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2012 Punto Sports suspension roll back to 2011

Discussion in 'Technical' started by linuxmanju, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Ranjith Mohan

    Ranjith Mohan

    Hi Imran/ Platinum,

    I did check the suspension yesterday at fiat SC. Well the suspension is of Magneti Marelli. And I could also see Cofap. But it is made in India stuff. So now I don't know what to do. As the service engineer is a good friend, he did show me the stock struts as well. Even the low GC strut available with them are from MM and Cofap ( made in India).

    So don't know it will make any diff if i roll back to Pre-2012 as I will be getting the MM of India make.

    What do you guys think?

  2. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    You have best of both worlds now. Well, almost. Comfort largely remains the same while the low GC ones would give more confidence at high speeds and also more scrapes if we are a bit careless.

    My advice would be to stick to current ones.
  3. imranshks

    imranshks Superiore

    If your car is running on MM cofap, then that's the best you can get :)

    Pre-2012 suspension is any day a lot better than 2012 suspension, only drawback is GC is lost. So its your call now.

    My advice, you can use 2012 MM Cofap suspension which has come on your car !!


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  4. Ranjith Mohan

    Ranjith Mohan

    Thanks Guys. May be I should stop comparing the drive with my old Palio. Like Imran said, it was way way better.

    Let me drive with this. Will update the driving exp.

    May be I should change the shoes as well. The current one is JK. May be I should go for Yokohama or Michelin.


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    Thanks mate. May be it will settle down a bit once it clocks distance.

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  5. linuxmanju


    Try Primacy LC, you will find it slightly better , with a quieter drive.

    I have these on my Punto sports 2012, and I think @relativity is one more member here who tried primacy in his Punto 2012.

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  6. reggaerahul

    reggaerahul Novizio

    Pune, Maharashtra
    Using this existing thread to ask my question. I am in process of acquiring a 2012 preworshipped emotion punto and it has a higher GC. I had driven 2 puntos till date, one new at Fiat SA and another one from my friend who just upgraded and found it to be harsh at lower speeds plus bouncy. It was able to withstand bigger potholes better I guess, due to more play but overall quality at low speed and smaller iregulations on road was not what I observed on a 2011 punto.

    I am too sensitive to these things and had gone to lengths to fix my Palio SDX's front suspension to get it the way I want. My palio has a high profile tyres to harsh ride at low speed was never a problem, but the Punto Emotion comes with a low profile tire and if they have stiffened the springs to compensate for the height then it might not be as plusher.

    I do not care alot about high speed handling and stuff but even a little unevenness in any corners due to height makes me nervous. May be I should get the 2012 Punto, try it thoroughly and then decide, but before that I have some quick questions :

    1) If that Punto has a warranty left, would it void it if I plan to go back to older setup ?
    2) Are the springs involved as part of the older kit (I guess they should be but confirming) or is it just the struts, I hope the springs are different ?
    3) Would the quality and make be same as the parts which were fitted in the original 2010,11 cars ?

    Buying a Emo pack after my Palio SDX sounded like a natural upgrade to me provided I get the peace of mind when it comes to suspension.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I am almost certain that you won't find the 185mm GC comfortable in that case. First of all, I would like to clarify that these differences between old and new kit are more noticeable to those who have been used to the old kit. I have driven old Punto (I own since 2010) for 75,000km and there is one more Punto in our family (2013 active model) that I have driven. Every time I get to drive that car, I come out satisfied that I didn't have to worry about 1 particular speed breaker in Chandigarh where slowing down drastically is a must but the rest of the journey isn't good from suspension point of view.
    My observations:
    - The car feels a bit unsettled in straight line even if there are slight undulations on road as compared to old GC Punto though the difference is just 2-3% but those having experience of old GC can make out easily.
    - There is no comparison of old vs new at corners. Its old one that rules all the way, being tuned 14mm lower.
    - There is a speed breaker behind my house. I go over it at hardly 5-8kmph after stopping completely but still the car bounces in an awkward manner over it. I can post a video of it. My old GC Punto goes over it planted without any bounce.

    No. Warranty wouldn't get void if you upgrade to old GC.

    I have never read about it with interest as I am on old GC anyways so would leave this to my knowledgeable members here. :)

    Yes, quality is same. Please make sure that you read the "Bumpy ride in 2012 cars, any solution?" thread. In the page 10 or so pages, I remember that members were talking about 2 old GC kits, one by Magneti Meralli (MM) and one more. The MM one is said to be better.
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  8. bibin

    bibin Regolare

    Dear Fiatians,

    instead of suspension roll back i believe LP tyres would do the trick , my stock tyres finished at 29 k and one of my friend suggested for second hand imported tyres of Nankang (205/60) which i got (4 set) for 12k, which lowered the gc to 175 mm from existing 185 mm.


    DEEPAK BAPAT Novizio

    Hi guyes I am from Pune & I have the old suspension kit- with two front springs,two front & two rear suspension & a anti roll bar.This from my original car purchase. Then I opted with the Ground Clearance offer from Fiat.The old kit has done 15000 kms.It is still with me if any one wants he can get it, on as it is & where it is basis @ Rs. 5000/-.You can contact me & inspect the same.You have to come at my place to see it.
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  10. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    ^^^ did they change the front springs also during GC upgrade?

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