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1.4 gp epk @ 33 k kms

Discussion in 'Punto 1.4 Fire' started by sashank82, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. sashank82


    Hi All,

    My beauty has done about 33K KMS in since the day it rolled out of the showroom 2 years ago!

    The journey has been nothing short of brilliant, given the feature packed pakage and some mind-blowing dynamics - our baby could do with better engine and a transmission though! Having said that, in my opinion, this car can can hold a candle and a light bulb to cars in the Rs. 14-15 Lacs category with ease!


    Fastest ever: 160 KMPH Chennai- B'lore highway
    Slowest ever: Delhi Jaipur highway
    Best milage: Highway - 15.7 (at an average speed upwards of 90 KMPH over a distance of 400 KMS)
    Worst milage: 8.2 - Gurgaon Delhi
    Thank God: When the front right landed in a poth-hole at 135 KMPH - bent alloy, bloated tyre side-wall, shock and then RESPECT the build quality!
    My Punto strongest: An Indica bangs into the rear at 20 KMPH at a traffic signal - punto looses some paint and the bumper-body panel gap increased by 1 MM (the Indica's front bumber falls off, and the fog lapms are broken...HEHEHE)
    OOH: Every time i see people driving sub-standard Maruti's with tbe like tyres


    An upgarde to the sound stock system in the form of a sub-woofer and 4 channel amplifier, this sems to be the easiest way to sublime sound - no complaints, super happy.

    The rest of the car is pertty much in stock condition.


    I ve had the following fixes that were done on the car:

    1) A broken clutch sleeve (in the middle of the road in Gurgaon traffic - when the rain was pelting) - but that showed me how good the 'On Road assistance' was....not too much of a regret when you look back

    2) The FIAT logo & the rear-viper were stolen on my visit to Delhi - i have ever since not visited that friend or the location

    3) Most recently, during the 30 K servicing, i categorically told the SA to clean the Throttle Body, given the amount of dust in Gurgaon, but the TATA guys at ABS, prompltly left that piece, now my car was returning 8.5 to 9.5 KMPL.........

    4) Visited the work shop yesterday and told the SA to clean the throttle body - he claims that is not as simple as it looks, tried changing my Fuel Filter, Spark Plugs, the spark plug leads (at Rs. 2000 each), pipling to Air seprater, Air separator itself...- after a heated argument and 5 hours, they agreed to change the spark plugs alone and clean the throttle body - and voila it worked just fine, now the baby is back to its original 10 + KMPL milage and 15+ on the highway.


    1) The SA's - especiall TATA, have a revenue target, of around 10 Lacs each, per month, that's why they try and change all the parts at the slightest opportunity and fleece us - in my case, they ran up a bill of about Rs, 10 K for something that costs Rs. 350 ONLY!

    2) Always insist on visiting the shop floor and keep a check on waht repairs are being carried out, and do clean the throttle body if you drive around deserts like Gurgaon

    3) Another minor defect in PUNTO - could be the 'small' rubber pipe that comes from the Air Separator and goes into the intake manifold, this tends to get torn - i saw at least 5 Punto's with a torn pipe. Please do not tape it as that could choke the pipe (as it sucks air) and touches the cylinders, and hence does tend to heat up, as a result tear.

    4) The spark plug leads als seem to be brittle -2 of them broke, while unscrewing - so you ight want to be careful here

    OVERALL - FIAT's are 'built as a rock', each part has multiple fail-safes and hence very rarely will fall apart at once and cause a brakedown...

    Next Steps:

    Waiting for a drive to jaipur next week and Goa sometime next month, getting HID headlamps and after about 10 K KMS, new set of tyres for the baby!

    Have tried to keep the thread brief to avoid repeatition, do let me know your comments!
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  2. sungoa2010


    A good review. I am also use a 1.4 Punto. I am also very happy with the vehicle. Maximunm in Highway that I got is 17.1 during Goa Mahabaleswar trip. But in regular use in Goa Many times it had given 18-19 for my frequent 25 km use. On an average I get 14-15kmpl.
  3. darkshooter

    darkshooter Amatore

    Navi Mumbai
    My 1.4L Emo Pk. gives 10-11kmpl on an average. Good review. Keep posting.
  4. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Nice to see someone posting a report on 1.4. :)

    10-11 kmpl is the actual I get in Bangalore city having the worst tarffic. On highways, I have seen 17kmpl.
  5. D-Punter

    D-Punter Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.4
    It's nice to read your review! The max i touched is 120 kms/hr till date. there is certain problem with my car .. whenever i touch 100km/hr it starts vibrating of some sort. Before this problem was at particular speed of 70km/hr..gone to service station, they fixed this issue by adjusting the threads near to the wheel on tie rod but now it started again whenever i touch 100km/hr! I am about to visit service station in couple of days again ! have you ever faced this sort of issue in your punto?
  6. sungoa2010


    Can you exactly tell what kind of vibration. Does that vibration comes at the same rpm but in lower speeds in lower gears?
  7. ferrari1234


    Good review Bro.
  8. grey_hound

    grey_hound Amatore

    I've been driving a 1.4 Fire GP for 2 years in Pune and Highway and get about 12kmpl in Pune City Driving and about 16-17kmpl on highway (Pune- Mumbai, Pune-Nasik, Pune-Aurangabad, Pune-Mahabaleshwar, Pune Baroda, Pune Ahmedabad - to name a few highway trips :) )

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