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49 days 4800 kms: Getting ready for the 1st service

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by RedPoint, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. RedPoint

    RedPoint Amatore

    Its 'D' day - Gonna bring my ER 'Emotion 1.3' home

    Dear Mods, I am really excited and not sure I am writing this under the proper thread. Please move this if it is not in an appropriate section.

    All of you guys have come across this day at some point of time. I could realize how much you guys would have excited on this day.

    And yes, that day has arrived for me as well. It is my vehicle's DELIVERY DAY ! Yes I am decided not to work today. Came to office just to pass some time ;) and to take some print outs. Yes the documents check list. Looks like every minute is passing like a day. Will be leaving my office after noon.

    Thanks everyone !

    As the delivery is going to be happen between 6-9 pm , I want to make sure the vehicle is in perfect condition in the sun light (Hoping that the sun is not going to hide) and to make the documents.

    Below are the documents I have listed to verify during delivery (Courtesy : TFI)
    - Owners manual
    - Service booklet
    - Insurance Policy along with the ADD on(zero dep)
    - Extended warrany card/certificate. - [Is it just a card or a certificate. When I enquired my SA told me that it will arrive only after 15 days]
    - Roadside Assistance manual [How do I know I have enrolled in this FIAT RSA service, is there any proof?]
    - Battery warranty card
    - Electronic security code card for key
    - Security code card for stereo
    - Warranty card for the music system
    - Warranty card for the tyres
    - 1 spare key
    - Tool kit (Has a total of 5 items)
    Tow hook
    L-shaped tool meant for loosening/tighten the wheel nuts when we change tires.
    - First aid kit
    - Warning triangle
    - 1 set of spare headlamp bulbs (has 2 bulbs in a small box)
    - Accessories promised by the dealer
    - Documents (delivery challan, RC etc)
    - 2 copies of invoice (1 original for the RTO and a duplicate for our own self)
    - Alignment report from dealer (If possible)
    - Free fuel coupons ::D

    As I have gone for a temp registration I am expecting the below.
    1) Form-20
    2) Sale certificate -- Form 21
    3) Roadworthiness certificates -- Form 22 -- Form 22A
    (Form 21, Form 22, Form 22A will be given by Manufacturer/Dealer along with Invoice)

    Please let me know if anything I have missed out.

    Finally I should make sure the service history slip ( 1st slip of pre-inspection and delivery report) has the delivery date entered in to it. - (Have found this somewhere in the TFI thread).
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  2. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    My heartiest Congratulations in advance RedPoint !!

    You have covered almost everything. Though you want to inspect the car and other related documents well in advance, the car might arrive at the showroom just before the delivery time. So make sure by calling your SE that you would be arriving earlier than the delivery time and would like to have a visual inspection of the car and all the documents way before the committed time, so that they will arrange to bring your car to the showroom earlier.

    Good Luck!!! Have a fabulous day and post loads of pics.
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  3. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Wow! That's a comprehensive check list you have :up for most of the auto enthusiasts, the D day would be full of butterflies in the stomach. I remember, that I just couldn't work on the day my Punto was delivered. Congratulations for the new buy.

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  4. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    My hearty wishes!Take delivery during day light
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  5. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    If I were you, and even if I had a checklist, I would be least bothered about validating it. :razz: Focus would be on driving the car out and tanking her up. I had disturbed sleep the day before delivery of both Puntos.

    Nevertheless, walk the checklist, and get your beauty home, do not forget to click pics with a good camera. All the best!
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  6. RedPoint

    RedPoint Amatore

    Thanks Kiran. Have told my SE and he is ready to bring the vehicle well before my arrival.

    Thanks mate !

    Thanks linealover !
    Delivery will happen at 6 pm (auspicious time). But will be there well in advance for other formalities.
  7. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Congratulations on your big day. All the very best and wishing that the delivery process goes as smooth as that killer engine in the car :D

  8. RedPoint

    RedPoint Amatore

    DRIV3R, I am bit bothered on the docs, wanted to things to be right atleast those which are visible to me.
    Anyways the prime goal is to drive my passion !

    I have my camera ready with me. Thanks for your wishes !

    Hey Rajan, Many thanks !
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  9. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Congratulations on the D-day. I can clearly relate to your situation, even I had butterflies in my stomach on the D-Day (I had come to office just to attend one big meeting but all through the meeting my mind was elsewhere)

    Your list of documents is exhaustive, I would suggest two more documents - Registration and road tax receipts. These are imp. RC would be IMO directly mailed to you by Chennai RTO which will take a min of 30-45 days time frame. Even I had asked for an alignment report, but instead got a comprehensive check list done by Fiat before despatch.

    Hope you have a wonderful delivery experience and dont forget to gift the SA if the buying & deliver experience was smooth. Goes great lengths to continue the good relationship. All the best, waiting for the pics.
  10. RedPoint

    RedPoint Amatore

    Thanks a lot Ghodlur !
    Thanks for reminding Registration and road tax receipts. As I have gone for temp reg, will get this now?
    Yes I am planning to get some sweets and a small gift to my SA :)

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