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2013 Linea from Vecto, Bangalore

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by senthil, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. senthil


    Have been in touch with Vecto Fiat, Bangalore and got to see the 2 Linea Dynamic models today as below.

    1) T. wine. , 2013 - November manufactured.
    => No 'H' on odo, and it says some 70 kms driven. Sales guy says it might have been reset. Don't know why they want to reset ?.
    => Dashboard panels seem not so consistent under the steering etc.
    => 4 running tyres seem somewhat new. But the spare tyre seem to be older and somewhat more used.
    => Have to check for more visible inconsistencies in outer part , if any.
    => As per sales manager, its a display vehicle for last one month. But the initial sales guy on phone told earlier, that they are bringing the vehicle from Yard since i requested ( Dont know why their versions differ here ).

    2) P. White, 2013 - July manufactured
    => Has 'H' on odo and some 58 kms driven
    => Dashboard fit and finish seem better than the above T. wine. Have to check more .
    => 4 running tyres does not seem so new as the above T.wine.
    => Spare wheel looks better

    Will be going again to have a look at these vehicles. Do anybody from bangalore who had been to vecto, have seen this T.Wine dynamice Linea MJD standing ?. Like to know if their version of it being a display car, and why would its odo is not showing 'H' and showing from only 60/70 kms . Based on the points above , what you guys feel about the 2 models above, and any inputs going forward ?.
  2. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I did see the Tuscan wine Linea Dynamic standing near the stair case when I had been to Vecto for the Clutch complaint. I think even the Vocal White/Pearl white too was put on display, but not really sure on the white one though.
  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Based on above details, white Linea looks to better choice.
    But since its bit old, try to negotiate on price :).

    Generally, H goes after 200KM, but it is showing 60/70KM, without H, needs some clarification from delaer/Fiat.
  4. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Interesting observation on the tyres !!

    H symbol missing : sometime a customer who might have booked the car would have abstained to purchase after driving it and to build customer confidence they might have driven the car to the customer house etc this to and for would have eaten I to the H symbol.

    how I know about it : during my GP purchase I faced a dilemma and this tactic was used by the dealer and infact They test drove the car twice for so e 20 odd kms and finally I rejected the car and went for a different dealer with similar story...

    Reason on for rejection : cost !! I got a better deal via 2nd dealer !!

    OT : in my case both cars were absolute fine during the purchase period, however the car I didn't go with had a small ding on the driver door which the dealer promised to rectify using Audi dent control method as the same dealer had Audi dealership as well.
  5. senthil


    The spare tyre being so used up in contrast with the rest of the other 4 tyres, seems like am missing some of its history.
  6. senthil


    This is the quote from Vecto, for punto dynamic ( Nov 2013 make ) for my friend.

    OTR - 6.57L ( Without Insurance, without RSA, without any accessories, without extended warranty ).

    The discounts given were 1.12 L ( 1L by fiat , 12k by dealer for 2013 make ). I believe for the year changeover discounts should be of the order of 40k . I had a colleague who got 40k discounts for 3 months old ( previous year make ) i10 in January last year.

    But these guys are not coming down below this. So the process stopped there.
  7. TahaFaizan

    TahaFaizan Timido

    I used to go to Vecto in october and november and had only seen White Linea which was Emotion MJD. When i had enquired then, i had heard that someone had already booked it. But when i visited in december for some other work, it was still standing there. It has alloy spare wheel. Never saw TW though in MJD. There was one TW TJet.
  8. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I would like to add a point here.

    - If H disappeared due to driving the car for 200Km, the odometer reading doesn't go back to zero. It stays at 200 and goes on.
    - If the temporary odo with "H" is reset just like resetting the tripmeter, the reading goes back to zero.

    Kindly don't read much regarding the "H" in the odo.

    When I bought Punto in 2010, my Punto read H 4km while in the stockyard while it was reset before delivery to zero by the person doing the PDI. When I went to take delivery, it was showing zero.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    In all probability, every dealer in India has a dedicated test drive car of Linea MJD. So, I don't think they will use a new Linea MJD from the stockyard under normal circumstances for anything.
  9. kkayden

    kkayden Timido

    Booked an Aug 2013 T-Jet Emotion PW color from Vecto Motors, had asked for a Oct or Dec made one but they say this is the last T-Jet Emotion available, on road after all discounts - INR 9.73 and free accessories.
    The car has H 120 kms on it and is the Absolute Edition offered during Ganpati festival. The car seems fine, haven't PDI ed yet.
    Any advice to go ahead or wait for the facelift?
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  10. nareshov


    @kkayden: Go ahead!

    Personally, the facelift loses the current linea's visual charm and i'd wait for it only if I'm eyeing a larger discount on current linea by then (assuming they're not sold out by then).

    If you wait for the facelift because that's the one you want (for its looks? or maybe for its improved plastics (speculation)?) then it's possible that it might be more expensive than the current offer you have.

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