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1 thing you want to do if you become CEO of FIAT !!!

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by vvk007, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. I would introduce a smaller car 500/UNO in the range of 3-5 lacks OTR ,may with three cylinder MJD and twin cylinder multi air engine.
    Build will be exactly same as Japanese or Korean cars, with lots of beige colored panels.

    Will encourage spares sales to local dealers so that our friendly neighborhood mechanics will recommend buying FIAT to their customer,who would seldom do it in present condition.

    Will provide EPS which has city and highway mode with auto sensing.
    Will provide authorized sales/service center option + loans from banks for people who are interested in doing business with FIAT.

    Will run annual FIAT rally.

    Reward people who maintain their cars very well and will use as a advertisement in National/Local daily's.

    Provide CD's with sales and nice FIAT cars video with some fun to people who visit showrooms or any movie theater/malls.
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  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Sat, will you be lowering the Linea/Punto's build quality? The Linea is a tank compared to the Anhc. In the upper price bracket, 20L++, Europeans rule in terms of build quality.
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  3. Nope, for small car with targeted price band of 3-5 lakh something like Fiat 500 or UNO.
  4. prakhar_lfc

    prakhar_lfc Superiore

    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Linea T-Jet
    I would stop the supply of the 1.3 MJD to other manufacturers.
  5. I would somehow like to make public aware( especially potential customers) that Maruti & Tata diesel car uses Fiat's diesel if possible replace DDiS & quadrajet name respectively with Multijet .
  6. Way not raise the game little higher introduce MJD-II & MultiAir engines in FIAT cars first,tune it to Indian conditions for FE and performance.
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  7. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    IMO, whoever as CEO wants to disband Tata is not ideal material for a CEO. The CEO has to take the reins of a company and resurrect it and run it within the rules of the company constitution. Fiat- Tata JV is inked in black at a 50-50 ratio and none can kick out each other unless it is an agreed buyout of the assets.

    It was FIAT turnaround maestro Sergio Marchionne who sought out the TATAs and talked of how they can create a win win situation which unfortunately for FIAT , the Tatas are winning.! If not for the JV, FIAT would have shut shop a long time ago and given license to the other manufacturers for the engines like the Maruti JV.

    Today, we are sitting and discussing about the fine Puntos and Lineas only because of the JV. Any improvement has to be done only on fine tune of implementation of the JV and not by other means. I think such hard decisions and tune ups are already inked and are being implemented by FIAT JV. That we would age by the time we can say All is Well with FIAT is a different thought all together:)

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  8. Manilruben

    Manilruben Amatore

    i would start a 24/7 call centre cal for "advice on purchase of car " and educate the customer on the pros and cons without mentioning the brand and in a way push the brand and the car. since FIAT had minor drawbacks
  9. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    After becoming Fiat's CEO, the very first thing i would do is "to help myself having some serious fun with "Ferrari 458 Italia". After ripping & drifting it for a week or so, i will think about on Fiat's India's business.

    Again people, that's my individual view & may not have any significance what so ever, but It's India. Maruti which is not sold anywhere is a top car maker here (people are almost religious about it). If you have purchased a 50 paisa candy from a shop which turns out sour (as not expected), you will turn off yourself in future to buy candy from that shop even if it has the best of candies available. Why, because there are so many other shops with million of candies & varieties. It's worth Rs 5-10 lacs of car for god sake, that we are talking about. What Fiat did to those early palio & Uno owners was really the height of being unprofessional.

    I don't think customer service improvement is required any more, at least suffices for now. You buy other maker's car envisioning yourself like sitting on the big leather sofa with fruit salads, red-wine with Arabian or Samba dance in front of you. And what happens then? nothing. As usual you take your car to the service station, have some odd word exchange with the dealer, get it serviced & get yourself out of there asap. Same is done at FIAT/TATA service centers too with some differing tastes obviously.
    Earlier, it was a different scenario altogether for Palio & Uno. People whose headlight was broken, had to drive without headlight for yrs as it was not available as a spare. Don't ask about other important accessories which caused brand new vehicles to a permanent halt. How else a Palio like car, a generation ahead to the competitors could fail so miserably!!

    Today, mere the name of Fiat puts people off. Well informed crowd like us doesn't even constitute 0.01% of total no. of buyers. Still, people buying FIAt vehicles speaks of something. Whether you like it or not, FIAT is not going to put sales charts on fire for next 3-4 Yrs at least doesn't matter what they sell or what customer service they offer. It would improve though as people are noticing them day by day. During this time period where they are trying to create an awareness, instead of any new hefty investments like multiair/twin-air/mjd-2 would just be ignored. Have them in Maruti & you will choke the market with sales, whether there is a good customer service or not.

    I think FIAT should continue like this with Punto & Linea for next 2 yrs with some engine up-gradation launches here and there. These cars are just pulling a rabbit out of a hat for fiat & helping FIAT again in die straits, just when they needed it most. I am amazed at how much Fiat has their image improved in last 2 yrs. At least in big cities, people don't look at FIAT like it's discriminated or out of planet.

    If linea & Punto were from Maruti or Hyundai, both would easily be best selling cars of their segments over a span of 10 yrs. FIAT is just paying for what it has done & they know it. They are just doing right at present & it makes complete business sense. They should keep their customer service & spare parts availability at least like this though & you will see the results by 2014.
    Sorry for this long post but so is the solution.
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  10. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    It's better to strengthen terms of JV.

    • Sales: Since Tata is the sole Distributor for Fiat cars for Sales & Service, how about giving it a monthly target ? Come what may, these many cars are shipped to Tata & dealers and it's upto them how do they sell it. Once pressure builds, sales would find it's own way. Tata is a good marketer anyways. I'm sure some terms would be in existence on these lines. It's only that the loopholes need to be plugged so Tata feels pressure of low sales.
    • Service: It's a must that every Fiat customer is satisfied and is delighted after every TASC visit. Pay Tata basis the score it gets from customer on feedback. A score of 5 out of 10 means Tata is going to get only 50% of what it should have gotten. Any customer complaint will fetch penalty first without giving any reason. Part of the Penalty will be reversed when the complaint gets resolved to customer satisfaction.
    • Strengthen Quality Control department
    • Strengthen the quality of Vendor & specifications given to them
    • Squeeze in more Marketing budget

    These are only a few....;)
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