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3 years of Linea Love.

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Badaxe, May 27, 2012.

  1. Badaxe


    My love for sexy automobiles took birth, well, almost as soon as I started walking. My mothers brother was obsessed with teaching me the name of all the cars that ever existed and their logos when I was as little as 2 years! So there you have it obsession was written thereof into my future, almost hardcoded in.

    Now, forwarding straight to 2009, past my ownership of the fantastic Opel Astra 1997 model (which my father gave me) and I still have, past the Swift VXI that I own and drove in 2008 - 2009 (which my wife now drives)... Straight to this beautiful Italian Stallion which just captured my heart the moment I saw it.

    I was mesmerized from the moment I saw it in the ADS ( when my wife, then my girlfriend asked me to pay close attention to the song in the background of the advertisement and expressed what she felt for me through it) to when I saw it on the road to the time that no other car I took on test drives could even come remotely close. I was truly obsessed with the thought of owning the car. Then came in Team BHP on the internet where I got to read of people's ownership reviews on the car and my Admiration grew stronger.

    And in true enthusiast spirit, in June 2009 I bought the car, brought home my minimal grey Fiat Linea Emotion Pack MJD (to all the petrol owners out there, I bought the diesel not out of fuel economy but the pure torque and power of this motor)...

    Now forwarding to today... the relationship with the car has been an interesting mix of emotions that have culminated at this review / story / scoop. Everyone I know loves this baby. The car truly lives up to its tag-line. Till today, I am still very much obsessed with its pure beauty. The ride and handling are excellent and FIAT truly do have a winner here.

    Other things such as the Blue & Me, the steering controls, the sunglasses holder, the info display are now part of my daily usage and things I now can't live without. The features will spoil you to no extent.

    Today when a friend asks me in curiosity whether my experience has been good and whether I would recon the car to them I usually answer with a "well the car is phenomenal and it is a passionate enthusiast's vehicle and with passion so sinful comes a twist of concern" ..hmm okay I wish my real answer was as poetic but it's close enough. So to answer the question in peoples minds on the "concern" part.

    My Linea in the last years has had many workshop visits for minor rattles and things, has had some headlamp water issues due to which one headlamp was changed and the biggest one my dashboard was loosing colour in patches and after 3 months of email exchanges and whatnot was replaced with a new one. So while there have been some issues of concern the workshop, for the most part, has been good to me and FIAT has also been great, It took some pushing and shoving, but the senior guys are great people. Specially Mr. Rajiv Kapoor and Mr. Anand

    All in all I am glad I purchased this beautiful baby and drive mostly a very happy camper always ready to drive my Linea, always looking forward to the next drive, always wanting a little more of it, always admiring it every time I see it... and this is My Linea story.

    Time: 36 months
    Kms: 27,000
    Mileage: 13 kmpl

    Issues faced:
    there are a few small ones, one big one but I don't care, still Anal about getting each one closed when they occur and my workshop knows this and knows they have to fix it

    Enjoyment and Admiration Factor:
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ incase in need to say it .... frickin awesome drive.

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    The above was taken from my older post on TeamBhp. Now postin the latest one. Read on for even more madness...

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    They say that enthusiasts form a bond with their cars. Enthusiasts love for their car to have personality. *Women (for the most part and many A to B commuters or chauffeur driven boys) would laugh at that last statement, purely because they don't want or understand personality, they only think of utility. It's us enthusiasts who think from the heart, fall in love, clean and wipe our cars, gasp when someone hits our cars and almost cry when it's time to say goodbye.*

    We think of the car as not just a car but as an extension of us - an emotive representation of us. And this is why I strive to ensure that my baby (whom I am very much in love with) says fit, fine and beautiful.*

    These last few moths have been very eventful for my Linea in that it has gone through 2 critical upgrades. These were mostly forced, but have led to a new level of love for the car. It has amplified (through involvement and outcome) the man machine bond between my car and I.*

    Before *writing any further I must say that Fiat, and the dealer (ABS motors gurgaon) have been fairly involved with me through the issues I had and have worked quite hard to ensure that I have been a happy camper (not treading on competence of repair work but more on time taken to replace under warranty).

    I will go backwards in time for and try to be as Brief as possible though I must share these interesting highlights.*

    Today May 23rd 2012 - the Linea gets new shoes, primacy LC it is.*
    *I had been researching the web, post here on the website, speaking with friends to months about these tires and knew I wanted them. Didn't really want to cough up the stash of cash though. As it turns out, today, the retardedly ridiculous Goodyear GT shits on the car finally caved (at 27k odd KM!!!). Shocking eh? Yes the dealer at the tire shop said I should have paid more attention to alignment etc etc. but really, what kind of crap tires are these. If fiat is listening and I guess I shall ensure they do (I always do) - Strive to do little things that count for your customers, in the next upgrade equip the Italian beauty with good rubber.*

    So on to my first day with the Primacy LC tires. One word - Awesome! I can't feel a single bump and the ride is oh so smooth. And yes friends, I have already taken the car out on the highway at 140 and the tires do great. I know I have summed up the excitement with a bit of an anti-climax in line1 of this para, but really, I would advise all Linea owners to get these. Wow oh wow oh wow.*

    These are the tires the car always wanted to wear, but, was never given by the mother-ship. Anyways, for me it's a new Linea now.*

    April 2012 - the big interior transformation.*
    So as it turns out, during some routine work at ABS motors the workman attending to my car managed to perform the miraculous act of scratching my dashboard. Not a little, not the occasional mild scar, but a really bad set of scars that I could not let go of.*

    In true enthusiast spirit (i was born a perfectionist) I decided to shake down the house at Tata, Fiat as well as the dealers. A few emails and a couple of phone calls later they decided to change the dashboard unit. Of-course, thrilled as I was, I couldnt be less prepare for what was about to happen a week later....


    Let's just say that my car now has a 2012 dashboard with micro grain plastic and chrome linings. To add to the consistency I decided (paid) to change the door handles and AC vents to chrome as well.*

    Yes folks you hear it right - Fiat sent in a MY2012 dashboard and I decided to make it work instead of sending it back.*

    So guys, in closing and in conclusion I now have a car which has the 2012 interior and boasts a super plush ride with primacys, that the stock tires just can't do. Happy? - you bet I am, still an emotionally packed experience if you ask me after 3 years of owning it.*

    Note - we also bough a medium grey Punto emo which my wife now drives :)
  2. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Warm welcome to TFI.
    Nicely written experience,similar to mine where the car is visting the TASS every now and then,poor quality just like TATA cars,but still endearing the owner.
    13km/l is too low a mileage,is something wrong???
  3. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Only Bala can post such a post after 12 midnight!!!

    @Badaxe - need more partication from earlier owners like you. Post more often your experiences of driving a Fiat
  4. Badaxe


    @Bala. Thanks a bunch. Yes I have been going to the wotkshop really often but then as luck would have it the workshop is nearby. I do believe (still) that the product quality is really good. But it's only now that The ASS guys are figuring out how to service it better. Back in 2009 the car was still new in the market and it took multiple visits to solve the smallest thing. I do believe that Fiat should have a special training and testing system before technicians qualify to touch Fiat cars.

    Yup 13 is quite low, I guess it was bad stock GTs which were eearib out. Let's see what the primacys do.

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    @Vahan. Thanks a bunch. I will be sharing info and thoughts every now and then for sure. Will also be posting pics shortly.

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