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2011 FIAT cars now even better

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by PaddleShifter, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Disclaimer- The purpose of this thread is to help those who are looking for fresh reviews on FIAT cars. Some of the responses in this thread makes me feel that some are thinking that earlier models had some deficiency. NO NO. Earlier models were excellent but now they have been further improved.

    I Hope anybody looking for test drive of these cars will have a look at this thread and clear his/her prejudice against a few aspects of these cars as a result of all the myths created by FIAT bashers. ::T


    Many of you old time FIAT owners might be aware of the fact that FIAT cars improve with age. You buy a FIAT car and find that the gearbox is a bit notchy, car is not very rev happy and a bit slow to move, FE is lower and the NVH inside the cabin is a bit high to your liking.

    As you go on completing Kms on the ODO, the car keeps on improving. Gearbox is very smooth by the end of 2000Kms, response of the car improves from 3000Km onwards and improves considerably by the end of 10000Kms. Car becomes more and more silent and FE improves.

    Why I say this is because I experienced something unique at the recent TFI meet in Delhi. Vijayant sir (TFI username- Axn) came to pick me up at the ISBT. I sat inside, fastened my seatbelt while Vijayant sir started the engine, slotted to 1st gear and started moving.

    The ride felt good and the first thing I said was, "Sir! It feels nice to sit in a petrol car after driving a diesel car for a few months." :mrgreen:
    Vijayant sir maintained silence for some 30 seconds and added, "Yaar, this is a diesel car, not a petrol." :) ::T

    The car has run close to 35000Km and is thus supersilent, touchwood, thanks to the way it has been maintained. Vijayant sir added that one needs to wait till at least 20000Km to check the real character of FIAT cars.

    The interiors were as good as they can get with decent sound from the front components of his Punto.


    Today, I got an opportunity to meet my batchmate and TFIan username Bones who has recently bought a 2011 model Punto 1.3MJD Active.

    Changes in 2011 models as compared to 2010 models are as follows:

    1. NVH- The car has lesser NVH. There is a quite a difference in the 2010 vs 2011 Punto we compared. Both of us agreed that NVH suppression is better in 2011 model.

    2. The legendary panel gap near the keyhole area is no longer existent.

    3. Improved 2nd gear response- The car shows very good response. Its ODO stands at just 24Km but it is far more responsive in second gear as compared to the 2010 model Punto with 4000Km on the Odo.

    4. Lighter steering- Bones has gone for aftermarket alloys and new tyres whereas the 2010 Punto had stock alloys with Goodyear GT3 stock rubber. The steering was bit lighter than 2010 Punto but felt very nice at corners. Maybe it was because of far superior rubber doing its duty.

    SOME PHOTOS to do the rest of the talking:
    The cabin light of the active variant of Bones is like this. 2010 Active owners confirm whether you have theater dimming lights or this light
    [attachment=5:1fzud28v]1. Cabin light.jpg[/attachment:1fzud28v]
    Bonnet support rod is now straight with a rubber grip
    [attachment=6:1fzud28v]2. New design of Bonnet support lever.jpg[/attachment:1fzud28v]
    The rubber near bonnet support rod is of better quality
    [attachment=7:1fzud28v]3. Better quality rubber near bonnet support rod.jpg[/attachment:1fzud28v]
    Hate to use this photo as it is lot worse than reality for reasons known to many here :wink: . Will change it tomorrow with other photo. You can compare the rod and rubber of 2009 Punto with 2011.
    [attachment=8:1fzud28v]3a. bonnet support rod+lower quality rubber in 2010 model.jpg[/attachment:1fzud28v]
    Instructions regarding engine oil etc on the bonnet firewall is now in English
    [attachment=9:1fzud28v]4. Instructions are now in English.jpg[/attachment:1fzud28v]
    2011 cars have a rubber padding on the radiator. See arrow
    [attachment=10:1fzud28v]5. See the radiator has some padding on top.jpg[/attachment:1fzud28v]
    This is how 2010 model looks like. Compare with the photo above
    [attachment=4:1fzud28v]5a. Simple radiator of 2010 variant.jpg[/attachment:1fzud28v]
    Legendary panel gap no longer seen
    [attachment=1:1fzud28v]6. No more panel gap.jpg[/attachment:1fzud28v]
    2010 models still had 2-3mm panel gap here
    [attachment=2:1fzud28v]6a. Panel gap in 2010 variant.jpg[/attachment:1fzud28v]
    NVH in 2011 model is far far lesser whether the bonnet is open, closed, or inside the cabin
    [attachment=3:1fzud28v]7a. 2011 vs 2010 NVH comparo.jpg[/attachment:1fzud28v]
    See arrow. There used to be a panel gap here
    [attachment=0:1fzud28v]ICE Kenwood HU.jpg[/attachment:1fzud28v]


    - All those who keep on asking whether to go for a 2011 model without any discount or a 2010 model with discount have the clear image now. I hope this thread would be useful in making an informed decision.
    - Let me tell you that if you are getting discount on 2010 model now, it may be worth going for 2010 models.
    - Those reports of "pathetic interiors, sluggish performance, higher NVH" are the words of FIAT bashers. Anyways, 2011 models have further improved wrt to NVH and second gear IMO.
    - You are the best judge. If you are going for Test drive of Punto/Linea, do not keep in mind the words of a toon who says that the interiors, NVH are not good.
    YOU ARE THE BEST JUDGE. Make your own opinion. :drinks

    1. Cabin light.jpg

    2. New design of Bonnet support lever.jpg

    3. Better quality rubber near bonnet support rod.jpg

    3a. bonnet support rod+lower quality rubber in 2010 model.jpg

    4. Instructions are now in English.jpg

    5. See the radiator has some padding  on top.jpg

    5a. Simple radiator of 2010 variant.jpg

    6. No more panel gap.jpg

    6a. Panel gap in 2010 variant.jpg

    7a. 2011 vs 2010 NVH comparo.jpg

    ICE Kenwood HU.jpg
  2. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    Re: New FIAT cars just got better- FIAT Punto TFI special

    Plastics of 2010 manufactured Yashik's Punto are much better than my 2009 Linea. ::T
    NVH are also much better in Yahsik's Punto done 4000 km than my 24000 km done Linea

    Ex showroom price in 2009 when we bought the car was 8,20,000/- now it is approx 8,78,000/-. Great to see Fiat have spent money on improving car quality ::T
  3. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Re: New FIAT cars just got better- FIAT Punto TFI special

    Excellent Report and The best part is the comparison in pictures with the older models. Great Work Yashik. This would be really really helpful for people looking to buy a Punto with some doubts in the mind with respect to the overall quality. I think this settles all the dust that was on Punto with quality issues. No More Issues and no more reasons for people to bash it without any reasons.

    5 ????? Comparison and Thread ::T

    P.S i think the pictures and the captions have once again jumbled up. ::V

    :eek:fftopic So you have finally put those Ferrari Prancing Horse stickers On ::pP
  4. Axn

    Axn Regolare

    Re: New FIAT cars just got better- FIAT Punto TFI special

    tq for some nice words for my car...i am happy and she is ecstatic. :dancing :clapping :wow
  5. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: New FIAT cars just got better- FIAT Punto TFI special

    lol. I think we all find each other's cars better. ::V You got to see Vijayant sir's Punto to believe what I say. It is truly a petrol car only with MultiJet on the grill. :)

    Customers are actually spending more money to get the upgrades. I think there is only marginal difference between 2009 and 2010 models. 2009 models were good too and were almost Rs40000-Rs60000 cheaper which is a huge saving IMO.

    @Ansal- I have reported my thread to MODs for moderation. Lets see when the problem resolves. Thanks for the 5-star rating. :)

    @Vijayant sir- ::T
  6. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Re: New FIAT cars just got better- FIAT Punto TFI special

    great insight on the changes and upgrades done. this will help new buyers to decide on the car.
  7. Re: New FIAT cars just got better- FIAT Punto TFI special

    Very true.

    I could see quite a lot of difference in quality of plastics, panel gaps in the interior fittings and at the exterior when i compare my 2009 petrol Linea and 2011 TJet.
  8. Ichimaru

    Ichimaru Regolare

    Gurgaon, India
    Re: New FIAT cars just got better- FIAT Punto TFI special

    Superb thread and very insightful.
    When I went for the TD of TJET, checked out a 2010 Punto and the quality betterment was evident.
    I never had problems with the plastic quality, it was only the fit and finish.
    Haven't checked out the 2011 Punto.
    However, i am hearing to many AC issues which is quite scary. People with the new kit are still not satisfied.
    AC in my Palio 1.2NV was super chilling even in 45 degrees of Jaipur heat!
  9. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    Re: New FIAT cars just got better- FIAT Punto TFI special


    Thank you for taking the pain and treating us with the valuable information. This thread deserves 5 star's , where do I click to rate ;)

    Hope to see this thread adding more information with the time.

  10. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Re: New FIAT cars just got better- FIAT Punto TFI special

    Indeed the information in this thread is worth reading

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