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1978 FIAT1100 --> --> 2010 FIAT PUNTO

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Sujith Thomas, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. INTRO:

    Hi all, am Sujith Thomas, better known as Sujith1100 or The TRANSPORTER :steering ! A native of Bangalore, residing in Koramangala 8th Block. Am still doing my B.E, and very active in Bangalore's motoring clubs especially the classic & vintage side.

    From my next post in this Topic, I will give my ownership review right from the initial stage when I booked the car, then the 1st service and the issues I faced(I need to be frank as its my profession), the trips with all attractive pictures.

    ***NOTE: I bought my PUNTO in the month of April'10, more details in up coming posts

    Hope ALL FIATians enjoys this thread and its use full for the new born FIATians.... ::T
  2. PDI


    The car was booked in March 2010, 2nd week, by my dad and I wasn't aware of this at all. It came to my surprise when I saw a loan agent at my place and I asked my mom on what was happening.
    Anyway, after that my 1st concern was that my dad shouldn't get the 2009 model as they were with a few extra issues than the 2010 model ::O .

    The next visit to the showroom I made the deal final and waited for the 2010 BSVIII models. Color chosen was BN WHITE, 1.3MJD, EMOTION. Once we were informed that the cars have reached (From the plant to the yard), I fixed a date for the PDI(Pre-Delivery Inspection- Recommended to be done before the car is Registered to Your name)

    Booking :
    Dealer: KHT Motors, Brookefields, Bangalore.
    Sales Person: Madhu Sudan
    Booking date: March second week
    PDI:On 21st April

    1. The car was inspected by the FCB mods as per a PDI Checklist.
    2. The car was parked in the stockyard of the showroom. It wasn't clean. Kms on odo was 57. VIN number was checked and was found to be March 2010 manufactured BS4 vehicle. All electricals were fine.
    3. Only issue was with driver door inner door handle being very hard while opening the door. issue was rectified later.



    PDI (2).JPG

    PDI (3).JPG

    PDI (4).JPG

    PDI (5).JPG
  3. Axn

    Axn Regolare

    Congrats for the new car


    for the most advanced Engine in World (2010 BSVIII model) ::D

  4. nice introduction suji, go on, we need more details of your ownership
  5. Not SO NEW

    Guys, the car is 5 months old now.

    I Dedicate this TOPIC to Klub Class, Ramki, Ravi, FCB mods, and a few others too, sorry am not getting your name/id
  6. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Good to have your ownership thread here too Sujith. ::D
    Your write up and thread is very interesting at the Indian car community website. ::V
  7. D-Day Pictures

    Hi all,

    The car was delivered on April 23rd, at 11:30am. It was a very nice feeling, It was always my dream to drive out a FIAT from a show-room coming from a family which owned only used Padminis. ::O

    After all the legal formalities were completed, and the FCB mods checklisted all the necessary things to looked out for like papers, the accessories and compliments promised, we were called out side for the handing-over ceremony.

    Best part of the delivery was seeing the entire team of KHT come out and join with us for the delivery in that HOT :firey sunny day :wow

    RES05042 (1).JPG

    RES05042 (2).JPG

    RES05042 (3).JPG

    RES05042 (4).JPG

    RES05042 (5).JPG
  8. Request to DELETE this thread/Topic as its Inactive and I lost interest to continue it due to lack of time.
  9. I should be :hit , my previous post requests to close this topic, and now I continue to post here.

    Starting with my Custom Hub Caps, for the people like me who hate the full wheel covers, and not looking for spoked alloy wheels here is an Cheap & Best alternative.
    I used the Plastic Hub caps which are after market product for the Padminis or the 1100 series with 14" wheels-98mm PCD-Single Guide Pin;
    After removing the Original Wheel covers of Punto, I carefully managed to remove the FIAT out of them for sticking them on my new Hub caps. [though the stock Yellow buttons also looks cool]
    The rest you can understand by looking at the following pics :


    wheels (1).JPG

    wheels (2).JPG

    wheels (3).JPG
  10. Hi all, am sorry for not continuing my ownership review of my Punto.
    But now I ll give a small review of 11k+ mileage... :clapping

    CAUTION before seeing the Pics :!: Please don't come to an blind conclusion after seeing my car's pics. Please note, my usage was quiet rough but yet all under permissible parameter wrt dynamics, loads, etc. These things need not be common in all cars. I am posting these pics JUST FOR INFORMATION's sake. Its my habit to always check the under body and blind spots of my car for damage and defects hence I click pics like an Hobby. :) There is not serious damage or threat here wrt to performance or safety.

    I actually drive the car very calm and efficiently in the city, with mileage of 18kmpL with A/C, believe it. But I also drive real fast and rough in some exceptional cases, keeping in mind the limitations and safety.


    gauds (1).JPG

    gauds (2).JPG

    gauds (3).JPG

    gauds (4).JPG

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