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2012 Grande Punto - BNW

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by soori, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. drarvindc


    Great Pics Soori,

    Bought the car and took it offroad - nice. Keep updating the thread, eager to know more about your GC experience, i do have plan to upgrade mine for GC.
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  2. soori


    Thanks drarvindc

    I'm in love with the ground clearance. With 185mm it's a boon to drive on the bad roads. The photo itself suggests how confident I was. This road is jeep territory and small hatchbacks do come there after careful negotiation. I'd no issues whereas have clear memories of i20 scraping its bumper there.

    There was a new Polo who parked the car around 150m away cause they were worried about ground clearance. And me with 5 people on board had no issues :D I definitely suggest you to upgrade the car for ground clearance after hearing so much stories about GC in earlier Punto. I've tried testing the use of 185mm GC in places where earlier car used to scrape specially in ramps of buildings and Punto has passed with flying colors. ;)

    The only issue is with alignment. Yesterday it was fixed for a certain extent, however, I think they had not kept the steering straight during the alignment. Planning to go to independent tire shop when I'm free.

    Also, can anyone let me know how to reduce the default volume? Every time I receive a call or make call the volume of the speaker is on higher side. I tried searching in the forum but couldn't locate.
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  3. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Soori, there is an external audio volume feature in the Head Unit. Set voice to your convenience from there. There is another method that I find better. Rotate the volume knob on head unit to increase or decrease volume when you are in a call or talking to the car. Your car will remember the volume you adjusted last. This feature is better than using external audio feature.
  4. soori


    It doesn't remember the last chosen volume :(
  5. soori


    My car did 6000 kms today. Did a tour with 1800kms on odo. Had been to Manthralayam. Driving the car was breeze. Loved the way it handled the turns and also the humps. I skipped around 3 unmarked humps out of 75 humps from Manthralayam to Bangalore and thankfully the car is rock solid.

    Some things noticed:
    • The car did 160km/hr with 3 people on board+ luggage+ A/C on. Was not comfortable in breaking the record.
    • In the intial leg while the car was moving the turbo stopped working and car behaved as natural aspirated engine. I guess the car was in limp mode. Stopped the car and restarted. The car became normal as windows operating system. No error log and everything seemed to be normal as checked during the first service.
    • Comfortable cruising speed is around 90 to 120 km/hr. Anything above the engine becomes noisy.
    • A/C is a chiller. Drops of water forms near the A/C vent.
    • Minor rattles. Attended workshop thrice.
    • MID showed 15.7km/l. The whole drive was pedal to metal. Heavy Bangalore traffic as I was in Bangalore for 3 days. Idling with A/C atleast for 8 hours. Totally, satisfied with the mileage.
    • Minor clunk from the front left wheel while traveling over the bad roads.
    • The front seat lacks thigh support. i20's seat was more comfortable for my frame.
    • My Samsung galaxy with gingerbread 2.3.6 doesn't play song over Blue & me.
    • All the passengers who have experienced the car say this car is very heavy and strong :D
    • In-gear acceleration of new swift dezire and swift is better than Punto.
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  6. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    This is not a good sign. Never happened to me with my Punto or Linea. Is this one time occurrence? I suggest to get it inspected from the Service Station as well.
  7. soori


    The folks in A.S.S did a checkup. Everything seems to be normal. It was a one time occurrence. I think this happened because of the blunder I did during downshift. Instead of 5th to 4th for some reasons I downshifted to 2nd. Though didnt release the clutch fully, it was enough for the RPM to increase suddenly. I guess this directed the E.C.U to switch the car to limp mode.
  8. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    The noise will be on higher side for first 10000 Kms. NVH will definitely improve a lot after 10000 Kms. Try to drive it aggressively at times, it will keep ECU mapping in check. It can give a feeling of two complete different cars each different day with acceleration & pick up. FIAT has let ECU settings too prone to driving styles but what the style can help in case there is traffic everywhere? Damn it for FIAT being extra cautious for mileage.

    It's completely my observation. I have felt as much as 20% difference in performance due ECU behavior according to conditions it has been presented with. 20% difference is just too much for the same engine & nothing less than a tuning box can achieve that. It felt like some bigger MJD literally than regular 1248 VGT.
    Last full week, it was absolutely taking off & RPM's were climbing astonishingly quick. It felt so different than what experienced along 14500 KMs run it had till that date. Turbo spool was almost instantaneous with absolutely no Turbo lag! (because it was literally zipping through RPMs). Mind it, absolutely non-existent Turbo lag.
    You press the throttle in aggressive way & it will come before pedal is pressed 50%.
    This should be the default tuning:A. Now it feels like it is breaking down.

    After experiencing that performance, i feel like punching that mechanic in the guts for disconnecting -ve terminal during 2nd service. I think i found the way how that extreme performance can be achieved again. Sparing a few hrs & request a few friends to load my car to the brim with extra weight in boot & go all out on highway in every gear for 1-2 hrs non-stop. It will be the same beast. You have to condition it extreme to get the extreme out of it.
  9. soori


    Car clocked 10300 kms. The turbo whistle is pronounced now. It was very silent earlier. However, I love that..

    Issues faced till now:
    1. The handbrake spring and button has broken. Find it difficult sometimes to disengage handbrake. Waiting for the parts to arrive and change it under warranty.
    2. Rattling. From behind, might be C pillar or hatch door. And one from left front door. This is from day 2 from purchase. Never been rectified. Will be asking them to check when the handbrake parts arrive.
    3. Grinding sound from front brake. They said they adjusted. Still get to hear when u apply brake slowly.
    4. Alignment issues. Fixed.
    5. Sound from front left suspension, feels as if no damping when going on bad roads. The sound is similar to ball joint sound.
    6. The car rear suspension gives screeching sound when getting down or sitting. Dont know if the sound exists while driving. The sound can be heard only from outside.

    Added door sills. Cost me 402 rs.
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  10. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore



    Completely agree...

    SOmedays my car is a monster....even 76HP one...with full load on highways...when driving agrressivley it moves like a bull...hard to stop it..I remember a month back on trip to Hassan on NH 48...it was reezing at 160 without any effort....I was just whistling past cars of all make :)

    Somedays its sluggish especially in city...but if I detect that sluggishness and adapt my style it behaves well..

    So,MJD on a Punto is a living object!!

    J.C Bose...must have been alive..he would have had a chance to get Noble award again...easily. :)
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