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12 Steps to Rid Yourself of the Blindspot in Your Sideview Mirrors

Discussion in 'Safety First!' started by ketankhairnar, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. courtesy: ebay link []Blind spot mirror stix-on for wide angle viewing 3r 2" SR150 Set of 2PCS | eBay

    Though this assumes to US LH Driving ; following this is good practice. I wonder about people who drive with ORVM's folded inside :eek:

    Learning this is quite helpful if you want to drive safe on long road-trip.

    content copied from the the ebay link below

    It's possible to adjust your sideview mirrors in such a way that you never get blind-sided by an approaching car. At least, that is what I've come to believe based on my experiences. Let me show you what I've learned.

    In my lifetime, I've had 3 professional driving instructors. All have been excellent in one regard or another. However, none ever taught me how to adjust my sideview mirrors properly, in my opinion.

    How I Learned
    How to Adjust My Sideview Mirrors

    I finally learned how to adjust my sideview mirrors from a friend of mine. One day while riding with me, he noticed that I always turned my head before changing lanes on the freeway.

    He said, "You don't have to do that if you know how to adjust your sideview mirrors properly. Most of us drive around our whole lives with our mirrors out of adjustment."

    Basically, he was telling me to use my sideview mirrors differently from how I use my rearview mirror. His message was simple. Sideview mirrors are for viewing what is coming up beside you and the rearview mirror is for viewing what is coming up behind you.

    To make it easy, I've refined what he told me and broken it down into steps. Here are twelve steps for adjusting your sideview mirrors:

    Twelve Steps to Adjust your Sideview Mirrors

    1. Find a safe place to park your car. Park your car in your driveway or any other safe place where you are unlikely to be hit by other cars as you adjust your mirrors.

    2. Sit in your driver's seat. Get ready to adjust your 2 sideview mirrors and your rearview mirror.

    3. Imagine two lanes of traffic, one on your left side and one on your right side. Now imagine that you are driving on the freeway. You are in one of the middle lanes. Visualize one lane of traffic on your immediate left, on the driver's side. Visualize another lane of traffic, to your immediate right, on the passenger's side.

    4. Move your driver's side sideview mirrors outward.Adjust your sideview mirror outward until you can no longer see the side of your car with this mirror. Remember! You want to be looking back down the lane beside your driver's side, not at the side of your car.

    5. Move your passenger's sideview mirror outward.Again, you do not want this mirror to duplicate the functionality of your review mirror. Instead of looking at the same thing your review mirror is looking at, you want this mirror looking at the lane beside you.

    6. Check to see that you cannot see the sides of your car with your sideview mirrors. Both of these mirrors should be adjusted to give a clear view of the lanes beside you, not the sides of your car.

    7. Check to see that your mirrors do not duplicate each other.All three mirrors -- your 2 sideview mirrors and your rearview mirror -- should each give you a unique perspective on what is behind you. If any one of these mirrors duplicates the view of the other, you have likely failed to adjust your mirrors properly.

    8. Ask a friend to walk around the back of your car.Make sure there is no direction from which your friend can approach your car and blindside you. Adjust your mirrors so that you can see your friend at all times.

    9. Be on the lookout for blind spots.As your friend circles your car, make sure that he can be seen from every angle. As he transitions from your rearview mirror to go to your passenger mirror, you should have a visual fix on him that is uninterrupted. Likewise, there should be no interruptions in continuity as your friend travels from a rearview to a driver's side view in your mirrors. You haven't got it right yet until all blind spots behind you are removed!

    10. Check your sides and front as well.You should be able to pick up your friend as he transitions from your sideview mirrors to your peripheral vision as he travels from the back of your car on either side to the front.

    Remember! The goal is no blindspots.

    11. Make sure you never have to move your head. If your friend can travel completely around your car and you never lose sight of him while keeping your head pointed in a straight-ahead position, you are done. It is your eyes you want to move as you drive, not your head. The time it takes you to move your head could prove fatal! When driving, milliseconds count.

    12. Aspire to always be aware of everything that is around you.If you can acquire a 360 degree sense of everything that is around you as you drive, your driving will improve.

    Never again let yourself be blindsided by another vehicle approaching your car -- no matter what direction that vehicle might come from. All vehicles approaching your car should be on your mental radar at all times.
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  2. mathuranuj

    mathuranuj Amatore

    That's some good tip.
  3. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hey buddy, There is another thread available about the blind spot mirrors. Please search for the thread and post it there and avoid a new thread on a topic which is already there.

    Mods - Please merge the thread.
  4. sure mods..that will do
  5. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Did you even read the post? It is not about blind spot mirrors. It is about adjusting your side mirrors and the inside mirror to eliminate blind spots. I believe this is indeed a really nice write up and deserves it's own thread.

  6. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Rajan ji. This will help there too. Even in blind spot mirror thread we were discussing how to avoid blind spot without fixing an extra mirror by adjusting the ORVM itself.
  7. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    excellent write up Ketan.
  8. arunprasad

    arunprasad Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Thanks Ketan, it is a useful tip. I always keep my side view mirrors to include side of my car and end-up not seeing vehicles travelling parallel to my car. I will get this corrected first thing.
  9. nithin.v

    nithin.v Amatore

    @Ketan. In ebay this write up is along with the blind spot mirrors for sale. so i think blind spot mirrors + Instruction.
  10. me_at_fiat

    me_at_fiat Regolare

    Mumbai, Pune
    I had shared a simple trick which avoids the blind-spot 100%.
    If you want to check if any one is traveling in your blind spot, then simply lean forward/ towards steering wheel and take a quick look in both the side mirrors. This will cover the blind spot 100%. :)
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