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3000+ KMS on the TJet+

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by mat46, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. mat46


    Hi folks,

    My Tjet+ crossed the 3000 kms milestone some time last week, a few observations:

    After bringing my Tjet+ to Kochi, on Diwali day, I have been intermitently using the Tjet+ for city driving, mostly been using my siena for the city.
    Though I have used the TJET+ for out of city driving.
    Throughout Novemder and till till mid december, it used to rain virtually every day in Kochi,and given the bad roads and mindless traffic here, thought it prudent to use the siena.

    However, for the last 2/3 weeks I have been driving the TJet+ within the city also, and we are sort of getting used to each other in tight city driving conditions.

    For starters, I find it excellent to drive in city traffic, and I use the 1st. & 2nd. gear a lot. No other go in constant start -stop traffic.
    As of now I am averaging 9 to 10 km/lit in city, and it is bumper to bumper, with constant braking( pedestrians,bikes,buses all dart-in and out). Small wonder, Kerala tops in suicide rates.

    It took a bit of experimentation to get this far, and am sure it can go up quite a bit,if I adjust my driving a bit more.

    If, the tacho is between 1.8 and 2.1 or so, in 1st. gear the FE is around 7 to 9 km/lit, in 2nd. gear it is around 8 to 12 km/lit; 3rd. gear it is around 8 to 16 km/lit and 4 th. gear 10 to around 20 km/lit. I have not been able to get to 5th. gear yet.

    This is what my car now shows, and any sudden depression of the accelarator plunges it to 5kms/lit.
    I also notice that if I use trip B ( I have been using it to get the optimum figures) idling for a few mins. shows drop in average FE values.

    So far, no problems at all with the car. Only the fuel lid needs sometimes to be banged in to close properly.

    Showed it to the local dealer RF motors, just check it out, the SA drove around found everything normal, felt that nothing as of now needs to checked, though he offered to to do so.

    I dont feel any different after 2500 kms, It handles the same as before. Personally, I am not a votary for this run-in period, if there were any issues the manufacturer would have specifically stated so. They do state specifics that damage any part in the manual, and there is no mention of this. The only issue with a new engine is that it will be not be performing at the optimum.

    Another point I should mention is that we had bought 2 nos.Tjet+,my associate in Mumbai who has the other Tjet+ received a call from FIAT ITALY,and they spent over 30 mins asking for user feedbacks, perfomance etc.,in short a very detailed feedback was sought on the Tjet+.

    There is a lot of imprtance given to this product by FIAT ITALY also.

    Thought I will share my experience so far.

    Happy New Year To all you.
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice observations.
  3. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Nice feedback mat46. Seems ur loving every bit of the Jet. I agree with you, 5th gear is so hard to reach in city conditions. Good to hear about the Fiat Italy Call as well. Njoy the drive. Do post some pictures as wll of the beauty.
  4. Rajen

    Rajen Regolare

    Thanks for sharing your experience Mat46. My driving style also almost matches with you , while driving in Bangalore. I use 1nd, 2nd and 3rd Gear in the City. Some times 4th Gear. Getting FE around 12.5 to 13.2 Kml.
  5. sathya_sc


    Congrats Mat.. i think you mile munching ability is good!! ::D
    Enjoy her.. My mileage in city has been 10.5 to 11.5 so far..Highway-~15.. Mine has not crossed th 1k mark as yet..

  6. Congrats Mat. You are clocking miles pretty fast.
    Thanks for those nice observations on driving styles.

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