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2013 Tyre Advice

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by B40, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. sk16

    sk16 Amatore

    New Delhi, India
    T-Jets and their owners... always at loggerheads when it comes to their tyres. ::V

    Although, I second jumu.
  2. moksh

    moksh Superiore

    Linea 1.3
    The Best Premium Tyre i found is
    Yokohama V550 AVS DB
  3. kamikaze

    kamikaze Timido

    My stock GT3s have run 40k and are beginning to show their age.. am considering the following tyres - please help me with advice and opinion:

    Ride: Punto Emotion Pack 90hp 2010 - pre-2012 shocks with lower GC
    KMs done: 40k
    Current Tyres: 195/60R15 Goodyear GT3 OEM - may be able to stretch them for another 3-4k with some sedate driving
    Style of driving: Sporty when alone, sedate when with family :p
    Priorities (in order): Grip, Stability under braking and cornering, comfort

    Options for new set in order of current consideration:

    Firstly the profile - the options I have are:
    1. 195/60R15 - awesome handling - I have no complaints with my current handling
    2. 205/60R15 - better comfort with a possible downside on handling/dynamism. Possible warranty issues to consider. FE impact?
    3. 205/55R15 - better comfort. possible warranty issues. impact on handling unclear. FE impact?
    On the profile, I am currently biased towards retaining 195/60R15 - would like to hear opinion and options on other profiles to consider. I am not too keen to change the alloys since I like the design (and I like saving some money too :mrgreen:) - hence not looking at anything other than R15

    Now for the tyres themselves, my current considerations are:
    1. Yokohama AVS DB - Pros: Good balance of comfort, super silent and good feedback+control (based on a ride in a friends linea). Cons: Soft tyre may have early degradation
    2. Yokohama S Drive - Pros: Good grip and great feedback/control. Cons: lesser comfort than above?
    3. Yokohama C Drive - Pros: Good balance between the AVS DB and the S Drive. Cons: ??
    4. Michelin / Bridgestone not being considered due to them being too soft. Opinions welcome

    Currently, I am undecided between the 3 Yoko tyres and am not sure if there are any other tyres I need to consider. would appreciate if some of the esteemed forumers can help me out of this quandary. Thanks in advance :)
  4. As you have already chalked out well the tyres which you can use in oem specs,Yoko c drive is the best tyre for your style of driving.
    There wont be any problem if you uograde to 205/60 r15, infact you will love the increase in grip, only downside is you will get a slightly lesser mileage which you will hardly notice unless you do tankfull to tankfull comparo extensively.

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  5. kamikaze

    kamikaze Timido

    @Arnab - Thanks!

    Will upgrading to 205/60R15 bring in any issues with the warranty?
  6. Sorry for the last post, I meant 205/55 r15 would be correct upsize.205/60 might touch your wheel well on humps or whike turning the steering.
    Btw is c drive available at that size??

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  7. kamikaze

    kamikaze Timido

    Nopes. C Drives only available at 195/60R15 and 225/60R15
  8. amar_gahir

    amar_gahir Amatore

    Where to get MY 02 in West Delhi?

    Seems like none of the Select/Super Select BS shops have these tyres.

    Any pointers ?

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