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2012 Punto Sports suspension roll back to 2011

Discussion in 'Technical' started by linuxmanju, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. I have my old kit with all the parts you need , i can give it to you at 1/3rd of the cost :)
    I can safely say it is not worth it, I still take my car to corners like ho i used to do earlier may be 2-4% more body roll is there but no other car in the segment is any where near to FIAT,that explains i guess.
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  2. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Well, seriously? How many kms did you drive with your old kit? You have a buyer ready. ;)

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  3. ^^
    I got my kit upgraded between 26 and 32 k kms but both of my front shocks were changed just about 2-3k kms before and back were changed twice about 5 k kms (there was no issue with shocks but it was TASS way of troubleshooting).

    You will need 4 shocks and a stabilizer bar to revert back to 2011 settings,I have all of them with me.
    PM me if you need more details.
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  4. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    are you planning to go back to the 2011 setup?
  5. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    I think he means to say that before going for upgrade of shocks; TASS had replaced his earlier setup (2011) with new ones (2011). So the 2011 setup that he has (for give away) is not too old either.
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  6. linuxmanju


    Here is an update, I went to Coorg last weekend, Road from Bangalore to Coorg, you will come across everything, Nice long stretches , Bad Roads in between and not to mention the Twists and turns. I picked up this road to verify yet again if the current suspension is good. Below is what I found out,

    1) High speed stability is not an issue, I could do 145 Kmph on a short stretch and mind you it was not a perfect road either , The car does not scare you , It just turns back at you and says, " Is that all you got ? " :) .

    So, There is no issue with the High speed stability with 2012 suspension , May be 2011 is better but if you compare with other cars in the segment 2012 is till has the best highspeed stability.

    2) On Bad Roads, I found one thing, At lower speed say 20-40 Kmph , The car feels a bit stiffer. Not really Bad but stiffer all the same. But as the speed increases , it tends to eat everything under it, I tried the same bad stretch twice once at lower speed and once above / around 55 Kmph , My friend who was with me also corroborated the same, I am not sure Is it real or its just me :) . can anyone confirm if 2012 setup flattens out everything better at higher speed as opposed to slower speed, isn't it supposed to be other way around ?.

    So basically I am OK with it,

    3) On twisties :- Whoever said it's a pain to drive in twists with 2012 suspension is just exaggerating , We ( Me and My Friend ), Managed to take few turns on the way to Madikeri at the speed of 100/110 and there was no drama at all. Even my friend asked me to check the GPS speed as he thought the car was doing way less than what was shown on the speedo , and he literally fought with me saying that there is a speedo error :) . But yes, There was some body roll if you change lanes abruptly in excess of 110+ Kmph , Not scarily high, But it is there.

    After two days of journey when I dropped my friend to home he said , He is regretting the idea of not buying a Punto :)

    Overall, I am perfectly fine with the setup , and I have decided whenever some one posts a comment on the internet that anything is wrong with a Punto, I will ignore it and even then if there is a doubt in my mind, I will take her to a looooong highway ride , Because when I am done with my journey I can sit on my couch and laugh at the person who posted that with a hint of an arrogance :) .
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  7. imranshks

    imranshks Superiore

    @Linuxmanju I feel the same all the time. At lower speeds (30-50km/hr) the vehicle seems bouncy and suspension seems to be hard but as you put the pedal to the metal no matter how uneven the road is, the suspension seems great.

    That wasn't the case with pre-2012 cars, the suspension on them was just amazing even at the crawling speeds :)

    Bottomline, i am totally happy with 2012 suspension as I don't need to be cautious every time I come across these hopeless speed breakers ;)

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  8. Sailer_Punter

    Sailer_Punter Amatore

    By looking at the description , I think you drove down to Madikeri in Coorg through Kushalnagar. I will be driving down to Virajpet (there is a detour after Hunsur) which is a horrible state highway where my i10 use to bottom out so many times. I will be taking that route again next week in 2012 Punto. I will check how good this 2012 suspension is!
  9. linuxmanju


    @Sailer_Punter Yes Kushalnagar route is what I took, and the roads which were bad was from Madikeri to TalaKaveri , It's like 50% good and 50% mix of not so good roads, with alot of surprise potholes and unevenness. Nope.. Punto did not bottom out anywhere . Will wait for your report .
  10. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    The road is in horrible condition. Please dont test your punto on this road. Most likely this will end up giving rattles(mental pain) and body pain.
    If you want to drive to virajpet, take the periyapatna>siddapura route. There also you will get an opportunity to test the suspension, but may not give mental and body pain.
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