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#58/1A, Singasandra, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560069
  1. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Good to know this Zen that Vecto guys are working hard & improving service:up.Did you got some pics of service centre & your car getting serviced & grill changed to black pics?
  2. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Zen, surprising and pleasant to see that you were not charged for labor, for change of grilles.

    There are few FASSs who charge ridiculous labor for changing a bulb or sticking up something with adhesive. Good going for Vecto!
  3. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    This billing problems never seems get to fixed. Ridiculous delays are unacceptable. Wondering why both VECTO and Fiat are not able to fix this, or worst case scenario have they even identified what the issue is or simply not bothered. Is it the server issue or the bandwidth issue, currently nobody knows. If they get this billing process fixed, it will release a lot of time for the Service advisors.

    Will send this thread link to the delaer development guy. Lets see what he has to say about this.

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  4. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    No mate, as it would take more time to change the grills, i just left for the day to office. Also the SC is same as before. Nothing has changed. So wats point taking pics again ye ;)

    Hmm... May be they did charge but for FIAT :D as they had to change the steering rack thingy i guess! Although i wanted to know what was wrong with it. Madhu said they dont bother inspecting those faulty parts and its just straight away sent to FIAT for further analysis. Fingers crossed that FIAT shall do some improvements from those faulty parts in future. Madhu while discussions did also accept that the quality wise FIAT is improving day by day.
    Due to item knocked off from the old bill, SA had to generate a new bill but then it was already alot of delay he insisted that he would courier new bill to me ASAP. So i had to depart with a regular invoice of payment. When i get the invoice, i shall post an image here. But as far as i remember i did not see any labor charge being mentioned in the first sheet.

    Actually, i have seen such billing issue almost every where. shops, hotels, etc. etc. I do never understand why. Any ways, the delay caused did not bother me much as i had no full dependent over the car getting back very urgent. The biggest concern for me or i had was to leave car there which could get damaged somehow.

    On a side note, while i was waiting at the customer lounge, i noticed few guys doing some wiring (not mechanics) part on the SC walls. They are doing some renovations i guess. A palio (white) was standing there (Krishna remember that 500 car parked long back?, same spot), this guy who was doing wiring was keeping one leg over the car (roof) and other on the window grills. Basically he was making use car as a standing stool. Felt bad that that a car is being used this way and they do not value it. But in next 2 mins he came down any way.
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  5. guruprasad

    guruprasad Novizio

    left my GP for 1st service (ODO 4551, 5 months) today at 10:00 as its near to our home. Till 5:30 PM, i didn't got the call from SA. Hoping normal free service might take more than 1 day. I felt more vehicle to manage with less service bay which they have.
    will update the experience once i get the service done.
    list of complaints & request
    1. Engine oil and oil filter replacement
    2. Huge cabin noise while driving in higher speed. Above 90 kmph i feel like driving a jumbo jet :) .
    3. console panel not fitted properly
    4. ODO meter blinks at some times, (don't know exact steps to re-produce this blink, it might be a firmware issue of any of the ECU is misbehaving , its noticeable more with pendrive plugged in + blue & me connected with phone). Please do suggest if any one recently faced this problem and how it will be rectified.
  6. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Thats the biggest draw back with these guys. They never call. You have to call them up. If you read mine above, the same repeats. Even i heard from other TATA SC doing the same from my colleagues. So thats some thing you have to get used to.

    1. Why for first service replacing engine oil? Its suppose to be done at 15k as per manual. Oil filter replacement? Why again? I didnt get it done.
    2. No noise except tyres. Is your tyres acting crazy? What kinda noise you listing here?
    3. Probably a loose screw?
    4. I drive all the time with blue n me on (phone connection) and never ODO blinked.

    They have reset the speed limit to 80, grr... :-x

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    SA, Mithun Raj has not still sent me the courier (Invoice copy). Looks like i have to chase them now! :(
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  7. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    1. Not mandated, but good to do nevertheless.

    2. Must be the notorious wind noise. I doubt if the ASC can fix that.

    3. Not sure which panel you are taking about. But as long as it is a removable panel, it can be done.

    4. Proxi-alignment needs to be done.

    That said, first service is more of a cursory check and fluid top-up and should take 1 hour max. I would not have left the car at the ASC for this.

  8. guruprasad

    guruprasad Novizio

    planed to replace after initial 2k drive, but now its done.
    i hope its fixed now, as i didn't got opportunity to drive in higher speed while coming back to home. will check on weekend.

    "3. Not sure which panel you are taking about. But as long as it is a removable panel, it can be done."
    one below the gear knob and which connects the footrest pedal. connecting these two had more than half inch gap. but now its reduced a bit, but still not aligned properly (compared to other GP i feel sad about myself).

    "4. Proxi-alignment needs to be done."
    Last week i got the wheel alignment done at Madhus tyre care in Mysore, so no point removing the tyre once again and do the alignment.

    "That said, first service is more of a cursory check and fluid top-up and should take 1 hour max. I would not have left the car at the ASC for this."
    I would have waited for more than 1 hour there. but looking at their parking lot and the way they are keep on re-arranging the parked vehicle. with my 4 comments SA initially said they need more than 1 day.

    when i called back at 6 PM, got reply "sir your vehicle is ready and the bill amount is 2.5K" (actual was 150 rs for the consumable, oil and oil filter was the rest). reached service centre at 7PM and got the car.

    4 km drive to home, engine is bit of silent and 1st & 2nd gear was bit of loaded. felt like engine oil is loaded bit more, after reaching home the dip stick level is ok.

    Overall its a not a good day for me, but my GP is happy after its 1st service.
  9. guruprasad

    guruprasad Novizio

    1. copied from web "As with all new engines, you will find that some metal slivers have found their way into the oil. From this point onward you can stick to the manufacturer recommended intervals" and suggestions from friends. though its not mandate. let the piston rings get the fresh oil after run in. i assume when ever you replace the oil, oil filter is also recommend to replace.
    2. its a wind noise not from the tyre. it might be fan (as pointed by Rajan) or may be some of rubber beedings of door had some gaps.
    3. plastic interlock was not done properly and if i need to do then i need to unscrew and align it properly.
    4. from web search , most of the guys who had faced this problem is due to failure in airbag ECU or any of the ECU is not functioning properly. but still a unsolved puzzle to me. As SA said they will diagnose with OBD port, but later said there was no problem in any of the ECU. let see if i face this problem once again.

    Speed limit you can modify your self ! (Check the manual pg 23)
  10. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Proxi alignment and wheel alignment are two different things. :)

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