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10000 kms with my Linea MJD Em Pk and still going strong

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by manasmadaan, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore


    Did you get a chance to try with Blaupunkt Mumbai MPseries remote ?

    I had in my Palio, It did not strike me to retain it. It was very cute and very small yet fully functional.

  2. Thanks karan.. ya, i have my door arm rest covered too... it was very tedious but finally it was done.. otherwise they used to get very dirty and its difficult to clean them.. i got mt front and rear arm rest covered too
  3. thanks vasu,, i ll try that.. i had not thought of it.. may be i ll get lucky with it :)
  4. Thanks ansal... Its hard not to love it once u own it :dancing
    i tried a few places.. no luck as of yet.. lets see if something positive happens....
  5. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    i have given an order for my seat covers and even i want to wrap the door arm rest with the same. can you tell how the doors were done?? had they removed anything and then fixed or just stick them?
  6. Yes, they had to remove the whole door and then the arm rest from the door which was very difficult because armrest was not fixed by screws instead by moltn wax kind of thing.. So they had to scratch it out with knife while making sure they dont cause any damage too.
    Afterwards however they fixed it with screws.
    If you get them done, make sure they fix the screws tightly otherwise they ll cause rattling
    In my cas they did a very good job on this :wow
  7. i m having a strange kind ofproblem with my car for the past 2 days
    sometimes it seems to give a miss,, i mean it has happened 5-6 times that i am driving in 5th gear at 75-80 and all of a sudden, for a second or two, acceleration stops as if there s no power.. it happens just for a second only and then it regains power
    Any clues abt this???????? :anyone
  8. ajai_dev


    Hi i am interested in the Linea and wanted to know the dealer from whom you bought the car. I live in Shimla and nearest dealer is in Solan but i would rather buy it from Chandigarh since its cheaper and the people there would know more about the car.

    Where do you get it serviced any preferred A.S.S in Chandigarh ? In your thread i read you brought it to Shimla, when on your trip did your linea scrape a lot in Shimla did you have to drive slower than normal? Did Linea seem under powered in Shimla?


    Now on to the missing problem get your accelerator cable checked i had a similar problem with Accent Viva CRDI.
  9. if u r interested in linea, go ahead and buy it but gofor MJD in my opinion rather than Fire... If t jet s an option, nothing like it :)

    i purchased my car from hind motors chandigarh a nd there was a difference of around 25000 Rs in price compared to amritsar (my home town). So u ll definately get it cheaper in chd.
    i got my 1st service done from hind motors mohali as it s closer for me. I must say that my dealership and service experience were both very good. Everything went smoothly from their side.

    Ya, linea did quite a few times on my trip to simla but then it was new for me and the road was in quite a bad shape. Now i m used to driving change in such roads so no probs on that front

    So go for it mate. u ll not regret it :dancing

    and as regards the missing prob, i got the filters cleaned and its gone :wow

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