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10000 kms with my Linea MJD Em Pk and still going strong

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by manasmadaan, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. This is my 10000 kms update of my Linea Em Pk MJD.
    Its been a dream ride so far and i hope this trend continues. I must admit i was very hesitant in going for a FIAT when i decided to buy a new car due to all the negative publicity attatched with afiat. I almost had to fight my case with my family to get their approval. But now after having driven it for 10000 kms, i feel vindicated as it brings a smile on my face each time i set myself in the drivers seat ::O

    During all these 10000 kms i havent had any issues with the beauty ever except for a legendary misaligned glove box that was rectified in 1 st service and a problem with central locking of drivers door. that unit was replaced under warranty.
    i ve driven the car extensively on plains, highways. hills, rains and foggy conditions ( Chandigarh to Amritsar, shimla, delhi, dharamshala) and it has always given me a safe feeling.

    I have the following observations about this beauty...

    The good:
    1. Stunningly beautiful
    2. Solid built Quality
    3. interiors are refreshing
    4. Ample cabin space
    5. Humongous Boot especially since it doesnt protude into the boot space when closed
    6. Lots of Gizmos: esp Blue n me s adorable. absolutely love it
    7. Fabulous steering: piece of art it is
    8. brilliant ride and handling: does corners wit ease, stable at speeds upto150
    9. Fuel economy: varied from 18-21.8 depending on driving style and conditions
    10. Steering mounted controla are a delight to use
    11. The pickup improved a lot after driving it for 3000 kms. Not that i found it bad initially but now there s a substantial difference. the car comfortably pulls even in 4 th gear. The downshifting of gears is not a prob anymore. the cabin also seemed a lot more silent after that

    12. smooth gear shifting: initially the gear shift was not that smooth but now it s smoothened up a lot.
    13. car has been absolutely rattle free
    14. No issues of any parts falling or seat height adjustment ever going down on its own. I guess these were issues with earlier maufactures cars
    15. the suspension i think has become much better than before. the seats ve become very comfortable. initially i found them a bit on the firm side but now they seem perfect. I drove continously for 4.5 hrs and was feeling good to continue for 2 hrs more
    16. stability: i reached a top speed of 140 km.hr on Beas-ASR highway as it is a very broad highway and traffic was not too much. I maintained it for about 4-5 min. what an experience it was?? The car was as stable as any can be. only when i looked at the odometer, i realised that i had touched 140. otherwise there was no vibrations, swaying,,, nothing . it was nice to overtale cars like honda city, hyundai verna during that time

    Things that need to improve

    1. No Bottle holders
    2. Dead pedal oddly placed
    3.Few panel gaps here and there but not a dealbreaker as many ve made it out to be
    4. Low GC
    5. Better NVH levels

    To summarise, I am extremely happy with my decision to buy it. No niggling issues, rattles or squeaks as. those who condemn it should just drive it for a week and i m sure their view ll change as well.
    As for me, WILL I BUY A FIAT AGAIN.......... DEFINATELY :dance

    planned accessories:
    1. K7N filter or petes tuning box: someone help me in deciding
    2. After market remote control: is it possible to get it for the installed music system??

    Time for some pictures of my beauty
  2. [attachment=6:1e2uyw3y]DSC01646.JPG[/attachment:1e2uyw3y] [attachment=5:1e2uyw3y]DSC01482.JPG[/attachment:1e2uyw3y]
    [attachment=4:1e2uyw3y]DSC01638.JPG[/attachment:1e2uyw3y] [attachment=3:1e2uyw3y]DSC01649.JPG[/attachment:1e2uyw3y]
    [attachment=2:1e2uyw3y]DSC01650.JPG[/attachment:1e2uyw3y] [attachment=1:1e2uyw3y]DSC01653.JPG[/attachment:1e2uyw3y]







  3. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    Excellent review of the product.

    Wish you many more happy miles ahead. Keep updating the thread.

    My family members had raised concern of no bottle holders for such a big car, yes it is needed.

    I was using Palio and recently upgraded to TJET. As you rightly said, I will surely but FIAT any day.

  4. Manasmadaan, excellent and honest review. Keeping munching miles and happy days ahead !
  5. Thanks vasu. ti certainly is a wonderful car and deserves to sell much more than it does in india.. but i guess, that keeps our cars exclusive :wink:
    Ya, bottle holders are an issue but i ve found a way for it. i keep 1 litre bottles in the space present in the door handles. They can be kept there in slightly slanting position and are easy to pull out and keep back.. Found a JUGAAD :dance
    And beautiful pics of ur linea and palio.... ONCE A FIATian, ALWAYS A FIATian ::O
  6. Thanks bnzjon... you must be enjoying your T Jet.. :car
  7. I want a answer to 1 query.
    I am to travel for around 1000-1500 kms in my car between 20-25 march. It has done 10000 kms as of now.. 2nd service is due at 15000 kms. Can i get my service done before starting my journey on 20th. I just want everything to be fine before going on such a long trip..

    Nd 2 nd query.. Can i get an aftermarket remote for my music system in linea??
  8. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    When will your linea complete 1yr?

    Generally you should avoid getting the car serviced before 15,000 kms because your next interval is at 30,000 (for oil change) if you change your engine oil now, you will have to run the car for more than 15,000 kms till your next servicing. By then your car will have covered 17,000 - 19,000 kms (approx) on that oil which is beyond the recommended life of the oil.
    Not to mention your car is a diesel.

    **The service centre will perform the servicing earlier only if you are very close to the 15,000 kms mark and you are bound to cross the servicing mark during your travel by a big margin of like 500 - 2,000 kms (+ 15,000 kms). OR if you are to cross the 1yr servicing period during your travel by 2 weeks to a month or so..

    You can have the car checked up before you go for the trip at the TASC.
  9. Thanks chaos.. that certainly was very helpful as my car ll complete 1 yr in july so i ll get my car fully checked at the TASC..
  10. Hi manasmadaan, congratulations and wishing you many more trouble free miles! Tell us more about your seat covers.;-)

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