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100/90W bulbs/ Punto headlamp upgrade thread

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by amolmane, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. hocuspocus

    hocuspocus Novizio

    Gurgaon, Haryana
    Hi All,

    I wanted to upgrade my Linea's High Beam(H1) to Philips Rally 100W. I went ahead and purchased the Wiring Harness and Relay for the same along with bulbs. However, the dealer gave me the harness and relay for a H4 type bulb. Since it's of no use to me, I wish to sell it at it's original price.

    1. Roots Wiring Harness with H4 ceramic holders
    2. Roots Headlamp Relay.

    Please PM for details/pics if required.

  2. greatmana2000

    greatmana2000 Novizio

    Hi all ,

    I had to upgrade my headlights for my new punto and I went with the HELLA 100/90 bulbs with Hella Relay kit .The Philips are bad .. they dont last that much . Osram , Hella and the lesser known Bosch bulbs last well and out of all I prefer the MICO Bosch bulbs because the High beam from the Bosch focusses the farthest on to the road ,it is not so white and that helps in the early mornings and late evening visibility but Bosch was unavailable . The Hella relay kit wiring and the relays looked much better quality than the philips or roots one . I generally do the bulbs upgrade myself , but this time the guy at the store offered to help and I let him do it . To get the wires from the relay kit to the Head light reflectors he cut a square on the rubber boot and inserted the holders , by the time I could check out the WIP . I was left with IMG_7419.jpg IMG_7420.jpg

    I was paranoid about the dust and moisture entering the head lights , since the grommets were made of rubber , I thought of getting used car tube patches and stick them with the rubber solution avalible at puncture shops .
    But the solution did not stick well enough and then I decided to use quick fix . You can see for your selves the result .
    IMG_7421.jpg IMG_7423.jpg IMG_7424.jpg

    After that just insert the bulb holders through the rubber boot and tighten the entry hole with a cable tie . Simple and easy DIY .
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  3. dipen2003

    dipen2003 Timido

    I usually go for long drives and sometimes drive whole night , i had been using Oshram night breakers but today i changed my headlights to Phillips Rally 130/100w with relay.Please, suggest me whether it was a good decision as i drive frequently to Nepal and sometimes in the night through middle of continuous forest roads i don't want my headlights to ditch me in the middle of nowhere.Below is the picture of the bulb and harness used..Guys please enlighten me....

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    These are the bulbs used , i figured out these are really hot when turned on but the focus throw is long and bright....
  4. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Suggest using 100/90's instead. 130 is just too much for the stock headlamp casing.
  5. Even 100/90 is blakening the reflectors! the reflectors will damaged very say in 1 year. I am planning for night breakers or go back to normal fitting.
  6. dipen2003

    dipen2003 Timido

    My experience with phillips 130/100 has been great but worried about blackening of the reflecters and housing covers early though , but willing to buy new headlights if it can sustain for around 2 years coz these powerful lights are awesome..

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  7. dipen2003

    dipen2003 Timido

    I am at Delhi at the moment though my Punto is in Siliguri, i always was so wanting to get HID with projectors for my car.After reading some reviews about Retro rides in Naraina, Delhi, i went to meet Dikshit who showed me different types of projectors that can be used inside Punto Housing and decide on the following:-

    Brand new Punto Headlights(as my car is in Siliguri with Phillips 110/130 with relay)
    FXR 3.0 Projectors with 35w HIDs
    A pair of white angle eyes(given option either angel eyes or devils eye so opted for angel eyes)

    Total amount charged:- INR Rs 27000

    PS..The quote was lower if i had opted for Chinese brand, Morimoto mini or FXR 2.0(He suggest to go for 3.0 as the size of the lens are bigger and would perform better)
  8. dipen2003

    dipen2003 Timido

    My Punto Projector Headlights on making!!! DSC_0103[1].jpg
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  9. abhishekpachore

    abhishekpachore Amatore

    Hi Friends,I enquired about Hela 100/90W bulb. I am getting them with relay for 1800/- with fitting without wire cutting. My concern is if I install them cars headlight cove will get blackish? And what about price. 1800rs is good?
  10. pvgeorge

    pvgeorge Novizio

    was using Philips rally 90/100 in older Indica from 2006 till 2013 till I sold it. Didn't even had a fused bulb in 7 Yrs. will be my favorite in case I decide to upgrade.

    Usually drive with low beam even in highway, but a flick of the high beam was enough to get the oncoming high beamer to dim his lights

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