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2009 Linea MJD Epk: 4th yr service @63,880kms costing a whooping 63,000!

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Avinash, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. Avinash

    Avinash Amatore

    United Kingdom
    Linea 1.3
    Hi guys!

    Have a 2009 Linea MJD Epk (1290kgs, BSIII). I haven't written any ownership review yet. Will soon write it up.

    Until now, there has been absolutely '' 0 - issues '' with this beauty. No problems whatsoever! Not even single mechanical, nor a minuscule electrical fault. Except for rare denting and scratches, and also, for the famous 'rats' that chew up the ABS & Air-bag wires, it's been an absolute pleasure driving this beast all this time. Revvs clearly upto 4000rpm, and gives constant mileage of 20+ kmpl at highways. Maximum I got was 27.2kmpl, on Chennai-Pondy by-pass.

    But now, comes a urgency to know about FIAT's spare costs for older version of Linea MJD;

    All service costs for the past years were hardly notable, until the last service that was done 8 months back at 48,000kms, at Concorde Chennai, screwed up. Charged a hefty amount of Rs22,000 , and their service was not satisfactory at all! After that service, there was no notable change in the drive, except for the slight increase in engine clatter, when revved.

    As soon as the car clocked 62,900 kms, changed the tyres to MY-02 195/60/R15. Boy 'o' boy, what a difference that made! As always, filled up with nitrogen, & set the pressures to 33psi at front & 31psi at rear. And in no time clocked another 1k kms.

    Then came the time for 60k kms service. Unfortunately, excess of 4000kms had been done before leaving for the service; the car was occupied all throughout, so couldn't find time before 60k kms.

    Now, having left the car for 60,000kms service at Ramkay Fiat Chennai, on last friday, these were the issues I reported:

    • Passenger side air-bag failure. (Rat's mess I suppose)
    • Problem with USB port. Though, phones get charged, once anything that's plugged into USB port, Steering mounted audio controls go mayhem. (Again, rat should be the culprit)
    • Replacement of rear sun curtain. (Completely torn, Rat rat rat, wonder what's the relation between FIAT's & Rats :irked)
    • Excessive wind noise from driver side at speeds above 100kph.
    • Right side of the horn pad wasn't working.
    • Wiper's speed was slow.
    • Excessive vibrations when moving the vehicle in first gear, at steeps. (Found this after my recent trip to nandi hills, B'lore)
    • AC cooling wasn't as efficient as before. Though set at 21 deg, failed to cool the cabin @Chennai's temperature.
    • Excessive engine noise intrusive during higher revvs.
    • Suspension wasn't as good as before. Ran over some moderate pot holes too. So should have taken some hit.

    And today got a call from Ramkay. And was said that the whole clutch assembly has to be replaced. I did say that, the plastic clutch plates were replaced with metal ones long before. But he said, the whole clutch assembly has to be changed. Also, both the front suspensions have taken sufficient damage, & that it's necessary to change the whole set up. And regarding the battery, I was told that one cell, was low, and one more was critically low. Though I didn't get any notifications from the MID, nor I felt any difference from any electrical within the car, I was surprised to hear that a new battery has to be installed.

    I asked for a rough estimation of the cost split up, and I was quoted the following, for this service.

    [TABLE="width: 344"]










    54,100 + 9000 (service cost)

    Approximate total = Rs. 63,100

    Now, is this normal? Or am I new to this kind of 60,000kms service cost!? :confused:

    NOTE: I'll put up my in depth ownership review soon, as I'm currently busy in my final year, with my GRE, TOFEL, & Placement stuff.
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  2. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    This is called looting
    Looks like Ramkay FIAT has added service + parts and again Service . This is just silly
    How on earth does the clutch kit cost 7000 ? I bought it hardly 15 -20 days ago from 99RPM and i paid just a shade over 5K (are they talking about the cylinders by any chance?)

    Battery, You get a higher rated battery for cheaper price , again the are looting.
    Suspension, have you reported any issue or have they found any? if so what is the nature of the claimed issue? How has it been diagnoised.

    It look like you are being taken for a ride.
    which such a spotless part history for such a long time all of a sudden if you have to pay 60k ,its called rubbish.
    Please ask for proper reasons. Dont let them touch or open anything until you are fully satisfied with their explanations
  3. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    This is extremely unusual. All these parts failed at the same time in your car?

    From my short experience with the Ramkay guys, they don't unnecessarily change parts. I just got my service done from them. I have indeed asked them to check the front discs and replace if necessary. They didn't replace it and told me that it is still good to go.

    Who is your SA at Ramkay? Let me know if you need any assistance from me.
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  4. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    My 60 K service costed ~ Rs9000 + the Lineas need a timings chain change = ~ Rs 8000

    They are replacing half your car, it is obvious that your bill amount will be that much. Your Post title is not fair given most of the parts that are being changed are self induced changes and not part of the regular service. This will give a very bad impression to someone who is on the look out to buy a fiat and is reading posts on this forum.

    For most of the parts they have suggested replacement, it is not ideal to trust the SA.

    1. BRAKE PAD 3300 ==> Did you check for yourself that these are worn out, it is very easy to check wear and tear on variants with alloys.
    2. BRAKE DISC 2500 ==> When was the last change? Dealer's just try to change this along with the pads for no reason, if you have not changed this before, it is OK to change.
    3. INSULATOR PAD 1 SET 3000 ==> Rat mess, Self Induced
    4. FORNT SUSPENSION BOTH 5400 ==> This is a Wear and Tear part and depends on how/where the car is driven, mine are still doing fine at 60000 Kms.
    5. CLUTCH KIT 7000 ==> Did you face any problem with the clutch? The plastic to metal part change that you mentioned is not the clutch plate but just the slave cylinder. It is normal for a 60K run car's clutch to be slightly hard, if there is not a problem, ask them not to replace it. Postpone it to later.
    6. TIMING CHAIN KIT 5000 ==> This is part of the 60K schedule and should cost a bit more than Rs 5000 if they are changing all the required parts.
    7. ENGINE CHASIS BED 2000 ==> What is this? why are they changing all these.
    8. BATTERY 5700 ==> Get it checked outside and replace only if needed outside. Don't trust the SC on this.
    9. FRONT BALL JOINT 3200 ==> Self induced, wear & Tear.
    10. SERVICE 17000 => This is not realistic at all unless they are fixing your AC etc etc which should ideally be covered under warranty, but you just broke the terms of your extended warranty if that is still valid given your's is 2009 model.

    Like I said this is not the normal service that FIAT offers, you are getting all kinds of parts changed.
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  5. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Couple of months back my friend's Punto had a break down and was towed to aadya. Since the car is anyway at the SC, he told them to complete the 60k service too. He had done 58+k already. During check up they told him that the battery is dying and need to be replaced. He then called me to confirm. I asked him the following questions.
    1. Did you get any error message on the MID indicating low battery such as various "failures"? He said No.
    2. Does the car start the way it is supposed to ? his answer was Yes. The car always starts in the first attempt.
    I then told him no need to change the battery now. If at all you want to change it, you can get it done from any good battery shop. He is still running on the same battery.

    The SC's do take us for a ride many a time.
  6. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    And the service cost to replace all fluids will not cost more than Rs. 11k including labor. Look at the service bill from Ramkay in my ownership thread.
  7. Avinash

    Avinash Amatore

    United Kingdom
    Linea 1.3
    Sorry for the typo error. That extra 9000 is for ''Labor cost''. I was said that service cost includes all top ups et all.

    Now what should I do about the battery? I did ask them, what about the existing battery's cost; & I was said I would get 400 bucks for that.

    Regarding the clutch, I was informed, the whole clutch assembly has to be replaced. Coming to the suspension, my dad had just complained, there's a slight difference in the ride now. Nothing hugely unusual. Recently drove a 2013 MJD, & I still found my current existing setup to be better. It's not clattery nor do I get any quirky sounds from the front suspensions. My suspension plates alone were replaced during the last service. They didn't say how they diagnosed. I'll call them tomorrow morning & again enquire in detail.

    Sure I will. Only thing is since am currently at Vellore & my parents being at Pondy, am unable to meet them in person. I'll call them again tomorrow & enquire in detail.


    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Not sure whether all parts 'failed'. Or is it that the service life of such parts are just 60,000 kms?

    Mr.Arun, he's the one with whom I'm in touch with. Just got the above estimation, from him today afternoon.

    Thanks a lot for your concern! I'll surely let you know if I need any assistance. :)
  8. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Any service centre always over-quotes. To avoid surprising the customer while he is paying the bill, just in case. Human psychology.

    If your clutch plates are shot, you should be knowing it, the car would judder when you release the clutch in first or reverse. Like vj_v1 mentioned, most others are due to wear and tear and the rats.
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  9. Avinash

    Avinash Amatore

    United Kingdom
    Linea 1.3
    Sorry, if the thread's topic is misleading. I kindly request the mods to edit the topic to ''2009 Linea MJD Epk: 4th year service @63,800kms. And 9000 as Labor cost, in my first post.

    Same here, no error messages from MID, & car always starts in the first attempt. Even no sign of dulness/malfunction in any electrical parts till now.

    Thanks, then should I ask them not to replace the batteries?

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Exactly. The car judders on releasing the clutch in first gear, especially on high steeps. Haven't noticed while engaging the reverse gear though.
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  10. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    I am now worried, Please keep posted on the service and final damages !

    I have not seen Palio service crossing over 8K (Some parts were replaced)

    Linea never crossed 5K until now
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