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#58/1A, Singasandra, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560069
  1. Pauleralil

    Pauleralil Regolare

    good to see the eagerness but I rhink there scope for improvement at rhe first level of contact which will avoid a lot of unnecessary headaches for the SC and customer as such

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  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I filled at both my visits.
    I think we all must insist on feedback form and make sure it gets attached to bills. Specially, if the experience was not good, we should make an effort to put it. That might help senior management to review (if they want to :) ).
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  3. jpshya

    jpshya Timido

    Yes, i will fill it next time. But the feedback given over the phone to customer care lady have never been addressed by Vecto. I have couple of times told that some issues are not resolved and asked SA to call me back, Alas the call never came. Slowly i am losing trust with Vecto. Will have to try KHT next time.
  4. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    Tired of hearing the same dialogue from them. Are they seriously working on their workload management? I'm hearing the same words often followed by an apology. An apology should be followed by some corrective measures, but it sounds to me those apologies are for name sake. None of us are going to be happy by hearing excuses like these followed by an apology. I'm sorry to say, but Vecto seriously needs to work on their human resources (esp. the SA's attitude towards customers).

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    Not really. During my previous service, when I had similar bad experience, I was asked to give the feedback (in spite of me telling the SA that it will definitely be negative) to make a chance to correct themselves. It all sounded well then, but not now when I could see they are back to square one.
  5. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    When they will be opening FASS which location in Mysore road..?
  6. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    ^^ In early 2104 (as per Mr Bassapa, Service Manager).
  7. iamharishkm

    iamharishkm Timido

    Vecto Motors - Horror story :( (friends, help needed!)

    After a repair service, they gave my Linea back without connecting the air filter to the engine and I drove the car - failing to realize this for a week. :mad:


    Ok. The incident goes like this -

    After a repair serivce (Brake pads, Brake linings, Front Discs, Suspension got replaced), immediately after taking the delivery, I had notice that the car is lacking in some pulling power. When I bought this issue with Vecto, they did some thorough technical inspection and said that everything is perfectly fine and power is all good. I took the delivery and upon checking I found that the power is still bad and also there is some rough sound coming from the engine. The technical expert from fiat said that this is because of bad quality fuel and you should change your fuel station. I was not ready to believe this but thought of giving it a try. Nothing worked. After a week, once when I was cleaning the dust inside bonnet I came to notice that the air filter is not connected to the engine. I immediately connected it and since then the car is behaving fine. Power is back and all good.

    My questions are this -

    What might have happened to my engine?
    How should I take this with Vecto people?
    What are my rights here?
    Can I ask the service centre to change engine oil free of cost as this is the part where dust goes mainly?

    Please advice.
  8. openguru

    openguru Timido

    I too have a bad experience with Vecto. My music system went bad so I ordered the music system under warranty. They took about month to get & upon reaching service center to fit it, I found that they have sold it to someone else :eek:.

    Over all I had to make 5 visits to service center to get replacement music system :mad:.
  9. sandeep.12

    sandeep.12 Amatore

    Sorry for the lengthy post. Here goes a comparison of my experience regular of service visits to MASS and FASS (Both in Bangalore and FASS is Vecto obviously and MASS is something near Bommanahalli).

    I have been to Vecto at sharp 9 AM as told by the lady while booking the slot. I wait there for good half an hour .
    Then I see SA coming in banging the doors, holding a bunch of papers, talking over the Mobile, doing something on the PC and also talking to another customer who had come before me.
    I waited for my turn for another half an hour, while i was talking with the SA, he attends another call, running to some other place, technicians came and talk to him and SA was saying "Ok Sir" for whatever I say. Finally everything agreed and i leave to my office on confirming that he will give a call if anything untoward is there or when the car is ready.It was evening time when these guys call it a day , neither did he call me nor he attended my calls. I went to Vecto to see the car is ready (appreciate them in finishing just oil/filters change and regular checks in one day). I then tried to talk to this SA on what all did he do, did he notice any other things at fault or brake pads are fine or not etc. He again got distracted by calls, technicians, running towards the yard and many things. I finally gave up and paid the bills and left.

    Experience at MASS. Went there in the morning at 11 without appointment. There were many number of cars waiting on the ques for service/repair. Talked with an SA, he personally came and sat inside the car, started noting all the readings, just took a visual inspection and suggested oils/filters etc replaced/repaired. I told him give a call to me before they change anything or if they find any issues. He then took the car on the lift and did a visual inspection and told he will personally inspect the shocks and brakes for rattles etc. I left to office and by around afternoon he gives a call and says the lower arms are weak and need a replacement if I agree. I gave them a go ahead to replace in pair and do the caliper cleaning etc to fix the rattle issue.Apart from regular service there were other body shop related work, AC complaints, dash board rattles, flaps/mudguard replacement etc. I got a call by 6 saying the car is ready and the amount is XXXX. Went to MASS, talked with him he showed me what all have been changed by taking the car to the lift again, showing me the old replaced lower arms, filters etc. He was then discussing with me the common issues these vehicles have and how to do avoid them by good driving skills. Paid the bill, after he explained each and every nuts and bolts charged on the bill. Went home happy. I also saw an old Zen being cleaned and polished in few mins by a group of 5 or 6 cleaning guys ;).

    The point what I am trying to convey is we are customers for them in both cases. And always its our hard earned money that we give them, and they never do anything for charity to us.
    If a customer is not treated properly OR he is not taken into confidence on what they do OR he is not able to get the issues fixed after repeated visits, whats the point in paying these guys. When you go to Vecto you are at the mercy of the SA to at least talk to him.When you want to inspect the under body of the car again you have to beg. You spare all your personal/official work and end up waiting in their cramped lounge and torn sofa watching some stupid channel.They dont understand the pain somebody has to have in taking their cars multiple times through the hell of a traffic and spoiling one's day completely.

    If the SA is overloaded then obviously their mechanics/technicians should be very much overloaded and underpaid. How can they assure quality delivery from a dissatisfied worker?
    Its been a long time they are there and why not the recruit more SA and/mechanics or do they wait until 2020 to learn and correct themselves. The blame has to go to the management for not having the right and enough resources at their center.
    On a positive note, this is an era of change as we see the rise of AAP :ugeek: ..
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  10. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto


    My review on the first service at vecto.
    ODO run 4.4k.
    Half tak fuel left before dropping for service.

    Took an appointment on 12th Dec 9 AM, got a remainder call on previous day from them asking what time i shall be dropping. Said 9 AM. Next day reached 910 AM at the spot. Reported to the receptionist and with in 5 mins, Mr. Mithun Raj (SA) attended me and took me the parking area where i had dropped off the car. Had 2 complaints and 1 change:

    1. Steering fluid dropping
    2. Player Volume keys not working properly on steering
    3. Front grills change to black.

    With in next 15 mins, my car was pulled into the service bay and lifted up. Mr. Manju (Service manager, i spose) came along to check my car and he immediately noticed that the steering rack has a leak and hence the problem of steering fluid dropping. Mr. Manju immediately pulled in the warranty parts counter guy to check the broken rack and asked to raise a change request. So thats done, Mr. Manju asked me to drop off the car for a day as it cant be changed with in the same day. But he immediately asked mechanics to start changing the grills. Mechanics started off the work and i departed the place to office. Mr. Manju promised me that it would get sorted out next day for sure and nothing to worry. Before departing i had made a kind request to both of these guys to make sure car doesnt get scratch/dents and no washing is required.

    I was promised that i would get a call by next day by noon. Well no calls till 12. So i had to make a call and Mithun said the car work is done but there is a big problem with their billing system which is broken. He said he shall call back later once it gets sorted. I waited till 4 and called again. He said work is in progress and he promised he shall call back as soon billing is done. So with in next hour, i got a call back asking me to drop by. I went their around 515 PM. Mithun immediately took me to the car parking lot and said, sir please allow me to sent car for washing as its too dirty to look at now coz of the dust here. I said No, ill wash myself next day. But he insisted for it while i wait for the bills to be paid. In next 10 mins washing was done and say wat, few oil stains still here and there (It wont go unless one rubs it off). I knew this and did not bother to complain. But thank goodness that there were no scratch/dents from service or washing. Mean while after wash, i checked every thing in and out of the car, noticed that the engine coolant level was less by 2 inches from the Max mark. Informed to Mithun and he immediately got it topped up.

    They had changed the grills, steering rack parts and Air filter cover. Upon analyzing the final bill, Air filter cover was charged to me which was 150INR. I made a note to SA and asked him to check if its under warranty. Well it was, and it got knocked off from the bill later on. So there was a delay of 1hour for all this and finally i was done and off i go.

    Over all, i am feeling good about the response i got from Mithun and Manju. Total bill came upto 1320INR in that i had to pay 150 for windshield shampoo and rest for grills.
    Took her on the nice road with 120 and no problems so far with the steering. Now the steering feels more light like EPS steering ;). Will check on the fluid levels often.

    On the side note, yes i noticed that SA's are very busy. Infact few SA has been hired to load the balance, but well 30+ cars a day, with such small service area i guess its difficult to manage easily. Hopefully in the coming days more SC will be open and load would get balanced out. At the moment, SA gets alot of calls and they keep running here and there. Mithun though was running here and there but he managed to get things done right for me thought with some delays which is fine for me. Well he knows to handle customers good though. :)

    No where i did see a face of dissatisfaction regarding the payment except the security guard which is handled by a 3rd party firm who is cheating them though Vecto had paid off their check. The mechanics and the service managers did not spoke any thing about their payment dissatisfaction even i noticed few mechanics dropped by account section asking Bonus. The counter guy requested to come when customers are not waiting for paying bills.

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