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3 years and 38000kms later ... The beauty still remains, the marriage still feels new

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by theblack, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Unlike anything in this world love is something that will never fade (if its true)...
    I stumbled upon my love 3 years ago and here is the story within..

    Late 2009
    I was 24 and was working for a US company making my share of $$$ already for a year by then..
    I loved my suzuki heat (one of the first to be bought in blr) and that was my first love ... but then with money came more desires and i started looking out for a car for myself ...

    Sept 2009
    Sitting on the couch and watching topgear over my newly gifted 21"LCD monitor was the first spark.
    Mr Jermy was reviewing the 10th gen Evo , watched it and enjoyed the youtube clip and thought , man i should buy a car fast.

    Next day,
    Sitting on the couch and watching topgear over my newly gifted 21"LCD monitor was the second spark
    Mr Jermy was reviewing the ford focus RS, watched it and "Decided" to buy a car myself and pamper it to the core...

    No looking back, i told my parents that I"m on the lookout for a new car and i intended to do a lot of driving and mods with it..
    Mom :: How much are you willing to spend?
    Me :: 15L
    Mom :: :evilsmile
    Dad :: WHAT DID YOU SAY ?
    Me :: 15L
    Dad :: :uh , put that money in a FD . You dont know life as yet. Money makes you young kids talk like this.
    Me :: :car (sub consciously thinking).
    Day ends and my dad begins to worry that his son is soon going to go and buy a car for 15L ...

    So the TDs begin ..
    Skoda Octavia
    Back then the octavia was my favorite car and that too in Yellow, straight away went to the showroom in Malleshwaram and a nice looking lady greeted me with a cup of orange juice and started to explain to me about all the features about the car, i had to preempt her speech and ask for the TD to which she obliged and in the next 15mins i was in the drivers seat of my baby ..
    Since this was my first TD i wanted to see how it feels in the city and the car impressed me with good looks and a body kit and good torque..

    During the TD, the lady exclaims, Sir ,I"ve noticed that you didn't ask about the mileage (you know you get good mileage on this as well) ...
    Me :: Well I didn't ask about it becuase ...... (And she understood)..
    TD over and i decided to hold my horses on this one (at that time the Ambience variant was costing 14L OTR).

    Back home mustered up the courage to tell my parents that I've TD'd the octavia and i like it my dad didn't say a word and my mom went back into the kitchen ..
    I told this to my Girl friend (soon to be wife) and she says I wont marry you. (Well you guys know how the story of Octavia ends now, don't you) ...

    Oct 2009
    I was still searching for a car and preferably a sedan .
    Not finding any good car I decided to switch my ideas towards a hatch and the search continued...

    In comes MR Swift
    Out he went Swiftly.....

    Then TD'd the Polo and felt that there was a truck inside the car's engine bay and rejected it right away.

    Stop 3 was the Skoda showroom again and the same lady recalled me quite well and asks "Sir what happened to the Octavia" ?
    I said , show me the Fabia ;-)
    15mins later, behind the wheels of the fabia (refreshed) i liked the interiors but the noise was just too much to accept and hence rejected it as well..

    Nov 2009
    Sitting on the couch i was lamenting about my fixations with this not right in that car syndrome and was silently telling myself why should i be so choosy and why can't i just look at a car and pick one up.. (By then frustrations had kicked in ...)....

    The Tada moment
    Watching the TV thus, I saw a glimpse of a FIAT adv while switching channels and by the time i got back to it the adv was gone..
    Quickly i went upstairs and looked up their website and saw the linea (Till then I had not even heard of it)...

    Next day went to the showroom on Mysore road and the beauties were all lined up.
    (Back then not many knew about FIATs selling new cars and the showrooms were rather empty on the FIAT side..)
    Walking through the bays i saw a red punto and a white Linea and stood there just looking at these beauties and thought to myself..
    YES YES my sedan days are back :dancing
    Took a TD of the linea and almost wished I hadn't the experience was just bad.. The car felt severely underpowered with the AC on but what i liked was the driving dynamics and the build quality....
    I didn't reject that car then but decided to speak to my parents and that evening my dad finally said if you really wish to own a sedan at this age then I dont have anything more to say...
    FIAT is an amazing brand and they failed earlier not becuase they had shitty products but we indians were not ready for it yet...
    That added a lot of happiness and comfort and decided to give it another shot...

    The next day i thought i should try the Punto simply because i had TD'd the linea yday...
    I didn't have much expectations from it as linea had already made me walk away from FIAT..

    But behold the DOT....
    On a calm saturday morning i melted into the lovely body hugging seats of the punto , slotted it into gear and gingerly rolled out of the bay ....
    hitting the road , switched the ACC to 18C , stopped the car put it into 2nd and rammed the A pedal what i heard was the sweet music of the MJD and the car just Shot like a dart ...
    I never expected this from the dot and it started to please me from minute 1.
    After driving nearly 30kms on the highway i wanted to test the brakes and at 40kmph i stamped the brakes and my lungs moved out of the skeleton and that's when i thought.. Man this THE CAR I"VE BEEN LOOKING FOR...

    The SA then, Mr Satish (must say one of the best folks I've met ) told me politely...
    "Sir that's not how you test brakes".. Here let me do it for you...
    He takes the controls and zips to 60kmph , a glance at the ORVMs to make sure no one is behind and just rammed the bloody brakes and this time my lungs were hanging by the dashboard and the car halted at once...
    OOOOSSSH .. thats some brakes

    Happy about the TD i said i will come tomorrow and take this further...
    Ph nos exchanged i left with a smile and finally thought i will soon own a car.. Yeah baby!!


    Part- 2
    Getting back home spoke to my dad about my findings and he said that's a good decision (he was internally happy that his son didn't go and blow up 15L )
    The first thing he asked me was how much it costs and knowing the non-negotiated price was just about 6L he was very happy...

    The Buying Experience....
    Went to concorde motors on Mysore road the subsequent monday with my dad and booked the punto Emotion , I loved the ER but just then a HHB came into my sight and somehow bowled me over...
    Immediately called Satish and asked if there was a HHB available and he smiled, I smiled and ER became HHB just like that....
    The car was scheduled to be delivered on Dec 16th 2009 and to my surprise Satish calls me up at 11AM on 16th and says,...
    "Sir your car is ready

    I was just exhaled and had no words to say....
    Reached the showroom in the next 20 mins .. Did a PDI and took delivery...

    The marriage now was over...
    Me and theblack

    Living with theblack
    The journey with my beauty has been simply amazing ...From the day i bought her into my home till today , she has not cried fould even for an instant.
    There has been just 1 warranty replacement of the link rod about 2 months after i picked her up and till date there has been ABSOLUTEY NO ISSUES..
    The car felt solid , feels solid and will continue to do so...
    I've traveled close to 38,000kms since then and everytime in the city or on the highway i've never felt the need to own a bigger car or a so called better car...

    Places theblack visted
    1.) Mysore - countless times
    2.) Waynad
    4.) kalpetta
    5.) Chennai - Countless times
    6.) Goa
    7.) kozikode
    8.) Madikeri
    9.) ooty
    10.) Kanyakumari
    11.) Rameshwaram
    12- infinity.) Planning


    The transformation

    I had an impending desire to mod my car from the day i purchased it and it took me all of 2 years of research and reading about to finally gather the courage to go ahead and get something done....
    After going through all the materials i could i finally decided to call up Siddharth of Welcome to Tune-O-Tronics
    and got my car remapped into ABARTH (sort of at least) .

    The remap gave the car much needed wider power band and added slight more torque ...
    2009 models were not as good with mileage as the '11 or even '12 models and after the remap all that changed.
    I had power on demand and the mileage also went up big time so all in all it was a great experience with him...
    The tuning bug has bit me hard now and its been nearly 6 months since the remap and there have been countless tweaks to the map , hoping to make it that much better than what it earlier was...
    Siddharth has been an amazing person to work with


    Part -4
    Final words

    The day i bought my punto i didn't know i would enjoy it this much..
    As much as its being spoken about w.r.t bad sales and bad A.S.S , I can only say one this.... There is nothing called perfect in this world a wise one understands that and picks up a FIAT ;-)
    I've honestly had just 1 failure till date and that was a known problem with '09 models as i hear..
    The newer models dont have this link rod problem any more...

    From my experience of driving her for 3 year and after driving my friends cars ('12 models) i can easily say that FIAT has taken customer feedback very seriously...
    The newer versions are far better in terms of NVH and power bands than my car was..
    The quality has improved greatly and so has the A.S.S ..
    Forget the sales ,India is a coutry filled with emotional buyers
    Buy a FIAT and enjoy it ...
    You will enjoy it becuase its a FIAT and not because you own it ...

    Thanks for reading this short ownership.. I always wanted to write a lot about the beauty i've invested in and finally i made it happen...
    Thank you TFI for a platform to share my views..

    Thank you all
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  2. bna

    bna Novizio


    Some latest pics of your beauty will complete your experience.

    happy revving!!
  3. At last a ownership thread,very well written enjoyed every bit of it.Hope you would post some recent pictures as well.
  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Definitely will post some pics tomorrow...
    The car needs a wash .. I"m planning on taking it for a nice drive tomorrow and then post pics
  5. Drive tomorrow, are going to miss the cricket match?
  6. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Very good write up there buddy. Happy puntoing.
  7. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Cricket?? What cricket?
    I stopped watching that 8 years ago :p
    There is just no fun in it anymore...
    I'd rather watch the Australian open (which I"m recording , even as we speak) ;-)
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  8. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    @ theblack, Wow! Your ownership review is really unique. Great write up :up Happy Puntoing
  9. tfiat


    Hi theblack,

    Nice ownership review. Happy Puntoing!

  10. prakhar_lfc

    prakhar_lfc Superiore

    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Linea T-Jet
    Very nice ownership review, theblack!

    Waiting to hear about the other mods you have carried out.

    Try football. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

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