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1.3 MJD...How Driveable?

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by keeprevving, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Take a test drive in the linea,drive on the highway for atleast 30kms,and repeat this with vento or whichever car you are interested in...This will surely help you make your mind as to which car you want to buy...
  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    I cannot comment on the Vento TDI since i haven't driven it, but i've driven the Rapid TDI quite a bit and being based on the same platform , the difference between these two cars cannot be day and night.

    The 1.6 VW engine is a maniac when you want it to and can chug around easier than the Multijet, no two opinions on that. Displacement does help. This is the only area in which the Rapid managed to score over the Linea.

    Having said that, it is great fun indeed to wring the Multijet's neck and hear the glorious growl at 4000rpm and trust me on this, it is addictive and you WILL get hooked to it. Even though it seems like a paradox, but the relatively small 1.3 Multijet truly comes into its own once the needle goes past 100kmph. The entire package (engine+body) acts in complete unison at these speeds with each pushing the driver to explore the limits.

    The Linea is miles ahead in refinement. Miles. It is just a completely refined package. Even the Rapid owner (bro-in-law) commented that the Linea offers a more refined drive than his Rapid. Just hear the Multijet and the VW engine at idle or at 4000rpm. You'll feel the difference.

    So, unless you want to hit the drag strip and just do 0-400m runs all the time, go for the Linea. It makes more sense. Take a longer TD, stretch the Linea's legs and then decide. We're here to help you in any way we can.

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  3. ops

    ops Amatore

    Punto Abarth
    I drove figo tdci (known for drive-ability) 16000 km and linea mjd 8000km. My response is based on this.
    1. Linea is equally drivable in city as well. So called turbo lag not annyoing. I am saying this after driving figo. Need to know gear ratio of mjd.
    2. Linea MJD is NOT UNDER POWERED. Here again we need to understand gear ratio. 2nd gear can easily pull upto 60 km/hr at above 4000 rpm, 3rd gear upto 100 km/hr above 4500 rpm and 4rth gear upto 140 km/hr at 4500 rpm. We need to start pressing our right foot from the power band for respective gear.
    3. Driving experience/pleasure comes from overall package of the car. Not only 0 to 100 time. We don't always travel in straight also in corner, where linea shines.

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  4. Every post from members is truly helpful. Its comforting to see your positive replies. Will go for a test drive tomorrow. I hope they are not closed. Will drive for at least 25-30kms (highway and city). I am smitten by the looks and want to fall in love with the engine. I am sure so many satisfied customers of Linea won't go wrong.
    During my first visit to the showrooms (4 Tata-Fiat Outlets), none of them had the ACTIVE pack. On the internet too, I was not able to find the interior pics of ACTIVE variant. Can some one help me out in this regard on how sparse the dashboard looks compared to the Dynamic version? Is it possible to install ACC in the Active variant?
  5. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    As a Linea owner I can tell you that taking the car on to the highway will be real addictive. Vento/Rapid may give you very good initial acceleration but I really doubt if you would get a relaxed and comfortable journey if you plan to drive for around 800 kms. in a day. For me, refinement is also one of top priority. The engine noise in Vento/Rapid is just not to my liking (It's no Music).
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  6. vivekrj.dieselhead

    vivekrj.dieselhead Regolare

    It'll look something like this,
    though its punto but the interior will look like this except that grey dash which'll be beige.
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  7. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    in the hands of good driver,linea will cover the ground as fast as a jet.
    In city for flowing traffic,3rd gear acts as a automatic.driveability much improved compared to 2009 model.it was that model which earned underpowered.yet 2009 model would eat 2010 model in highway even with less 4ps.
    2009 model tuned for top end with turbo kicking @2200 rpm.2009 model has more turbo lag that was the linea all magazine test drived,reviewed stamped with label 'underpower' and heavy steering.
    Enthusiat favourite model:2009-my favourite model.
    family man's favourite model:2012
  8. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    I own a '09 punto and 3 of my friends own '12 puntos . From my driving experience i can easily vouch for the fact that fiat has done wonders from '09 to '12 in terms of drivability.
    My hunch is that the same packing would be obviously given to the lineas as well.

    Honestly, Take a TD, and compare it with a neutral mind, if you dont like something in linea accept it, if you dont like something in VW accept it as well..
    The whole point of this exercise is to ultimately get the car with the least compromises.. and trust us(TFI) when we say so( Linea/punto are 2 of the best products on indian roads today).. There are only few and very few folks who have issues with their cars.

    This is the same case everywhere...
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  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Salo mere liye kuch rakhoge ya nahi likhane ke liye? Sub kuch to likh diya.

    mods sorry to use Hindi language.

    Buddy think about the aftersales and maintenance of both the cars. VW dont offer you free service. 2nd servicing of Vento will cost you around Rs. 11000 and for Linea its near about Rs. 5000.

    When you go to service center try to meet service center manager too. I do the same. :)
  10. oncemoredieselpower

    oncemoredieselpower Novizio

    Welcome to the Linea vs Vento/Rapid confusion

    I was in this state for a few months. I test drove the MJD first. And then I made the mistake of test driving the T-Jet. MJD felt like a dud after this. Test drove MJD a few more times (totally about 5 times), including once in dense traffic. It felt better. But not all that good compared to Vento or Rapid.

    Then drove an MJD Linea belonging to an office colleague. I was completely surprised. What a difference between owner driven and test drive cars. Finally decided to go for Linea considering the overall package - features, ride quality, handling, comfort, service cost.

    Its just 6 days now and have done 650 kms. So i might not have the complete picture yet.

    Day 1 - The car felt ok in city traffic. Was expecting the turbo lag, so was not using the AC. Drove about 45kms.
    Day 2 - Took it to office via a longer route (highway). It felt very bad. The car had about 60kms on the odo. It was just not responding. For the first time I wondered if I had made a mistake in going for the Linea. End of the work day came back to parking lot not expecting much. Then while driving back home decided, enough is enough with the run-in, a Fiat has to be driven as a Fiat, and just flogged the donkeys out of the engine (was it horses?), i must have been doing about 80kmph and before I could look at the odo I had crossed 160kmph. There I was smiling at the way the car felt. I was completely comfortable driving through the dense traffic as I entered the city. So in all it took me about 150kms to learn how to drive it.
    Day 3 - Again went to office via highway route. Drove the Fiat as it is meant to be. Could easily keep pace with the Vernas, Ventos of the world. I was game now. While coming back, drove through the city. Felt completely at ease with the traffic also, but was a bit careful as its a new car.
    Day 4 - 350 kms trip to Mysore. Wow - This car is meant to be driven on the highway. Give it an of the curvy highway roads, and it will straighten it easily. I was doing 120-130 in sections where most other cars were slowing down. Absolute control in all conditions. My folks in the car mentioned that the car is superb in control eventhough I was driving much faster than our earlier Palio. However, in traffic signals this was definitely not the first car to get out. But it can easily catch up with the traffic in no time
    Day 5 - Drove to office via city traffic. Was totally comfortable in driving through the city in 2nd & 3rd gear. Off course, it is slightly slow compared to our earlier Palio 1.9D off the block and required a few more gear changes. But I guess it is not a deal breaker. It is fairly easy to adapt to new driving style
    Day 6 - I am typing this :)

    So list your priorities, decide whether you are a head person or heart person when it comes to cars and take your call

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    Completely agree. Feel the same with my Linea. My driving style has become much smoother in city while more aggressive on the highway.
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