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#58/1A, Singasandra, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560069
  1. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    No offence bro.. I don't quite understand as how could we call it as "service center's initiation to reach out to the customers" when you were not properly supported by them initially. You got the right support only after Krishna helped arranging things. It must be called Krishna's initiative or rather TFI's (as Krishna and you met over TFI) :)

    From a layman's reading of this post, it appears like you need to know somebody in there to get your job done properly. Again, this sounds like a Government office to me. 15K service is coming up for my car with few long standing issues and lots of hope to get them solved by then at Vecto.

    Disclaimer: I'm not against Vecto or in support of any other FASS/TASS. Just trying to share my views here.
  2. SunnyBoi

    SunnyBoi Amatore

    Last week I noticed that a couple of lug bolts were missing on my car (!!!).

    Paid Vecto Motors at Hosur road a visit to buy the bolts. I was rudely sent away saying they wont sell parts unless car is there and a job card is opened. I pleaded with them saying that both bolts are missing from a single wheel and it is unsafe to drive the car in that state.

    After some time I lost hope and set off. Before leaving, he told me that its policy and he cannot do anything. However he suggested if I create a huge ruckus by shouting as loud as possible and then they will give the parts without the car being there.

    By this time I had enough. Went to JC road and finally bought the bolts at 50% over MRP.

    Fiat and Vecto, nothing has changed. You sucked and you still suck bigtime. We, the current customers are suffering and will continue to do so.
  3. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    What???? When and who removed refitted your wheels last time? And FASS refusing to supply the part in question, knowing it is critical and knowing that they are putting the safety of the car owner in jeopardy, is simply unacceptable. This is some people claiming that Vecto sells spare parts OTC, in various forums :A :A

    Glad you could find some alternate, before something bad happened. Has set me thinking, should I carry a set of four lug bolts spare in the car?

  4. SunnyBoi

    SunnyBoi Amatore

    It got worse - third bolt fell off. I had another kind of bolt that actually fit in.I am so fed up with the Fiat ASS attitude that I risked it all, drove 160KMs to my hometown and got the problem fixed at my usual garage.For reference - below is the pc of the wheel. I have a Palio S10, not the newer fiats.
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  5. re: FIAT Exclusive Service Center: Vecto (Prerana) Motors , Bangalore

    Booked for service on may 15th and got the slot for 29th may.
    So gave my car to the SC yesterday, problems were:
    1) front suspension was making a lot of noise.
    2) blue and me stops working some times.
    3) ciggerate lighter port has a blown up fuse.
    4) lhs rear door beading was too loose.
    5) fuel lid doesnt close properly.
    6) turbo was a bit unresponsive.
    7) clip for the engine sound damping under bonnet
    8) replacement of battery negative terminal wiring harness, the old one is faulty and causes lots of deposit over the terminal which sometimes result in car not starting.

    Reached SC by 10 am, there was no SA to attend to my car for good 30 mins.(quiet professional)
    Karthik walks out(doesnt look too excited to service the car), I narrate to him the problems only to hear sir car will be delivered tomorrow only.
    I was not prepared for that,had to go and talk to GM he assures he will try his best.
    Rome around koramangala the whole day,@3 pm got a call saying will get my car tommorow evening.
    So today reached before 4 pm,car was sent for washing(I never asked them to wash the car), didnt want to argue with the SA.
    The car comes at 5pm, no body available to take for a test run, had to wait another 10 mins for a SA to come.

    Problems tackled by the SC:
    1) suspension noise gone(for now, fingers crossed).I am charged rs1200 for labour.
    2)they say problem solved with b&me, only time will tell.
    3) fuse out of stock(they dont have this basic item):eek:
    Over enthusiastic SA Karthik pitches in, Sir I got the fuse from a TD car but it doesnt fit.(yea I brought a 19th century fiat it wont fit)
    4)when i went they forgot to do this, but later when pointed out bidding was fitted perfectly in 10 mins.
    5)problem fixed with the fuel lid.
    6) bolts were tightened,car very very reaponsive.Could hear the turbo whistle through out my journwy back&am loving it.
    7)clip was not fixed as was not available, but on pointing this out a clip comes for my car from a TD car(they keep td car for this kind of parts donation programme I guess)
    8) again part not available in stock, order places or so they say.

    The SA got my car washed(on paper I guess) car had mud all over the wheel well, when pointed this out before the test run, the reply came sir this happened when they were testing the suspension(in frnt of me they sent it for wash, and nobody took it for a drive after that, didnt want to argue with him anymore.Logics defy)
    Interior cleaned nicely(Ah atleast this was up to my satisfaction)was charged 750 bucks for this awesome cleaning job.)

    Vecto has a long way to go.But overall am satisfied atleast they solved the major problem.

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  6. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    When TD cars end up becoming organ donors, won't that affect the TD experience of future customers? Who cares. Isn't it?
    It appears availability of parts that are supposed to be in ready stock is still a problem, whichever be the SC.
  7. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    What is the 1200 rupees labour charge was for? Your car must still be under warranty I believe.
    750 for a cleaning sounds too huge. Did you request for some special treatment?
  8. Mohankv

    Mohankv Amatore

    An Update regarding the AIR BAG failure message in the car..
    Got info that the part has arrived at Vecto yesterday and they asked me to come over today to get it replaced.

    But due to work i will be going to Vecto tomorrow morning and getting the part replaced.
  9. re: FIAT Exclusive Service Center: Vecto (Prerana) Motors , Bangalore

    They put a plastic part in the suspension bearing so the metal rubbing metal sound was eliminated. This part was under warranty.
    But the labour involved in opening, cleaning, applying grease and fitting of the plastic part was chargable under labour.The price is steep but arguing with these people is like banging your head on the wall.
    Never asked for any sorts of treatment, I was planning to visit 3m this weekend after I get the car back from SC.But the SA thought my car needed a wash as it was dirty(wow he thinks)

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  10. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    I called Mr.Basappa (vecto) he told he's busy with a review meeting with the management and asked me to come on Monday for a check, he said he will look into it. I also called up Vecto Service booking number and managed to get the spares number one Mr.Shankar to check the Mudflaps availability he said Sir out of stock and he has 10 cars in pending for the parts to arrive. I also called KHT guy and asked if he could help me he told that now its a policy not to entertain any requests without booking and offered me slot for 1st week of June will try my hand on Monday with Vecto else KHT.

    My visits to SC has become a fun statement in office now every time i ask my manager i have some personal work he quickly replies to me ohh problem with FIAT again wish you good luck...:confused:
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