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4 Day Trip: Madurai - Thiruchendur - Papanasam Hills - VaanaTheertham Falls -

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by srida, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. srida

    srida Superiore

    For Day 1 and 2, I updated the travelogue on the same Nights itself. But for Day 3, I couldn't since My Reliance Data card couldn't find signal at Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve. I was totally out of reach, even my Mobile.
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  2. srida

    srida Superiore

    Photos and Videos for Day 3

    We spent some time in Tiruchendur Temple beach


    Mundanthurai Forest Office


    Karayar Dam



    Our Stay In the Forest. Chittal Cottage




    The Only Food Source in Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve

    Night Safari Bear Spotting

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  3. cvanandh


    Chennai / Coimbatore
    Wow, that was some encounter with the bear. Nice video. Thx for sharing!
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  4. srida

    srida Superiore

    Day 4 : Vaanatheertham Falls - Tiresome drive - Important Milestone - Stay in Madurai

    Day 4 : Day started energetically. Plan was to visit Vaanatheertham Falls and start back to chennai. Dam fish fry is special at karayar. After having Fish Fry at karayar town, We were late to the falls, by the time we reached the karayar dam boathouse a long queue built up. Luckily one of the EB officer identified my dad and gave us permission to skip the queue. Walking down the hill to take the boat was tiresome. We have to cross the river and again walk up hill to reach the falls. My wife warned me that we will not go to the falls since our son may not stay calm that long. My calculation was not as good as her. We took the boat to get to the other side. Climbing upthe hill again was not as easy as I thought. The approximate depth of that dam was 100 feet. The water level was only 30 feet, which requires a 70 Feet climb uphill and then the usual climb to the falls which would be another 70 feet. But everybody else were OK for it so we proceeded.

    The Falls was superb. As like the name VaanaTheertham, Vaana means Sky and Theertham means sacred water / holy water, the falls looked like the water flows down directly from the sky. I dont know if I my pictures justifies the explanation but on real it is. A huge crowd was waiting in the queue to get their turn to have a shower in the falls :eek: We decided not to take part in that but my Father-In-law couldnt resist and also after a long uphill walk I too felt like taking a shower would remove the tiredness away. And my dad followed me. Only after Taking a shower I understood why so many people were waiting in that long queue. It was such a wonderful experience to shower there. Words cannot explain or may be I am not that good in detailing. All our pains to reach there didnt go waste, atleast to me dad and FIL. After repeated waiting in queue and 3 or 4 showers, we got down to the boat.

    If climbing UP hill is a painful task, climbing down was equally painful since there was no grip and one has to walk down carefully. The boat organizer knew my dad is an officer in EB and again he got us a separate boat only for us without waiting in queue. We didn't feel that comfortable skipping the queue. So looking around I saw another family with a baby and 2 kids and their old parents. SO I asked them to share our boat and they did happily. We too felt relieved. My dad says he couldn't avoid this kind of special attention and if he likes it or not he has to take it. Reaching the other side, still our task is not completed, we have to walk uphill again back to get to the boathouse ticket counter and the parking. Everybody were exausted when we reached the car. Luckily my Seyon stayed calm and enjoyed watching everything as everything were so new to him.

    Had superb Fish Curry and Rice at the Karayar town and went back to our room at 4 o Clock. Our plan was to come back from falls at 12 PM and start to chennai at 1 PM. Only then we realized that The visit to the Falls on the last day of our trip is such a bad idea. Already my legs started paining due to the cramp walking up and down the hill. I have to drive another 700 KMS.
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  5. srida

    srida Superiore

    Tasty Fish Fry

    Boats to the Falls



    Boat Ride


    And the Vaanatheertham Falls





    Look At the queue formed, waiting to take the shower



    Before Leaving the Place, few group pics


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  6. sungoa2010


    vanatheertham Falls looks marvelous, with the green surroundings. It is a wonderful experience to have trip with all family members.
    Your son looks very cute(touchwood).:)
    Also this travelogue also served as the thread for official inauguration of the nick name,Mā Sēnuthi, for your punto:D
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  7. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Is this the same falls near ambasamudram ? I guess it is called panatheertham. It looks so different now from what i saw a couple of years back ! Have read somewhere that this is the place where they shot the famous song in roja, chinna chinna aasai.. btw a couple of pics i shot, there was a lot more water then...



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  8. srida

    srida Superiore

    Inauguration is done. Now I have to materialize that by putting that name on the car. may be will do it in another travelogue.

    It is the same place Varun. Waterlevel is low this time. My parents have visited this place 6 Yrs back. They said water level was very high and that particular day nobody else other than my dad, mom and sister were there. Now the crowd is too much.

    ---------- Post added at 11:03 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:39 AM ----------

    If I had managed to capture the bear charging at us, that would have been a more superb and rare video. This bear was not normal and was very restless. The spotting was very near to the checkpost. We alerted the checkpost guy about the bear. He said a bear is roaming around that area for more then a week and also it chased a 2 wheeler, he was lucky to escape. After he saw the video he said it should be the same bear that chased the guy because The biker has told that the bear had shed most of it hair and looked very old and also the chasing happened very near to the place we spotted. Since I told him the bear charged at us first time, he said if few more complaints come on bear attacking humans, then that bear would be sent to captivity. So he was asking for more details, may be he was serious.
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  9. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Beautiful locations srida. You have now tempted me to plan for another getaway :D.
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  10. srida

    srida Superiore

    Tit For Tat
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