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4 Day Trip: Madurai - Thiruchendur - Papanasam Hills - VaanaTheertham Falls -

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by srida, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Day 4 : Cont.

    Initially I thought I could do 700 KMS without any issues. But my FIL wants me to take Tenkasi - Rajapalayam - Thirumangalam - Madurai - Chennai route instead of Tirunelvelli - Chennai highway, as he needs to go to tenkasi for an official inspection which would taks som 30 minutes. Since we were so near to tenkasi, I couldnt refuse him otherwise he has to travel back to tenkasi from chennai in bus another day. So I had to take that route. Only later I realized I should have asked him to visit tenkasi some other day. The route till Thirumangalam was a state highway and that road goes through all the villages. I couldn't speed more than 80 in that road and in every village I had to go below 40. I took 4 Hours to reach madurai from tenkasi. Along with that the cramps in my legs started to get severe. I felt comfortable going at 60 - 80 speeds since my legs pained whenever I press the accelerator hard. On the way, Ma Senuti completed 20K KMS on the odo. A Milestone.

    Kavin 1st birthday 236.jpg

    At 11PM we stopped at the out skitrs of madurai for dinner. I couldn't walk from the car to the hotel. With that pain and tiredness I decided not to execute another bad idea of driving to chennai same night So I decided to stay at madurai and start monday morning to chennai. My dad too was feeling tired and he found a stay in raajapalayam. Again we stayed in College House Madurai, slept at 12 AM with the plan to start early at 4 AM to chennai.

    Day 5 : Woke up exactly at 4 o clock and checked out the room at 4:30. I had 4 hrs of rest that was more than enough. Driving on the highway, I didnt feel the pain on my legs. Reached chennai 11oclock. Got ready and went to office.

    Overall Trip Details.


    This is my first 1000+ KMS trip in Ma Senuthi. In this trip I Committed few mistakes, Learnt a Lot, Explored new limits and Enjoyed to the Fullest. Safety, Confidence, FUN , Enthusiasm, Relaxation, Craziness, Pride and lot more in one trip can be assured only on a FIAT. That is why choosing FIAT is called a WISE DECISION.

    This being my first travelogue, I hope it was not boring to the readers. Will be back with the next travelogue, after the Auguest 15 - 20 long weekend.
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  2. sungoa2010


    Fiat owners are passionate of every small things of their cars. You haven't missed the 20K point on odo:)
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  3. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    How much Km you drive each time it gives you more learning , achievements and interests in our car. thats FIAT

    Yeah that's sure you have already travelled a lot a 5 hr break should be taken, i even have done .also our parents cant travel as we do :)

    Up to 12 or max 1 we can drive then its better after 5 am . or we must be in 2 to 3 cars i.e groups.
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  4. arunfbtr

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    dear friend... pls park fiat just away from any other car... fiat is fiat...it should b different,distinctive....its fiat

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