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3M Car care.

Discussion in 'Exteriors / Body' started by Sree3070, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Sree3070

    Sree3070 Amatore

    3M Car care - santhome, Beach , Chennai.[/B]

    Its been a long time I thought of doing a paint restoration and underbody treatment for my car.I already read about the 3M Car care centre in Nungambakkam Chennai and made up my mind to go there for the same before I start my vacation drive to Kerala.
    Two weeks back I was passing through the Beach road and when i Reached the Santhome,I was really surprised to see a 3M centre opened there. I couldnt resist myself from going inside and checking all that happening there and to know about the various packages offered by them.
    They gave me a warm welcome and brought my car inside the shop to check the condition.As per their packages the rates where:
    1)Paint restoration - 4457+ Service taxes
    2)Underbody Protection (2 years warranty)- 2900+ Service taxes
    3)Interior Deep cleansing +Disinfectant -2500+Service Taxes
    They also gave me a demo cleaning on my Bonnet and Must say Nothing can beat them...The square portion where they had given a demo was clearly different from the other areas of my car.
    Even after travelling a couple of times during the Chennai rain I could make out the Demo quality and I decided to let them reveal the beauty of my Linea :)
    And Finally today I took my Tuscan Wine Beauty to the 3M Car care, Santhome for a paint restoration and i also decided to do the interior and underbody treatment after I come back from my trip.
    I reached there by 9.15AM and mine was the first car to be there today. They told me that it would take 5 hours atleast(The car would be ready by 2.30) and I can go and do the shoppings if any.
    I decided to be there for some time and see how they does the job.
    as soon as i reach there Anil peterson and vijay assisted me and explained the procedures once i finished all the formalities, they took the car for washing.
    Step 1 : Detailed vacume in the interior and normal body wash.i was to totaly impresssed the way they was the car. they cleaned including my alloys.
    Step 2 : Steam wash- they does the steam wash in a covered area.and the car was looking so fresh after that even though my Fiat Drive sticker was a little unsticked because of the steam
    Step 3 : Detailing- soon after the steam wash they started the detailing process which involved spraying the adhesive cleaner spray across the body to remove even the minute dirt and rubbing the scratches with a sand paper to make them light after the polish
    Step 4 :polishing- tHis is the bestpart of it... applying 3 coats of polish to bring back the shine.
    All these time Anil & Vijay was with us explaining the procedure, and best practices on car care.

    Anil is an automotive engineer and more over a Fiat fan who is serving the notice period to join the Toyota motors in Japan and according to him our beauty has many Ferrari parts in it and Palio is the best car ever.
    its production stopped not because of a bad engine but because of lack of experienced people.That is the only car which could be fixed with Nitrox(Hope its correct) racing gas.
    In between There was an issue with polishing machine and Vijay informed us that delivery will delayed so we decided go for shopping, Vijay told us that he will give a call once the work is done so we moved to the City Centre Mall.
    After a heavy lunch and some shopping for myself we were back in the shop by 4 and there was a surpice waiting for us there. A 2.5 crore worth "LEXUS" parked right infront of the shop for a wash. we had a nice time looking at its interior and features and must say we couldnt capture the car in a single snap.
    The vehicle is soo long that it wont fit into a single frame and we had to take 3 or more pictures.When we went inside our beauty was getting ready and i couldnt believe my eyes seeing the new shine in the body. it was looking like a brand new car , totally sratch free except two thin deep scratches in bonnet
    simultaneously they were cleaning the interior too even though that was not mentioned in the packages. they even cleaned the minute joints and corners of my interior mainly the dash board including the AC wents. I was really impressed by the way they does things which gives them the customer satisfaction.even the small issues i had mentioned them in the morning for example the LED lights fixed under my head lights which had come out a bit, they fixed that as well.

    From Anil i came to know that there is something called PPF(Paint Protection Film) which is a speciality of 3M.PPF is a kind of a film which is maily used in choppers blade to keep it scratch free itseems.
    A kind of transparent light film which they fix. this would keep the surface scratch free and the paint remains fresh ih short we can call it as Car Lamination!!!!!
    I am attaching the pics of it.
    The price range is to cover just the bonnet its 7000 only for door edges and wheel arc wil cost 1000 rs. for complete car its wil cost close to 40000

    By 5 ourcar was ready for a drive after a QC from their end and they even told me to do a check to see if something is unsatisfactory in teh service. But I couldnt find even a small issue after checking the whole car thrice.. the work was that perfect.
    while i was making the payment. Vijay had parked my car in front of the shop. I am adviced to bring back the car for a wash after i am done with my Kerala trip.
    i am starting my trip to kerala on 25 moring as of now within next 10 day i am going to cover close to 2500 km it will be the relal time testing of the quality of work done.
    When i was driving back home from 3M I could see many stares falling on my Linea.. As the Linea tag line says, Admiration Guaranteed... :)
    another surprice is once i reach home i got a call from them to check whether i could find any issues while driving. They impressed me in all the ways.
    Now Let the picures tell u the rest of the story :)


    Pic set 1- Before Paint protection.
    3M.jpg 3m1.jpg
    2 weeks back 3M gave me demo for paint treatment in the marked area.
    3m2.jpg 3m3.jpg 3m4.jpg 3m5.jpg 3m6.jpg 3MM.jpg
































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  2. jayakrishnakola

    jayakrishnakola Regolare

    WOW!!!!!! just that one word will do
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  3. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    AWSOME WORK !! The last picture is just a showroom car !! You should have attached a ribbon :)
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  4. KayGeeFIAT


    Ooooo.. How do I get the TeamFIAT.co.in sticker (seen on your rear windshield) ??
  5. Sree3070

    Sree3070 Amatore

    sir its a custome made sticker from one of the shop in west thambaram. its cost me Rs 150/-

    Souman paul- you are absolutely correct.. its a feel good factor...

    Ravi sir ; Thank q....
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  6. teky

    teky Esperto

    T. Wine is a very difficult one to maintain getting lots of swirl marks easily and these guys have probably done a good job.

    Can you please tell what was all included in that Paint protection which costed you 4517? Is that only me who feels that it was really expensive? I'll attach a picture of linealover's love post a detailing session done my himself. I'll let him talk about the nuances of detailing because every time you do some level detailing you loose some microns of paint which we buff with some additional stuff.


    And that's how he feels when someone touches his car ;)
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  7. Sree3070

    Sree3070 Amatore

    PPF- Paint Protection Films

    Paint Protection Film (PPF) preserves vehicle's good looks without changing its appearance. The film lets paint colours stay true, all the while creating an invisible barrier against abrasions, nicks and scratches from small stones, grime and chemicals. It provides a great option for keeping the front of your vehicle in prime condition, and it is there to keep your vehicle looking good for many years. it works on headlights & Spot Lights as well.

    How LLumar PPF stays true

    •Using patterns that are cut precisely to specification in order to ensure a perfect fit.

    •LLumar PPF film is professionally applied using an application solution that is safe to use on all types of vehicle paint.

    Full Frontal Kit
    PPF Full Frontal kit is a great way of protecting the car from chips and road rash. A Full Frontal Kit protects the leading edges of the vehicle. it wil cover the below areas

    •Leading quarter of the bonnet & Fenders.
    •Front Grille & Bumper.
    •Headlights & Spotlights.
    •Door mirrors.

    Headlight Protection

    Even the most upmarket and expensive cars of today come with Polycarbonate headlight lenses.

    These headlight lenses don't fare too well in our harsh indian climate and more often you see relatively new cars with faded and yellow headlight lenses.

    Protecting headlights with PPF wil prevent your headlights from the elements and keep them looking like new. It also protects glass and plastic lenses against chipping and cracking.

    Courtesy: Internet & 3M web site.

    i did some reaserch in internet on PPF most of the above mentioned informations are from internet.

    attaching some pics from 3M care care chennai and internet on PPF Film instalation.


















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  8. Sree3070

    Sree3070 Amatore

    Teky --------

    4517 is the total package in this in this you wil get Normal car wash , steam wash , interior cleaning , scratch removal ( rubbing ), Dirt removal through detailer ,wind screen cleaning through clay , 4 cote of wax polishing and the paint sealent coating.
    thats the whole process..
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  9. sungoa2010


    How they apply 4 cotes of wax. Is it one after another after drying?
  10. I can faintly hear my car asking me- "buddy i gonna b 3 yr old in November- *when r u taking me here? ..eh "*

    True true true, after seeing this I am much tempted !!! Any chance *for trying some group discounts ;) huh

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