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3M Paint Protection Treatment - Review

Discussion in 'Exteriors / Body' started by VahanPujari, May 31, 2010.

  1. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    When I purchased my Linea in April, 2009, I thought long for whether I should go for any Paint Protection treatment or not. Since Fiat's Paint job is top-notch & it was brand new car that time, I decided to wait for 1 year & I was sure that by then the car will have some inevitable scratches & Swirl marks. Eventhough, I maintained my Linea exceedingly well, those inevitable scratches/ swirls came. Primarily the culprit was the car washer guy though I've instructed him many a times on how to wash the car :confused

    As soon as the car completed 1 year, I headed to TASS for 3M Paint Protection Treatment. What followed thereafter & the detailed Review on the treatment is in following link (page 5):


    I would recommend 3M Paint Protection after 1 year after the car develops a plenty of inevitable scratches , swirl marks etc etc. As it is I was about to spend a plenty on Waxes, scratch removers, Polymer Sealants etc - all foreign brands thro' ebay.com I usually do waxing every 4-5 weeks burning so many calories which I do not have in surplus !!! I'm now thinking of doing it only after 3rd month. Then on 6th month, again a free coat of 3M. Again I would do waxing on 9th month. Then on 12th month the 2nd coat of 3M. So, for next 12 months, I think instead of having to do waxing 10 times, I might end up doing it only 2 times.

    And above all the feeling of seeing your car in LIke-new, showroom delivery wet gloss finish. Awsome !! That feeling itself is kinda Paisa vasool. Yes, engine dressing is not much, 3M guy himself told me. It comes free / included in the package.

    3M is costlier in Mumbai. A Forum friend gets it done at Chennai at Rs. 3000/- for 1+2 coats. Its even available in Chennai on single application/coat basis. He got the 4th such application done at Rs. 1000/- for the single application instead of 1+2 package.
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  2. Chakra


    Dear friend, Sales guy through whom i purchased my punto Tuscan wine called me many times for getting Teflon coating treatment and anti rust for my car which was purchased on 9th last month. i am interested in going for Anti rust as monsoon is in the sight. however, i am bit speculating about Teflon coating i mean 3M paint protection/ car detailing. somewhere i read that once u get your Teflon coating done and park your car constantly in sun your car will get hairline cracks all over the coating, is it true? coz my car is mostly parked in open under sun. what is your experience Mr. V.Pujari. and your suggestions
  3. ihrishi


    Also try http://www.dinitrol.in/ in Mumbai.

    I have been using Dinitrol for many years for my Palio, bikes, and current Linea, and have no complaints till now. The guy there Ryan, is very knowledgeable and helpful. Has followup appointments, and i think has a 3 yr guarantee.

    PS: Can try for an discount if your interested. :)
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  4. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Teflon is different & is a Brand of DuPont. It adds a layer on the car & hence the cracking issues you mentioned may develop. Thats why Teflon is not recommended.

    However, 3M Paint Protection treatment is different. You can get details in the link I provided in my Ownership Report (link mentioned in above post). I did not go for it for the 1st year. I contemplated hard between 3M & WAXOYL & finally went ahead for 3M but only after the car completed 1 year. My thought was Fiats paint finish was topnotch - why to go for it inn 1st year? Instead do it after 1st year when your car is bound to develop inevitable swirl marks & small scratches. On papers I found WAXOYL better than 3M as they also use something called "100 Paint Sealant". However, their reach in Mumbai is very limited.

    Yes, ihrishi. Ryan from dinitrol also posted on Linea Users Club & I spoke to him also. It was just that I had actually dwelve on 3M/ WAXOYL way too much & did not want to go thro' the process again as I'm sure it might have resulted in inordinate delay & I might have ended up not doing any treatment at all. So just went ahead with 3M.
  5. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    to be honest guys i dont believe in getting the teflone treatment done. Dats my personal opinion cos i had a bad experience with it in my Dad's Indigo...

    I make it a point to polish my vehicle every 2/3months.. i feel thats better that teflon.

    But i got the under chassis anti rust treatment done which is very useful and helps in avoiding rusts below the body... I paid somewhere around 2350 from Wasan a month ago..
  6. Nice to have stumbled upon this post. Today gave the car for its first service and show a brochure with 3 M Paint protection and Anti Rust coating. The charges quoted were 3200 for the former and 2300 for the latter. Was contemplating whether to go ahead or not. Paint Protection as I understand is better after a year but what about Anti Rust? Is that recommended now.
  7. as per my view you can get antirust before next year rains..no point doing now as monsoon is over.I was quoted 2500 for 3M paint treatment and 2800 for antirust here in Hyderabad about 4 months back.
  8. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    After buying Linea, I had taken the wruth paint protection with three free services. Frankly speaking, I did not find it worthwhile as after two months itself the coat seemed to lose its protective qualities. Due to my schedule, I was able to use only one free service, which is purely my fault. Now I am using smart wax and sealant> These products I find are giving much better protection as the mud splashes and tar marks in heavy monsoon also are not adhering and are easily removed even after three weeks of application. The smoothness of surface is great to touch as well :D I think sticking with this formulation is going to give me much better protection.
  9. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    2nd free application for 3M Paint Protection treatment is approaching and so is the 30K kms service :) . I think I would get both done together.
  10. And a review about the effectiveness of the Paint Protection, as of this date, would serve me well :)

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