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#58/1A, Singasandra, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560069
  1. shams

    shams Esperto

    Karthik, with id LINPUNTBLORE is the sales advisor at prerana! He had accompanied the bangalore convoy in his white palio mjd during the South India meet till our breakfast location where prerana had sponsored our breakfast.
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  2. Most Probably 3rd or 4th week of Jan would be the inauguration!
    Will confirm the dates once finalized.
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  3. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Thanks Karthik. Hope it does not clash with the proposed Goa trip (25th Jan to 28th Jan)

  4. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    Thank you for that info. Finally all dealers are waking up to the "presence" of TFI. Great. :)
  5. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    WOW.. nice to know that we have one service expert with us from VECTO.
  6. bna

    bna Novizio


    Need contact details some top guys in prerana. Have ordered for a replacement of my MID cluster about 3 weeks back. Till no i have not received any response. They say the part has not yet come.Need help urgently.
  7. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    Write to FIAT and TASS customer care. You must definitely get some response.
  8. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    First service experience

    Got my Punto serviced on Dec 26th from Prerana, Kudlu gate, Bangalore. It's the 1st Free service @5000 kms/6 months.

    Following were the complaints before service:
    1. FR RHS wiper less efficient
    2. RR LHS window glass slow winding
    3. FR LHS & Boot door lock issue
    4. All fluid top-up
    5. Got done the wheel alignment from them before factory visit, as I had a pulling issue. Hence informed them that they need not check again.

    Issues fixed:
    • FR RHS wiper replaced under warranty
    • FR LHS door locking smoothly
    • Fluid top-up (partially satisfied)

    Following are the complaints after service:
    • Boot door lock issue still persists
    • RR LHS window glass slow winding still persists (even though it appeared like it was fixed at the time of delivery)
    • Power steering fluid nearing minimum line (don't find any leaks)
    • Over filled brake fluid (way above the Max line). May be a reason why I feel less efficient braking.

    Handling of car :up
    To avoid any dirt, the security person covers the driver seat with a polythene sheet before the mechanic takes over the vehicle to service bay. Car is driven with utmost care to avoid any mishaps within the facility.

    Waiting time :up
    Almost 0 as I had already fixed an appointment and was on time for my slot.

    Quality of work :thumbs down
    May be a rare case. But I'm not very happy after spotting their negligence in over filling the brake fluid and for not topping up the PS fluid.

    Total cost involved :
    90 rupees for the Wind-shield washing fluid top-up. Even though I was informed that all other fluids were also topped-up, I wasn't charged anything. But, AFAIK the brake fluid is definitely topped-up more than limit and they have failed to top up PS fluid.

    I rated them 9/10 on average before discovering all the above issues. Now, I'd rate them 5/10 on an average for negligence while topping-up the fluids.

    Have to visit the service again for fixing all the above :A
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  9. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Prerana is improving rapid. Thanks for all the concerns you put on the customer. Hopefully I will be happy when I am taking the car from the SC this time. I will put it in Kudlu Gate coming Wednesday and post the reviews once I get back the car from the SC. Thanks once again for all who called in to sort out the issues I am facing after the first service. @Ranganath here given the info about the contact details and received people from CRM and hopefully will get my issues will be sorted out in SC this time that gives me a big smile on my face ( :):) )
  10. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Today I went to Prerana, Kudlu gate service center as per the plan I talked to Mr.Chennabasappa. I actually planned for reaching 9:10 so I left my home by 8:55 but because of heavy traffic before the garebhavipalya signal, I reached 9:50 only. When I entered the lobby, Surendra welcomed but as the conversation was with Mr.Chennabasappa, I called him and he came down. After some phone calls he received and the trial run engineer came, we started for the trial. First went home, picked wifey to drop in electronic city and we entered the elevated expressway. He had the print out off the complaint I sent to their helpdesk as well he remembered the things what I talked on the phone and so he was checking in details about the complaints. So I dropped my wifey in her office and dropped Mr.Chennabasappa in service center and put the car in service center.

    There Surendra prepared job card for the issues noted. Mr.Chennabasappa himself narrated the things to them and I am a lot happy now. He informed that he will update in the evening about the car's status and told that they will do a complete check up. We were talking about 15 minutes after the car is put up for service. It was nice talking to him.

    On the way back I just noticed the work going on in the new show room (VECTO Motors). That is next to the Hero Motocorp showroom on the Hosur Road.

    As I requested him for a standby car (doctors advised wifey not to travel; but as she wanted to go office doctor suggested to travel by personal vehicle so I am supposed to drop her in her office in EC and travel back to my office in ITPL) thinking that I can get some TD Punto or Palio to drive to office. But surprise! I got the tank. A old Linea he provided as the LonarCar (standby).

    As Fiat wants to make some impact in the Indian market, the dealers/ASC/ASS are also catching up with the same fever. Will post the after service experience once getting the vehicle.

    Thanks a lot to Krishna, Ranganath and Chennabasappa for giving better user experience.
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