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2014:- Face lifted Ford Fiesta Test Drive Report.

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by BoseSuman, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    When I did the TD of Fiesta last year, I was quite impressed by it. I have heard a lot about Fiesta's handling, but I always thought that none can be compared with Fiat's precise steering and road manners. To be honest, in my view Fiesta's steering is way better than Linea. Very precise and the best part is that it weighs according to the vehicle speeds. The absense of lag makes it absolutely stress free in city driving conditions. This particularly differentiates Fiesta from all the current competition (Verna, Vento, Rapid or Linea).

    Looks like I will have to grumble in the city traffic for quite sometime, untill the day when I would be able to get my Linea remapped by Wolfmoto. Unfortunately, Hyderabad is yet to be added in their list of cities to visit.
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  2. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Yes, driving in bumper to bumper could be stressful in the mjd. In Mumbai city traffic, I wouldn't know how much wolfmoto would help for city like Mumbai. Maybe on eastern and western express highways within city. I have never felt the need for remap otherwise. Within city one is expected to drive in crawling speeds due to lack of wide road and too many cars and jaywalkers.

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    Linea also has better layout of front seating passengers and legroom. So for medium to big sized adults and two kids, the car offers better comfort. Although rear leg-room is not abundant in many sedans. So overall placement of seats, seating positions and dash design and layout is less cramped compared to Fiesta. Don't know why but at first look it feels like dash contours (front) are borrowed from Hyundai's Fluidic. :confused Must see in actual to know the difference.
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  3. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    I had the same feeling about Fiesta and you have nailed it. Most manufactures do the mistake either in lifeless steering (Honda,Hyundai,VW..) or the turbo lag part (Fiat,Nissan,Renault..) but Ford makes the perfect combination.Though I had driven only Figo for some considerable time ,I found it as more fun to drive than Linea due to its comparatively lesser lag,steeering & small car feel ! If Ford can do it why cant the other giants do the same by fixing 'feel' connected steering and less/nil turbo lag :confused:? Also ,when I test drove Ecosport ,the steering was light like feather and shocked to learn that they went with EPS and this time it was Ford's turn! I guess Ecosport might have disappointed, particularly the Figo and Fiesta owners.Had it been fixed with Hydraulic steering , I guess there might be more takers (not to forget the messed up insane waiting periods).
    I am not sure why these two basics are not spot on in most of the vehicles and wants us to sacrifice atleast one or both these things :A. (Disliking the turbo lag in Linea totally-Remap someday).
  4. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    I had test driven the previous generation Fiesta automatic and although its acceleration was no match for the TJet, but still it was a pleasure to drive it. After TJet, it has to be the Fiesta. From small cars, I still find Figo as the best of the pack due to its agility and the control it gives to the driver.

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