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33 years on the Road - A SAGA!!

Discussion in 'Punto 1.2 Fire' started by ratanshivi, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. ratanshivi

    ratanshivi Regolare

    Mald (East)
    Hey Team,

    Very Highly inspired by our Counter parts in Cochin - Mr. TellmePlease and encouraged by our colleagues in Pune - Mr. Kedar, Bangalore - Mr. Shams - Goa - Mr. SunGoa2010, I am going to write all about my experience over the last 33 years.</SPAN>

    A Snap shot of the vehicles I owned:-</SPAN>
    1. Hero Racer Cycle – Navy Blue</SPAN>
    2. Bobby Rajdoot – Golden </SPAN>
    3. Fiat Premier Padmini – 1975 model – White – MTY 3326</SPAN>
    4. Yamaha RX100 – 1988 -Silver – BLM 2895</SPAN>
    5. Yamaha RX 100 – 2003 – Blue – MH02 – XX2221</SPAN>
    6. Maruti Van – Pista Green</SPAN>
    7. Maruti 800 – 1986 model – Blue </SPAN>
    8. Fiat Uno – 19XX Model – White MH02 – 7775</SPAN>
    9. Fiat Sienna – 19XX Model – White –</SPAN>
    10. Maruti 800 – 19XX Model – White – MH02 AX – 7710</SPAN>
    11. Fiat Punto – 2010 Model – Medium Grey – MH02 – BP 2965
    Will update the XX's as I unfold the saga going down Memory lane.

    My Cycling experience
    As far as my memory serves me I was the last one in my childhood group to own a cycle, though had rented the best of the cycles and enjoyed riding them all over Mumbai and Lonavala as a kid.
    1978 was the year I remember my dad very reluctantly bought me one after a lot persuasion from my mom as I was not paying attention to my education and my friends circle used to go out of the building premises to cycle. My dad was aware of the Fact that we used to rent cycles but was unaware that his daredevil son used to hit the streets of Kemps corner. Finally when I managed to coax him to getting me one, I become an outlandish and broke every rule in the Book.
    I remember I was going down a slope from Peddar road to Parsi General Hospital lane where I met with a Major accident along with my 2nd girl friend. Luckily she escaped with bruises though I was unlucky and a Stone entered my knee. Even though this accident did not deter me from riding the cycle at high speeds and on the Main roads and streets of Kemps Corner, Breach Candy, Napean sea road, Hanging Gardens Peddar road, Altamont road and all the way till Worli Sea face.
    Unbelievable but I have seen each and every corner of Lonavala as a teenager on rented cycles way back through 1975 till 1979 because each Vacation throughout my schooling life that was a destination we all as a family used to go. We used to Stay at the Shahani trust and that is where I learnt the best of Sports Like Cycling, Table Tennis and Badminton.
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  2. Tron

    Tron Superiore

    Ratan sir, really good to see you back! Been a long time.
    Btw your words made a quick black & white film front of my eyes. You must be very lucky to rome around mumbai on your bicycle! Its the best way to explor a city but now a days we can't do it. Traffic is indeed killing this fantasy of mine.
  3. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    I think once Ratanji completes his experience, anyone will be able to drive in & around Mumbai without any GPS .Please continue Ratanji & yes as Tron said even I started visualising things in Black & White.
  4. sungoa2010


    What a opening Ratanji. Even a Ferrari now cannot replace the excitement of getting the first bicycle especially when the parents are worried about their kid hitting some where and trying to postpone it as far as possible. You have opened the box of nostalgia with such openness that we are forced to throw away those colour filters from our mind. I just liked the openness to display the all reg Nos giving us the impression that an free flaw of memories are going to come out of this thread without any boundaries. :)

    I remember, when I was a small child, the wheels of the bicycle that belongs to some friends of my uncle. I remember wheels because my world was so short, probably slightly less than the diameter of wheels. But I use to pray for that friend of my uncle, not to lock it, so that I will be able to rotate the wheels using that wonderful rectangular rubber parts. What a pleasure was that! Rotate it as fast as I could and then hold the rubber part to hear the music from the bearing. May be that was the first appreciation that was buried in my mind that still helps me to enjoy the music of FIRE engine, the music of machines. Thanks ratanji for helping me to go through my childhood memories. :D
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  5. ratanshivi

    ratanshivi Regolare

    Mald (East)
    A Synopsis of My 1st ride - Bobby Rajdoot..

    In 1982 we were to buy a Car but at that point of time due to unavoidable family circumstances we did not. It was just a silly ego situation which my dad did not want to get into with the rest of the family. Funny but I just could not understand the funda as a teenager and that led me to the edge of my nerves when he forced the decision of not buying the car.
    Eventually he bought me the Bobby Rajdoot after he ensured I had acquired an official driving license. He presented me with the bike one day before my birthday. On the day of my birthday in the morning it was pouring cats and dogs and he got up and told me not to go out with the bike that day as he had a bad intuition. Voila and I just took without paying any heed to his Intuition as I was very keen to go out on a date with my 1st Girl friend. Even as I was leaving he said to call him during the day and confirm all was well, which off course I did.

    The worst was still in store for me. On my way back in the evening at around 8pm on a cross road a car was about to take a U turn, confused me completely. Since I was a tenured rider on a brand new bike, I could not judge the situation and hit both the brakes which sent me skidding for a few meters. Fortunately My Bike was unhurt except for the scratches on the crash guard and the Brake levers. Unfortunately I took the brunt of the crash to a great extent by bruising my knees, shoulder, knuckles and not to forget my face including my forehead. I still remember clearly I went home parked the bike and went to sleep by covering my face at 9 pm that day so that my dad could not have a look at me. The next morning when he saw me and confronted me on the bruises I tried to tell him a tale which was very indigestible. He immediately told me that it had to be the bike, which eventually I agreed upon.

    This event was my second road accident after the one with the cycle I mentioned earlier and the first on my Bike. However after this Incident my riding matured a great deal. My interest in mechanics increased by the day, week and over the months. I used to sit with my Mechanics for days on end and during my vacation learnt a lot of stuff from him. My Mechanic Mubarak was trained by Rajdoot Escorts and was the First to be Invited for the course on Yamaha Rx100 and the 350. He was a genius as far as bikes were concerned and an a small institution by himself. The Best part is he would very happily teach others, but would throw the spanner at anyone who committed the same mistake twice.
    I remember entering a motocross in Pune with my Bobby though I busted my piston on the way to Pune as I was pushing the bike to its limits nonstop. I had done innumerable trips to Shirdi, Lonavala and Pune on the bike with my group. I still vividly remember that Within just the 1st 3 months of riding the bike I was tanned beyond recognition. Everyone used to label me as a Parsi not only because of my name but also due to my complexion in those days and eventually I was mistaken for a South Indian.

    During College I was the Most Outstanding student. Every time I reached the Gates all my friends would love to get a round which used to be from Churchgate to Nariman point. I had a Huge fan following with all the Cute Babes back in those days because I would never refuse a ride
    My girlfriend at that time had moved to Santacruz and since I used to travel often up and down between Kemps corner and Santacruz and that helped me uncover the Rest of Mumbai by Road. I knew each and every corner and pot hole right from Nariman point as my college was there till Santacruz - Khira Nagar where my girl friend lived. Every evening we both used to find new niches and good locations to spend time.
    Moreover I was also Into Business which took me Places as a Salesman all over Mumbai. My Bike was my best companion and used to take care of all my whims fancies and Ire. I used to take care of it like a baby and also abuse it to great extents out of anger and frustration.

    I must mention that I had the pleasure watching the James Bond Movie- For Your Eyes Only with of Juhi Chawla on one of my Birthdays during college. She was also one of the lucky ones to get a ride on my Bobby.

    Petrol was just Rs 9 per litre and my pocket money was Rs 100 per week initially though eventually I was into business money was not a constraint at that age to roam around, to repair and to enjoy life.

    Please ignore the Mistakes as I am multitasking ....
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  6. shams

    shams Esperto

    Ratanji, thanks a lot for starting this thread! really enjoyed the tales of your first two rides so far.. waiting eagerly for Padmini now :)
  7. ratanshivi

    ratanshivi Regolare

    Mald (East)
    Hopefully Tomorrow Night will update the Fiat Saga...
  8. ratanshivi

    ratanshivi Regolare

    Mald (East)

    Managed to retrieve the Pictures of my cars from another Thread I had posted them on. Attaching it here to keep this thread updated with the Saga.

    I also have pics of the Yamaha's and the Blue 1985 Maruti 800

    MTY 3326.jpg

    Maruti 800 White.jpg

    Fiat Sienna - White.jpg
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  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    wooohooo here is most awaited thread on TFI from energetic Ratan sir :)

    What a start and what a write up. I am glued to this thread :) sir keep us updated with all those memorable stories and nice pics as well.
  10. sungoa2010


    Ratanji, your writings are excellent and reading it is like having a ride in punto:up Enjoyed reading every line of it:drinks

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