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2650 kms experience with my Punto 90HP

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by RetroActiveX, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Greetings Team Fiat

    This was a long time coming and today I decided to put down by ownership experience; the boundless joy, pride, agony and frustration, of my 90HP GP. I took delivery of my BNW Punto 90 HP on the 10th September from KHT Motors, after literally waiting my wits out for nearly 9 months hoping that Fiat would actually launch the 'Punto Sports' that was displayed at the Expo in January this year. When I set my eyes on that 'Desi - Abarth' probable, my heart skipped a beat and I almost did a double take when the chap at the stall said Fiat would launch the car just 'as the way you see it'; smoked headlamps, blacked out roof, those Abarth alloys et all. Eight months later, Fiat did launch the car.. but just as way we saw it all along since it was launched in June 2009 :cry: Nonetheless, it was the GP that I wanted and there ends the matter. Period.

    In my personal opinion, I would have appreciated if Fiat had offered some kind of visual cue to distinguish the 90HP from the 75HP. Like for instance the rear tail lamps, if the indicators were of the clear lens type than the amber one currently or maybe atleast smoked headlamps and blacked out grille. Considering the 90HP is 8.2 lacs on road here in Bangalore, that's the least you can offer to set apart one from the other. Anyways, I won't go on to expound the design of this stunning beauty on 4 wheels. Truly a classic and timeless design that finely treads elegance, sportiness, masculinity and desirability.

    The Living in Experience

    The car was delivered to me with about 52 kms on the ODO. I understand that the dealer's yard is in Peenya, a boondock cum industrial area and the SA, in my case Dileep, informed that all their cars come with atleast 50 kms on the ODO before delivery. Is that true.? Right then. With the usual run through and briefing of features of the car done, it was time to engage 1st gear and take her home. Now. I guess there is absolutely no words to describe the feelings and emotions to be sitting there in your dream car and telling yourself that "baby, i have waited, wept, fantasized and lost sleep over the day that I am going to take you home to my parents". ::D That's exactly what I felt. I was accompanied by my Dad and two of my best pals who had come down from Chennai just for this 'Communion of Souls'.

    Much has been said and discussed about the features of the car so I shall save time on that. The cossetting ride, the sublime handling, the arrow direct steering, the packed to the brim features (Blue&Me, MyCar etc etc) are traits enough to convince me that I have made the right decision in spending a small fortune on this lady. However, my happiness was interrupted with the first sign of her tantrums. Doing about 20 - 30 kms/hr, with the windows rolled down, I heard this scraping sound, like metal against metal sound emanating from the right front. It was more audible when I was cruising beside the road median, obviously because the sound was being bounced off the walls. I had the SA Dileep intervene and check. I had a doubt if the brake discs calipers were rubbing against the alloys. He informed that I bring the car to their service station to have it checked. It was a Saturday when Dad and I took her to Whitefield. While we waited at the waiting concourse, we could see the service guys haul the car on the ramp and take a look. After about half an hour, he brought the car. Yes. Indeed. the calipers were in fact rubbing against the alloys. Now with that sorted and peace of mind restored it was back to enjoying and getting to know the car. We managed to pile on the kilometers by clocking about 1000 kms in less than a month. 3 trips to Chennai and back and couple of little 'avoidable' excursions to places far away from home.

    During all my trips on the Highways, I used to maintain about 100 - 120 kms/hr. The car would stay planted with nary a hint of body roll whatsoever. But here is a clarification that I hope to get answers from you guys. When I am doing about 120-140 km/r in top gear, the engine is spinning at 3200-3500 rpm. Now don't you guys feel this is high for an overdriven gear. I feel if the gear ratios were spaced in such a way so as to enable the engine to spin at 2000 - 2200 rpm at 120kph: a) the constant drumming noise from the engine would be less and b) the engine would sip less fuel thereby yielding better fuel consumption figures. Correct me if I am wrong.

    2650 kilometers on the ODO and here are my observations.

    1) The right hand side door is squeaking, rattling and making all kinds of noises even when I am on a perfectly paved smooth road. The noise makes itself evident when I brake, accelerate, stop, start, you name it. It sounds like that of flexing metal, as if the door mounting points are not aligned or something to that effect. Of late it has become extremely annoying.

    2) The Blue&Me is starting to act up. I usually don't listen to the Radio. I have my songs on a USB and listen to them while driving. Many a times, when I start the car, with the USB obviously plugged inside, the system doesn't recognize the drive and goes directly to Radio. When I try to activate the 'Windows' button the steering wheel and select the options and say "Help", the voice command says - "Telephone - Settings - Play - Stop - Next - Previous or Cancel". When I select either of the 'Play, stop, previous or next' options, the voice command says "Command not available". Has anyone else come across this issue? What is the remedy for this?

    3) I am getting about 15 kmpl in the city and my last venture out on the Highway yielded me about 17 kpl at about a constant 120 kmph.

    4) When I accelerate in second, third or fourth gear, there is a slight vibration felt through the gear lever. is this a normal feature.?

    My service is due anytime soon and I have been trying like crazy to get the Service guys to the get the car picked up from my home, since I live close to Frazer Town, a good 20 kms one way from the KHT Service station, but in vain.!! In the last 2 weeks my repeated attempts to get the SA. Mr.Dileep to get the car to the service has fallen on deaf ears. This was the same chap who exhibited great patience, reasonable knowledge, empathy and willingness during my Pre Booking period and even during the 1st 2 weeks of my taking delivery. In return for which I was motivated to give him a small token of appreciation at the time of delivery. Two and a half months hence, my experience is anything but the same. He never returns my call. Though, he would show great passion and keenness to intervene with the Service guys and help sorting out the issues.

    I am planning to get the car serviced next week, since I have a few travel commitments coming up over the weekend. I hope to get hold of a responsible guy to have my car up and running as new. I hope to post the pictures over the weekend. Would love to see your feedback and comments and any help you could suggest. Thanks in advance. ::D
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice review buddy.
    Range looks ok, engine will get more smoother after say 5K run and will become more silent after 10K run.
  3. sharadverma


    What is the current city and hifgway mileage you are getting with ac on, as I am also planning to buy one in delhi. If any one in delhi owing 90hp pl. Share ur views of ASS
  4. You door squeaking, rattling can be fixed by ASS people by making latch to catch harder.

  5. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    yes it would have been nice thing 120 at 2500rpm . but considering mere 90 horses it would feel sluggish to get to 130+ figure.
    as of now just tap of accelerator you can feel the forward rush. overtaking and drive ability is like a breeze in 5th gear.
  6. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    RectroActive as you have used the 90HP to the limit, Let the SA know all the problems you faced during the long drive and the vibration you feel in the Gear knob, And it will be resolved and you will have the Grande for the great expedition once again. Do post some pictures of the great beauty.
    Drive safe and take care/

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