have no past logs to refer to.

  2. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Hi Arian. Thanks.

    We've had a 2009 Linea 1.4 Fire petrol, still do. There were some initial, i wouldn't say niggles but unsatisfactory, underperforming components (the Tata effect, i think): the seat height adjustment mechanism, the AC compressor and of course the infamous clutch slave cylinder. Fiat more or less 'recalled' and replaced/upgraded these within the first year, under warranty. Since then it has been bullet-proof reliable: not a squeak! And we are still amazed by the 17-18 km/l mileage we get on the delhi-chandigarh highway. ASS blues have been quite limited too, and are a thing of the tata past for us in Gurgaon. Lucky? Maybe, but the devil (Fiat India) does deserve its due. I guess the post-2012 Linea-s have had great reliability and much improved quality?

    I am therefore delighted by the new Linea T-jet i acquired earlier this year, at launch. It is what results when an already excellent car is PERFECTED, i.e., all those niggles and unerperformance of componentry or materials or interior design have been eliminated. Very delighted by the huge improvement that Fiat has displayed, relative to our experiences 4-5 years ago: from sales to ASS.

    I wonder if you are thinking of replacing it soon? And whether you'd be well-enough disposed towards Fiat to go for another?! :)

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  3. arian

    arian Amatore

    Hi Prabhjot

    I m looking at buying a new car but not because my current Linea is unreliable. The primary reason is that I want something fresh. Imagine in Mumbai traffic I do approx. 3000 kms a month which means I actually spend a major part of my day in the car. So i want to experience something new in terms of drive as well as service experience. But I have no plans of selling the car. The thing with Linea is that its a very sound well-built machine mechanically and electrically but its the little things that give trouble. Also, congrats on your T-jet, its one car that I always wanted to buy but my high running simply makes it impractical.

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  4. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    Nothing in the Fiat stable currently unless you want to step down to Avventura. (maybe step up is better because of the 205mm GC:p )
    Another of my rants that there is nothing available nor in the pipeline in the 10-15 lac category for an upgrade over the T-Jet that I have.
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  5. linea7361

    linea7361 Timido

    Hi Arian, good to see ur Linea crunching miles so fast. Yes u r correct that to some linea owners minor issues have created problem to them.. But just to share with U as still I have to upload my ownership thread. I have also clocked around 53k in just 15 months.. But touch wood absolutely ZERO issues.. Till date I had just changed my strut pad in July 2013 when I took this car its a 2010 model.rest all are stock parts at 73k km...and I never service my car at FASS....and u can try wolf remap for ur linea excellent drivability in city and mileage too. Cheers
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  6. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Maybe the 2016 small SUV? But that will likely be at or below Duster prices, not sure whether that'd count for everyone as a segment-upgrade?
  7. GirishRaghu

    GirishRaghu Amatore

    MH-15 / MH-04
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Hi Arian,
    1,51,000 kms in such a short time, wow you are a real diesel head if I can say so :)
    A bit unfortunate that you faced some issues, but the best part is that you have enjoyed all your drives and you get that special feeling when behind the wheel. It would have definitely brought a smile on your face more often than not and thats what counts at the end of the day isnt it !

    Wishing you many more happy miles with her.
    If you find her sluggish, go for remap as suggested else may be you can wait until next year when Abarth Punto will hopefully be launched.

    Take care and drive safe.

  8. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Its amazing to know that your Linea has crossed that magical figures. Kudos to you for keeping up with the niggles and still loving the car. Suggest to write to Fiat India on their FB page. Let them know that there are still some die hard fiat fans for whom they need to keep surprising by bringing some better models ASAP.

    Seriously do you still open the door to pay the toll? Whats the 9K cost you mentioned for the window, is it the cost of the window motor? Coz I dont think it costs so much.

    I thought Esskay motors at Prabhadevi are functional, is that not the case presently? Its a pity if thats not the case.
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  9. arian

    arian Amatore

    Thanks for your wishes Guys!
    I don't mind buying a FIAT again but like most of you mentioned no choices from the FIAT stable.

    I like the avventura but I m averse to considering another car with the same engine configuration. Plus I cant do without the boot

    Though I find the car underpowered I m not in favour of a remap. I consider the engine of my FIAT one of its pluses (minus the power ofcourse). Though I dont believe the reliability suffers due to a remap, I m against tampering the engine. I m generally more comfortable with anything thats stock

    I drive daily from Tardeo to Thane & this contributed to the high running. Also, a few outstation trips (Indore, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Goa/Pune umpteen times). WRT your suggestion on writing on FIAT FB page, to honestly tell you I m past that stage in terms of brand ownership. I used to write about my experiences in the first 3 years of my ownership but now the ownership experience is just too routine for me to share. I started this thread only coz I dont see too many high mileage ownership threads for Linea. The Door window problem as described to me was something to do with ECU for the window (dont know if something like that exists... in short its some kind of controlling box which is placed some place near the front passenger side footwell). The SA showed me the box & how all windows can be controlled with this box. This costs roughly 9K and the winder also has some issues which is another 2.5k.

    Esskay motors have a dealership and showroom at parel but I think their SC is not yet functional. There is Balaji too at Thane but I am comfortable with RS motors as I find them more knowledgeable about FIATs (they have a huge PALIO / ADVENTURE Clientele).

    Again Thanks for wishes.
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  10. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    @arian Esskay is in Prabhadevi: FANTASTIC location, great showroom staff. I think their FASS is at Sewri or thereabouts, definitely operational.

    I'd urge you to wait for news on whether the 1.5/1.6 mjd's coming next year on the new Linea. Though the new Linea T-Jet (I got me one!) is a tempter, too, believe me. Not bad mileage, what with lower petrol prices, higher diesel ones. ;-)

    And/or maybe, like my Dad, to wait for early 2016 for the Fiat Duster-sized SUV with that engine, coming for sure, as reconfirmed by Autocar last month, based on Fiat Asia-Pac sources.

    cheers, man: you DO love to drive, I hope (Tardeo to Thane, up and down, everyday, damn!! ;-))
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