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  1. Prabu

    Prabu Novizio

    Re: Buying Experience : TATA-AIG General Insurance

    Thanks Keshav.

    I did made 1 claim, So I will not get NCB, but was expecting premium to be ~16k IDV as 5.05 they must consider less IDV since it is just "Emotion" one. Let me talk to them again (They will be calling me in the after noon).

  2. deepakmittal


    Re: Buying Experience : TATA-AIG General Insurance

    Hi Amogh,

    just want to clarify one thing in your first post in this thread.
    "TA01-Depreciation Re-imbursement
    This coverage is applicable if it is shown on Your schedule.
    We will pay You the amount of depreciation deducted on the value of parts replaced for own damage claim lodged under section 1 of the policy, provided-
    - (A)Vehicle is not more than years old from the date of purchase or date of registration, whichever is earlier at the start of period of insurance.
    - (B) There are not more than claims during the period of insurance.
    - Vehicle is repaired at any of our Authorised Garage."

    Here you have not mentioned the number of years in point (A) and number of claims in Point (B).

    Pls tell me about this figure. A quick reply will be appreciated as i need to get my policy renewed ASAP.

  3. rameshjoshi

    rameshjoshi Amatore

    Re: Buying Experience : TATA-AIG General Insurance

    Can somebody please reply to this? Does the additional amount (Rs. 4000 or so i believe) make sense? Is it possible to repair these parts?
  4. puntoer


    Re: Buying Experience : TATA-AIG General Insurance


    Is there a reason why you folks are having such a high IDV ? I got free insurance in the first year for which the IDV was 4.9L. I am wondering for normal circumstances (95% mostly city driving) - do we need such a high IDV or reduce it.

    Also, any one has Bangalore Future Generali salesperson number ? Looking to renew from them
  5. johnny

    johnny Regolare

    Greater Noida
    Greater Noida
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Review: TATA AIG

    Hi folks,

    I had done my insurance from TATA AIG in Dec 09. For an IDV of 5.38 lakhs (CSD price) my initial premium was Rs 16610/=. I had no claims in the first year & my renewal premium was Rs 12228/=. Renewal process done online was quite painless.

    While driving back from Dehra Dun this month a small pebble probably hit the front windshield. Though I did not notice anything at that time, the next day my car cleaner boy informed me that there was a small hairline crack on the front windshield in the bottom corner in front of the passenger seat. After seeing the crack I decided that it warranted a claim.

    I rang up the toll free number, and registered the claim by about 2 PM. By the evening I got a call giving me the surveyor's mobile mumber. I informed them that I was planning to take my car to Auto Sterling in NOIDA for my second service and the repair could be done there. That was agreed to.

    I handed over the car by 0930 AM to Auto Sterling NOIDA and called up the surveyor. He agreed to check the vehicle in the workshop by 11 AM. I stayed on, and the surveyor came at the specified time. He saw the car, and made me fill the claim form, and took a copy of my RC card and driving license. He cleared the replacement with the 'body shop' in the workshop.

    I had to leave the car overnight (it takes 5 hrs for the windshield glue to dry). I collected the car the next day. My total liability for the replacement was Rs 500/=. The total cost of replacement was about 7600/=. All in all, it was a painless procedure.

    I was pleasantly surprised since this was my first ever insurance claim. My other policy from New India Assurance was taken by me in 1989, and I have changed three cars without a single claim - currently at 65% NCB on this policy.

    So, I will recommend TATA AIG.

  6. Nanu72


    Re: Review: TATA AIG

    Hi Folks,

    My insurance renewal is due next month and I am looking for some advice on best one available in the market. I currently have Future Generali(provided by the dealer - BUB) which I am not interested in going with. Tata-AIG seems OK based on the threads which I have gone through.

    I have not claimed anything, which should entitle me to a no claim bonus. I am thinking of getting some quotes. Anybody have any idea on HDFC Ergo?

    Suggestions would be helpful.


  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Buying Experience : TATA-AIG General Insurance

    Mods Note - Threads Merged.

    Please search before opening a new thread.
  8. teky

    teky Esperto

    Guys need some help in renewing my GP Emo Pk's insurance. The current one if from Future Generali got as part of the Fiat offer when I bought the car. The IDV is 6,12,000 INR and I've NCB of 20% as no claim was made. I spoke to Tata AIG and I was given the below quote for the Pearl Plan (0% depreciation). IDV is Rs 5,19,924/-With Premium Rs 14,955, I'm not sure if the IDV is correct, Can you guys help me figure out + plus the premium as well?
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2011
  9. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I have renewed my insurance with Tata-AIG.
    Payed premium online.

    Last year Bajaj had jacked-up the premium, because of claim I made, but Tata-AIG has not done that. Just I am not getting NCB.

    Happy with service till now.
  10. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Car Insured with TataAIG (2011-2012)

    4th Aug 2011, was my Grandeur's B'day and it turned 2 this year. Insurance was the high priority and part of gift to my car :).

    I simply wanted to go with TataAIG as I have few other policies with them and I'm pretty happy so far with kind of service I get from them.

    So I opted the best policy available with them "0% Depreciation Car Insurance" + Pearl Plan and here's what it includes:

    • Depreciation Re-imbursement
    • Repair of Glass, Fiber, Plastic & Rubber Parts (NCB will not be effected)
    • Loss of personal belongings (reimburse upto Rs 10,000)
    • Emergency transport and hotel expenses (reimburse upto Rs 10,000)
    • Key Replacement (reimburse upto Rs 25,000)

    The total cost involved was Rs 14,017. Entire transaction happened on phone. Received the soft copy by the end of the day at email ID.

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