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2013 JD Power - Customer Service Index - FIAT at the bottom

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by limraj, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. nithin.v

    nithin.v Amatore

    Can you please elaborate on the complexity(please share more inputs) .if you mean engine complexity then most of the Maruti's are powered by same engine. Comparing the complexity of new Honda i-Dtech with 1.3MJD, it seems both of them are a bit comparable and even most of the new generation diesel engines are complex. If compared we compare Fire engines with other petrols, Fire is an old generation when compared to honda ivtec, maruti k-series. I still wonder why most of the local mechanics reluctant to service the cars ?
  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    It's more in the mechanics mind than in the cars. Around here, 95% are still stuck with old practices and keep butchering up cars without knowing how they work. The intelligent mechanic, willing to learn and work methodically can work on any car irrespective of brand. Mechanics butchered 100's of Palios thinking they were Maruti 800's and ended up blaming the car as being "not easy to work on" . What a joke.

    The Honda 1.5 diesel is too crude as of yet. It is efficient and pulls strongly in a very narrow powerband but it's just not well sorted. A raw engine which feels significantly underpowered than what the paper figures suggest.
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  3. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    Totally agree..in todays world, everything comes with a pinch of salt..I am sure there is as much politics in the corporate world as there is in the political world.

    And "independent" survey/research organizations, much like the media, can play truant with peoples perceptions.

    When you have folks like Nissan, Ford and Toyota recalling cars at the drop of a hat, how can they be higher than Fiat.
  4. nithin.v

    nithin.v Amatore

    During servicing of my car following are the bservations from my experience
    1. the service center fellows filled diesel engine oil for my petrol car. It was an error from service guy and am ok with that human error but the dangerous thing is that it went un noticed and its the customer (that is me) who identified this error and asked them to change the oil.

    2.They didn't add the change in gear oil in the bill and there is also error in the quantity of power steering oil. Both of then identified later.

    3.Am afraid what they will do with 3l diesel oil they filled in my car and how they will show the inventory.

    4.When i interacted with the service guys they are not informative on the engine variants available and i am really afraid whether they check all the procedures required for the 1.4 engine. I still think they service it as a diesel.

    all these gives me a lack of confidence in the fiat service. I am just a sample and this may be happening for other customers also. The service centre guys may made some troubles but due to the lack of any quality process/cross check these are all going unnoticed. This is how this ISO certifications will help as they introduce certain minimum standards
    As this is engineering and as this involves humans there are chances of errors. But a good company will always trace out this error before reaching the product to their customer. The recalling usually happens due to lack of quality standards(read process) at the OEM supplier end. The car manufactures will usually go for sampling based quality inspection of the batch they receive and there are chances for one or two error parts in the whole batch. In automotive world "Toyota process " is a famous process standard and nowadays each and every car manufactures are going for stringent quality standards and in effect they are spending lot on automation. Personally I know that the quality standards put forward by Toyota and Honda(Benchmark) for an automotive part differentiates from that used by Fiat,VW,GM .
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  5. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    I am not talking merely about engine complexity, I am referring to overall servicability and local mechanics' attitude of hostility towards Fiat cars.

    I still have a Fiat Siena 1.7TD. In order to service the alternator, the mechanic cum electrician was like he was doing me a favour touching my car. Immediately after this process the car's power steering started leaking. First the usual culprit was pointed at viz. the oil seal for power steering. But fortunately after multiple opinions I could interpolate information and pin point the trouble on a leaking pipe that got damaged while removing the alternator. Obviously, this pipe was not in stores and therefore I had do local jugaad (like brazing) to fix the leak. I doubt I would need to run around places to get a pipe fixed had I owned Maruti or Honda. But who's complaining? :)

    Now, don't even get me started on Palios, refer to what Gurjinder says. The few 1.9Ds I got to see closely were not fixable to customer's satisfaction by most mechanics for a good part of the car's life. Therefore, the reluctance on their part. They blame Fiat or cars like Palio/Siena as if they are a pain to work on.
    Majority customers of Maruti or Honda or even Hyundai are pretty content after spending, getting their cars fixed. They are not upset like if they can get a car problem fixed ever! Amongst many other factors, easy diagnosis and fixability and reasonable parts pricing is very important for a car to do well in masses.

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