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GE Plaza, Airport Road Pune, MH India
  1. M A N U

    M A N U Amatore

    they have tie up with concorde in bangalore, dont know about the rest
  2. Not all, for Mumbai they have tie up with Fortune, but not with Galaxy. I think its the individual dealers who do the tie ups with the insurance companies for Cashless Facility, its not governed by TATA-FIAT.
  3. Skywalker9


    BA has set up a new vertical for following up for the Insurance renewal of its customers.
    They are better in service compared to most of the Insurance company...

    In any case they have their regional offices in most of the big cities in India, if you have such concerns where the premium quoted seems higher I suggest you call those offices they will help you.

    Bharti AXA is not bad either.
  4. Guys ,

    After going through various quotes from sources and referring reviews in this section by former members was having
    various options to opt for. I ended up renewing it from Bajaj Allianz with TATA AIG playing the second fiddle
    followed by Bharti group which accounted for heavty special discount upto 40% de-tariff + 20% NCB

    I give 4.5 out 5 to Bajaj for transperancy shown and professional work
    positives : good verbal communication, 40% spl discount against 30% as per market rates , easy realibilty
    negatives : Yet to come by

    After spending 30 mins with the branch manager over the phone it was confirmed that deal was for a comprehensive policy instead of a
    drive assure as per my choice. The agent collected the cash in person and the details was uploaded accurately and i was told
    about the verification call will be done directly from the HO in yerawad, Pune as soon as the deal was struck - Sweet !
    Also cashless facility across known garages including Fortune for body work and tow facility with accomadation for
    upto 24 hrs if needed.

    I renewed the policy happily on 16th Nov @ 2 pm and received the verification call on 18th Nov by 11am - Just what the doctor ordered

    Specifications as below :

  5. kailashnj

    kailashnj Amatore

    Hi Torque_Ind

    I have a renewal date that is approaching and need to finalize the provider asap.

    I am currently with Future Generali for my first year insurance. Kindly provide the contact number of the person that you had met, since I am also from mumbai, I can contact him at the earliest.


  6. Hi kailash , welcome to the forum
    Please Check your Inbox ...
    Just make sure you mention Team Fiat,
    the concerned person should guide you better

  7. Ashpalio

    Ashpalio Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Bajaj Alliance has been an nightmare for my Palio. Apologies for using such lang, but Not only my car but my family suffered because of Un-Professional, NO CLASS, people all up to the regional manager.
    1. Surveyor came after 5days of notifying of the accident.
    2. Parts which mechanic confirmed not repairable was denied replacement was informed customer has to pay entire cost of the Steering rack, front Suspension and all.
    3. Parts to be replaced only if cost of the part was low.
    4. Even though it was suppose to be cash less - I had to pay the entire amount and then run behind those B*dards for 48days to get the cheque.

    This experience is similar to the one my friend had for this bike for which the cheque has till date not been issued. The claim happened in the year 2003. till 2005 he was trying to get that cheque.

    There is no respect to another human, let alone customer. Slangs, abusive language, threats were the only way of communication they knew - Surveyor to Regional Manager.
    Last edited: May 6, 2011
  8. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    Terrible experience with claims process

    Met with an accident on 1st November, 2012 and immediatley called up Bajaj-Allianz call centre to register a claim. Apart from the usual details I was also asked to provide Chassis and Engine number. At that moment I could not provide that. The CC executive asked me which A.S.S I would take the car for repairs. I asked her to name the A.S.S which had cashless facility. Her response-'System is down, I cannot provide you that information now'! She gives me Bangalore office number and asks me to figure it out myself. She then gives me a 'claim number'.

    I call up Bangalore offfice to know which garage has cashless facility. Security answers the phone and tells me its a holiday. Great! I come home and look up in their website and the list of garages is already provided there. This-CC executive couldn't tell me when I was on a highway:-x

    I realize late evening that I haven't got any SMS from them informing me of my claim number. I call them up to enquire and they tell me claim is not registered yet:hit The number given to me in the morning was 'intimation number'. Claim was not registered because I didn't give them Chassis & Engine number earlier in the day while I had called them from the accident site. I told CC executive that I can give those details now, register a claim. That fellow asks me to follow up with Bangalore office and if I am unhappy I can call back their call center!! I mean he was so cool about being bureacratic!!!! So on day0 the claim is still not registered.

    Following morning (Day1) I call up their call centre again and the CC (Ms.Divya) finally registers a claim and I am sent an SMS.

    I drop the car at K.H.T Motors and complete formalities. There was some confusion regarding when the survey would happen. Mr. Deepak Sunny was assigned as a surveyor.

    Following morning (Day2) ~11 I get a confirmation from A.S.S that insurance surveyor has given a go-ahead and the work would begin rightaway.

    Following Monday (Day3) I get a shocker saying claim won't be approved because road tax is not paid. Why it was not paid is a different issue altogether and I have mentioned the reason elsewhere in the forum. The day ends with Mr. Deepak Sunny telling the SA that he would confirm the status of approval the following day. Good friends here on forum provide me the email IDs of Bajaj-Allianz top brass. I send a mail that night.

    A follow-up to this mail and a phone call to their Motor Claims Head and they finally agree to honour the claim. They kept telling me it will be approved in half hour from 12:30PM but they finally did at 8:30PM! A whole day of stress and anxiety I had to bear when I had actually taken a day off from work due to fever.

    Right from claim registration to claim approval these guys operate in a shady manner and do NOT appear keen on fulfilling their part of the contract. I have Reliance insurance on my Spark and have made two claims, on Punto I have made one claim from Future Genrali and none of these instances I was subjected to this. Infact I didn't have to speak to the surveyor in any of these instances.

    Cheats is what I would call them and no wouldn't renew it from them.
  9. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    sorry to hear this news..
    But now my story begins.. My insurance is due in dec and I got online quotes from many "well known" companies .
    After reading many reviews i felt BA is a good option (my existing policy is with BA, but no claims this year).

    To comment on this topic.. The topic started with accolades for BA and ended up with bad reviews for BA (at least as i write)...
    The hunt now begins again...
    Now i'm totally confused about which insurance to buy.
    Please rate these companies based on your "Claim experience"..

    Baja Allianz
    Tata AIG
    Royal sundaram
    Future generali

    It would really be helpful to others going in for renewal
  10. mhitesh

    mhitesh Amatore

    Airoli, Navi Mumbai
    Airoli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.4
    I have my Bajaj Allianz policy due for renewal in the next few days. I was going through their online renewal system and want to know a few clarifications from Teamfiat for the same.

    1. Drive Assure - What exactly is this and what are the terms and conditions associated?
    2. Accessories - As such I don't have any accessories on my Punto other than Parking Sensors which are covered under Electrical accessories.
    3. Driver & Co-passenger Insurance - The car is registered in the name of my wife, but it is me who drives all the time, so in case of any mishaps will I be covered without this insurance
    4. Increase IDV - There is an option to increase the IDV of the car at a certain premium, is this beneficial?

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