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#58/1A, Singasandra, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560069
  1. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    That was super quick corrective action. Cheers :up
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  2. Car coolant level was near the min level. To avoid the risk, visited Vecto motors. Was attended by Service advisor Pruthvi. After checking,he told it is ok to drive; however he was ready for topup. He brough a new can of prafulu and did the topup followed by checking all other fluid levels.

    All checks completed in 15 mins , and I was good to go. Thank you Pruthvi and Vecto motors.
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  3. pdash

    pdash Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hai praveen, I had same problem. Vector guys did top up. I later found that there was a leakage in one of the joints. got it rectified at KHT.
  4. parry


    Vecto service center needs some serious operations scale-up. It is difficult to book service slots unless you are ready to wait for at least a week.

    Case-in-point (based on today's call):

    If you drop vehicle on your own: earliest date is 17th Oct

    If you need vehicle pick and drop: 30th Oct (21 day advance booking for service :confused::confused::confused:)
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  5. parry


    My experience today has been horrible to say the least.

    Took off from the office and dropped the car at Hosur road service station. After taking delivery of vehicle in evening, find a crack in the windshield. God knows what the hell were they doing with my vehicle.

    I’m extremely disappointed with Vecto. Even the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] service was pathetic. Pick and Drop, shuttle service are just for namesake which look nice in brochures and on website. In reality, someone should be really privileged to avail these services.

    This is my first in-person visit to a service center in the last 4 yrs (thanks to 21 days waiting period for pick and drop facility!) and I must say Vecto SC looked like a Govt. hospital. While entering the SC, I saw an immature driver/technician recklessly handling a TN registered OB color Punto and scraping another CH registered (OB color) Punto. All the SA’s were present there but it appeared as if everything was normal for them…..felt like thrashing that guy then and there itself.

    Vecto has promised to replace the windshield but have to bear with this nonsense and Bangalore’s auto rickshaw drivers for 2-3 days more. In today’s life it is almost next to impossible to survive without car but the service centers seem to be least bothered about it.
  6. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Good that they atleast owned up and agreed to change the windshield with the onus on them.

    I for one, will never goto Vecto for any service related work. Many service centres handle amd take customer vehicles for granted.
  7. parry


    Story doesn't end here....I got a call from Vecto today morning. Lady on other side says " Sir, what time are you dropping your vehicle tomorrow for servicing?"

    I was like..what the is already in your workshop since yesterday. Need to call up SA to ensure that my Punto is safe.

    Heights of irresponsible behavior.
  8. Pauleralil

    Pauleralil Regolare

    Couple of weeks back i was at vecto for issue with Central locking. Must appreciate the fact that they looked at vehicle even though it was around 5.30ish and that too on a saturday ( they did resist initially but on requesting for just inspection of the problem they took it up which is good enough for me).

    Now after the inspection, they found some fault with Central locking which may need to warranty claim. I agreed to book a Service appointment but for that i need to call up someone located somewhere else that too when i am sitting in their SC. The SC guys and people taking the Service booking have no coordination whatsoever and hence we all face this mix up and end up frustrated.

    Thankfully the SA I got was as new guy Prithvi( Previously worked with Nandi Toyota) who was friendly guy. He informed me about the warranty person was not available as he had gone for some training. As soon as he was back Prithvi was kind enough to check all the parts and also booked the Service request on my behalf.

    Tomorrow I am leaving my punto for rectifying the issue with central locking. Hope everything goes well.
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  9. parry


    My Punto was delivered on Friday. Quality of work was just average…not at all happy.
    Worst part was that they sent car with 2 broken rubber parts.
    You can find more details at
    I had requested both SA and SC Manager to take a thorough look at the car before delivery but don’t think they bothered to do that. SA was not even aware that car was sent with broken rubber parts. I asked driver to take pics of broken parts and show it to the SC guys……then only they realized something was amiss.
    Vecto claims to replace the part in a week. SA says that car can run normally without this part but I’m not at all convinced. Will wait for a week and follow-up with Vecto again.
  10. C_S

    C_S Amatore

    An experience worth mentioning at Vecto Motors. Out of the Blue i got a call from "Customer Relationship Manager" from Vecto Motors who said he wanted a feedback on how they have handled sales. He came to my house and waited till i arrived from office. My purchase experience was not something to remember (wish i can forget that), and gave the manager my piece of mind. He invited me Vecto Motors this Sat and offered to do set right everything that went wrong during delivery.

    I was not too excited and went there reluctantly. To my surprise the kind of customer experience i got was something i never expected. The manager was there waiting for me to come. Took note of things to be done, immediately personnel on the job and out came my car glittering (2 hrs flat) and he also took pains to show me the work they have done. I must say that this Manager is of a different breed or something drastic has been done at Vecto Motors to change the attitude of personnel there. Either ways i came out beaming , my wife who accompanied me was even more happy. She was resigned to the fact that we would waste one whole day and the weekend would be ruined.

    Good Job done by Vecto Motors :clap :clap :clap, hope the good work will be continued in future as well.
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