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4000 km punto 1.3 feed back

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by vijaykumar, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. vijaykumar


    I am Vijay and I bought a punto 1.3 mjd active model in 1st week of July. Now the reading is 4444.


    1. Insurance (worth of 16000)
    2. Extended warranty / road side assistance (worth of 5000)
    3. FIAT car cover (worth of 900/1000)
    4. Corporate offer (worth of 12000)
    5. Sun film (worth of 3000)
    6. Floor mats (with smooth feel) (worth of 900)
    7. mud flaps (worth of 450)


    1. Seat covers (worth of 6000)
    2. JVC Music system (worth of 16500)
    3. Painted mirror heads & door handles with body color (cost 1300).

    It was started as very hectic deal with sales person, I was looking for BS4 standard vehicle & delivery in four days of time and they are ready to give BS3 standard. After a long discussion with sales manager and their promise to give additional 10,000 rupees worth discount on accessories I was convinced with the BS3 standard and also they told that “punto was built with BS4 standards and now as it is rule they are mentioning like BS4”. Any way with looks and engine performance (every one know this is doing job in siwft, vista, ritz, manza) I decided to take it with full payment. I was impressed with the sales manager how he is handling “me/my interest on punto” and thought that he is doing a good job for me. I told him that I want good car (with color option minimal grey/ medium grey & which should be in good condition) and it should not have any problems immediately after delivery and he was accepted and given a good one I believe.

    Finally on 1st July I took the delivery of medium grey color punto and next day we planned to take it my home town which is 335 kms from home in Chennai.

    My brother was a professional driver and he came to handle the start of the tour and he was impressed with its ride quality, looks, Suspension & steering wheel….etc so… on.

    We reached safely home and next day we noticed two minor issues and they are

    1. Left Hand Side: Back bumper is not fitted properly having small gap.
    2. Driver Side: back door handle was not working properly. I can’t open the door by pulling door handle from one edge (handle right edge).

    With in one month of time we completed the 3000 km mark and it was very nice experience to me with punto as the driving comfort is good and more over I was not feeling tiredness while driving this car?. Went to service station and told the above problems and requested to fix them.
    Reply from service center regarding problems:

    1. Spare is not available and will be replaced when it is available. ?
    2. Since it requires removing and fixing service guy told me that it will take two days of time?. I given the car came to office. Next day I got a call from service center and told car is ready and asked them to deliver it at my office. One person came to office with car and told me to check and everything is ok.

    Next day I realized two problems
    1. I missed the remote control of the music system and called service center guy and he replied that, sir everything is removed and given to you when you given the vehicle to service center and now we not responsible for that. ?
    2. On back bumper when you put reverse gear, a light will glow and this set is not fitted and it is in air. ?

    I took the car to service station on one week end and told the story, they said that

    1. They will try to arrange other remote if they have or when they found it.
    2. Spare is not available and will be fixed when it is available.

    I started shouting like anything on him and asked for new car if you are doing a service like this then who will buy this car. I called service center manager and told the entire story and he promised me that he will get it done in 5 – 7 days of time (4 days gone).

    Comfort, Mileage & Performance part:
    It is very comfortable for me and boot one can sleep in it. Suspension is as good as it is and you will not feel even if the car rolls on medium size dig. It is giving me a mileage of 22kmpl on highway and around 16kmpl in Chennai city (this figures are as per odometer/trip meter). I am happy with it’s over all performance & features and when it comes to ownership, I am bit confused with spares availability..

    I would like to say something about AC, Most of the times I travel night times to home town on week ends, AC is chilled even when you kept it on first level. I wonder that when it is under direct sun at mid day the AC is taking time to cool inside the car and we need to put it in third level of AC. After putting it in third level for some long time we can keep it in second level and could feel comfortable when car is packed. Please suggest if any problem is there…

    This is my opinion on Punto, an EXCELLENT CAR with good service center but WITHOUT SPARES.

    PUNCH: After taking the delivery, I came to know that seat covers are worth of 3000 and the music system around 12500. Now I realized the trick of marketing people.

    Please provide your comments.
  2. nmp

    nmp Amatore

    Thane, Mumbai
    Welcome aboard VK. Thanks for sharing the detail information about your experience. How about sharing some pictures?
  3. vijaykumar


    Hi nmp, will do at some time..
  4. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Red carpet welcome to TFI, vijaykumar. Sorry to hear your sad experience with the dealer. I usually empty my Linea while giving it for servicing so as to avoid any unpleasantness later.
  5. Gmittal

    Gmittal Amatore

    Eindhoven, Netherlands
    I forgot my USB drive in the glove box while giving it for service. At the time of delivery it was not there, when I asked They said we are not responsible for anything you left in the car, You should have removed everything before you handover, But when I raised my voice, I got it back.
  6. NAREN64


    In that way the Service center guys herein Coimbatore Tafe Acess are very good, they remove every thing even the Idols & hand over the same to us. I asked them why the Idol he said that it might disappear after sevice so it is better to remove them. After service he promptly asked for the Idol & when I gave it he fixed it.
  7. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    I must inform that I lost my mobile headset when I went to concorde Ambattur, Chennai a fortnight ago. I had gone there for a check up of the coolant leak and the headset got promply swiped when i came out and looked for it.
    Concorde Ambatur told me such things dont happen, but I dont believe it.

  8. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Welcome aboard, Vijay
    Thats quite a mile-munching :mrgreen: Happy Riding Punto !!

    The same thing happened with me once at Ford ASC with my earlier car Ikon. And irony was I went for a Free service check-up which costed me losing Original Nokia headset worth Rs. 300-400 :A . Another Irony is that I did not leave the car there. It was just a check-up & I waited in reception, even had a discussion with SA near the car. It went off in 10 minutes when the car was taken away for final inspection :A

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