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#58/1A, Singasandra, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560069
  1. perty

    perty Timido

    Will this service center eventually be equipped with ECU analysers for Palio Stile ?
  2. Scorpioman

    Scorpioman Novizio

    My car went to Vecto las Friday for the 5000 km check up.

    Issues I reported:
    Noise from steering when turned completely.
    Left side brake light not working.
    Suspensions stiff all round.
    Reverse gear not falling in place.
    Screeching brakes.

    After inspection at at 9:45 AM, I was told they will replace the front suspensions under warranty. They checked the brake light and said it was just a loose connection that will be rectified.

    Come 5:30 PM:
    Front suspensions changed under warranty.
    Brakes checked and cleaned. Was told there were no issues with the brakes.

    Noise from steering fixed for now. Hope it does not come back.

    Reverse gear issue did not happen when it was at Vecto so they were not able to do anything and said it was fine.

    Brake light fixed but on the bill it showed they replaced two bulbs. Not sure what the other bulb was as all other lights were working. When I asked teh SA, he said they had to replace both and gave me some weird explanation. Did not waste time arguing about it for Rs.40/-.

    When I gave them the car, I told them I did not want them to wash the car. By 6 PM it was covered with dust and a slight drizzle made it worse so I asked them to just spray water on it and wipe down with the micro fibre that was in the car. While I was standing there waiting for the wash, one of the guys that wash the car decided to take a punto in to wash before mine and did not know how to drive. Have no idea what he did but the car was rolling backwards into mine. I tried shouting out to him and luckily the SA saw this happening and ran there and stood between the 2 cars. Stupid thing to do as he could have hurt his legs. When that punto was stopped the SA' legs were the only thing between the 2 cars cars. A centimetre more and he could have been hurt badly.

    I would rate the overall quality of the service a 6/10.

    Still feel the suspensions are not as smooth as they were when I first bought the car. Will check it for a week and may visit another FASS to get it checked again.
    Have grease and hand prints on every seat and door pad. Will need to wait for next weekend to clean all that up.
    Fingers crossed hoping that what they fixed stays fixed and is not just a temporary solution.
  3. SarKV

    SarKV Novizio

    Planning my 3rd service @ Vecto for my Linea, first 2 Service were done at KHT and i was happy about there service. Now i shifted to electronic city and since vecto is near by planning to give there. No response for my call to the Servicing Booking No: 9686705500, Let me know any other no to fix the appointment.

    After very good experiance @ KHT, little skeptical about do @ Vecto, your feedback and suggestion will be of great help.

  4. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Check vecto motors website, service booking form and email id is available, though I am surprised that the number is not working, may be try one more time.

    This whole thread is about vecto's review. Go ahead and share your experience here as well.

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  5. Scorpioman

    Scorpioman Novizio

    Got a call from Mr. Basappa from Vecto Motors a day after I posted here ( Post 442 ). He was very courteous and actually listened to what my issues were before he said anything. Regarding the suspension and steering noise, he asked me to check it for a week and said he will visit me on Monday ( today ) and accompany me for a test drive to check out the problems. He was at my door at 9 AM today. Very impressed. Took the car out for a test and showed him the noise that comes from the suspension. He agreed there was some issue and wanted to take the car back to the SC. When we got back, home after the test, he noticed that one tail light had water collecting in it. I had not noticed it or it may have been from yesterdays rains. This also happened to be the same light that had the bulbs changed last week.

    Anyway, the car has been taken back to get these issues resolved. Really impressed that Vecto actually took action based on a post here. Will update again once the car comes back, was told it may take 2 days.
  6. sdp1975

    sdp1975 Amatore

    Any updates , did your issues get resolved ?
  7. Scorpioman

    Scorpioman Novizio

    Not yet. Vecto picked up the car from me thrice so far but issue not yet resolved with the thud thud sound. They have replaced the suspensions but the sound is still there. Not sure what else it could be but will need to get it checked again.

    Anyone faced a similar issue or know what else I should get checked. I have dropped the tyre pressure a bit to 34/32 and it has made a slight difference. The issue was first reported in December when the car was a week old.
  8. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

  9. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Friday had left the car to fix the gear issue. The problems were a faulty OOTB gear cables. Since the "then new punto", the gear cables design was changed but yet it was faulty. So the part was ordered on the day i had left for 2nd (1 year) service, it landed on thursday. I dropped off on friday to get it fixed. The fix was done on warranty.
    After that i drove nearby SC, the gear shift felt easy and smooth and even the clutch release also eased up a bit. After that today i went for a 100Kms long drive and felt it better than previous.

    The total cost of parts was 6.5k bored by the company. The gear lever (including knob) also got replaced which is part of the cables. The cloth/rexin type cover isnt, though it has developed a hole due to shift. Have reported and they have promised to raise a DR with FIAT. Keeping fingers crossed on it.

    However, today morning i happen to check engine bay as part of my pre-long drive checkup, i was bit shocked to see 2 plastic bracket things broken and dangling loose. I surely remember this parts were not broken when i had checked on Thursday evening.

    To many this may not look serious, but since these parts were very near to the engine, thus plastic coming in contact with engine metal which is very hot after some time could have melted it, leading to some other issues.. :mad:

    Let the pics speak...
    Please note that i have tied it with a thread keeping it away from engine, it was actually dangling to the far left side of the pic which is almost touching engine.

    The wire was dangling again close to the engine which could have melted the plastic. i spose!
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2014
  10. vista7155

    vista7155 Regolare

    Went on Saturday(02 Aug 2014) for horn repair and SA replaced one horn under warranty and also got 2nd horn fixed with new connector and paid 550/- for the second horn with service charge now car horns sound better compared to earlier single horn.
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