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#58/1A, Singasandra, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560069
  1. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Firstly the reason why I asked who test drove is to pass the feedback directly to Mr. Premanand who has requested to provide feedback about the experience. I wanted to do that on behalf of Binaiks and not to recommend to get things rectified for his car. He is more than happy to hear feedback to fix the processes than fire fighting to fix the escalated issues. They seem to be working on the basics which might not be evident to everybody at the current state. The very reason I mentioned in my review of the service that it will take some more time for them to settle down and work more efficiently.

    Again not to justify what Vecto has done, but to atleast deciper the situation and then respond to the -ve response received. Earlier there were 2 centers from prerana, 2 from concorde, 1 from Aadya and 1 from KHT. Since Vecto being the first stand alone service center, its bound to happen that people will be willing to try this center out than any other and more over Concorde is not taking the Fiat cars. That effectively leaves only 3 centers from 6 upto March 2013 (not counting the smaller ones). No wonder that Vecto is overloaded too as there is a shift and the load has increased. More over, the service centers were already overloaded at these 7 centers for whatever reasons. From what I heard from Mr. Premanand again was to gradually increase the capacity to 35 cars per day from the current 20 without wanted to deteriorate the quality of service. All this said and done, A bay for running repairs should be available. However, if that is occupied by another car already, then one will have to wait. But 11 days is a bit of a stretch by all means. The positive I see is atleast they gave a date. Huh!

    There is another punto after inspection for the AC was sent back to return the coming week with a resource dedicated to fix the issue at the very same Vecto Motors. It all again depends on how one wants to evaluate things.

    I too am getting a weird sound from the left rear suspension. Had called up the lady yesterday for appointment on Saturday for inspection, but they suggested to come during the next week as their bookings were already full. This I feel is atleast is fair enough rather than asking the customer to come over and not attending to him. Neighter the contacts or the recommendations made way here as it is being made out to be. But again the perceptions differ from individual to individual. I may be more accommodating to such issues and other need not or may not be that way.

    Moreover, the DMS is not made available by FIAT and the warranty claims would be difficult to handle without the DMS. That could also be a reason for the appointment given at a later where they are expecting the DMS to be up and running.

    There are many more cases who are getting their cars serviced, issues fixed without knowing anybody at the service personally. Projecting that a service center works mostly on personal references or from a forum or calling up the CRM for preferential treatment is taking a bit things too far. If this is the case, they would close their business sooner than later.

    The point to be stressed is "If somebody owns a FIAT car, that itself qualifies for them to get good service irrespective of the owner knowing somebody or not knowing anybody at the facility" rather than the way it is put across. This would apply to every single sales and service center from FIAT or any other manufacturer for that matter.

    Hope things are taken in the right sense. :up
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  2. As I said, this is appreciated. But, more prompt way would be to pass on the contact info of Mr.Premanand(of course, with his kind permission) to Binai and let him directly interact and share his experience. I'm sure Mr. Premanand would be more than glad to hear the feed back of different persons, from the individual himself.

    My question is if Vecto is bound to be overloaded then why did they over look this factor in the first place? They did start their operations, close to one month, after the inaguration.Means they had some time before they went on live . And overloading was a common issue with all the TASS with Prerana being no exception. As you said, people are bound to try this service center. I, expect, Vecto to get more response,even after the opening of FASS by KHT and Aadya looking at how TASS used to function under them earlier. Prerana had an edge and this would obviously reflect in the expectations set in on Vecto.

    :) ..they were bound to give a DATE, isn't it?'s a FIAT car and the owner has approached the proper service station. Nothing great here, either.

    Sorry mate, my intention was not personal. It's based on my own experience with service centers of Fiat for close to 4 years and how I see different people post different service experiences in different regions. The key word we can associate all TASS would be with - INCONSISTENT. And when they are so, we are bound to try work around like - approaching a known friend, sharing and making use of the forum, approaching the CRM or getting FIAT involved. And what I'm afraid is, this becoming a norm than an exception. I don't want to see this kind of experiencce in FASS and Vecto being a FASS ..certainly do not like to see it go down that way. Hence, the comments.

    Warranty issues and associated part replacements can crop up even during regular servicing too. But they are taking, vehicles for regular servicing.So eager to know how they are handling in that case.

    I'm not at all projecting boss, experiences itself are speaking up. In this case, if Binai's car was given the attention it deserved, he would have given a positive review and we all would have moved on being confident that we've a center to rely upon. Isn't it? Even in my Linea's case Prerana has failed to resolve issues, in spite of me doing escalation and follow up. So, this is where I'm saying why can't we get the proper service experience that our cars deserve. Applies to all - TASS,FASS and Vecto is no exception.
    Yes, things are indeed taken in right sense. My sentence acts in continuation with your summary. When I will visit a FASS? first i need to have a fiat car..and then it has to have its regualar service or running issue or accidental repairs. Otherwise, I'm sure no body would want to spend long enough hours at any FASS. They would rather like to enjoy their drive and go on for a vacation or picnic :).
  3. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Like I mentioned in the post, Binai is very much entitled to pass on the feedback to the higher ups at Vecto. When Binai requests for the contact details, I will definitely share it with the respective contact's permission. Since I was asked for feedback based on observations, I wanted to provide them. Whether Mr. Premanand will be available to meeting or receiving feedback from every customer is not something I can comment on and I will leave it at that.

    I am not sure if everybody over the forum is aware that they started the service operations only on the 5th of April though the showroom went operational on the 2nd of March 2013. The point I was trying to make is it will take time for them to settle down and work more efficiently and improve the service as well. They will ramp up the capacity to the max possible as no business would want to be sitting idling after investing quite a bit of money. On the other hand one cannot expect the service center (forget about Vecto for the time being) to have a facility to accommodate a 100-150 cars for the volumes that Fiat currently provides. So handling 30-35 cars a days seems more optimal when all the things involved are considered and expand when required.

    There are few instances with other manufacturers where the appointment itself was denied and neigther an alternative was provided. Ah!, thats for another thread as it will be OT here. So the experience with Vecto was far better than what I have experienced. So it does seem better to me, atleast they provided an alternative, but may not be applicable to others.

    Consistency is required in whichever business it is, not just for FIAT dealerships. When the point is already being made that the process is being set up and will take time, concluding it with past TASS experience and applying the same to FASS does not seem appropriate. This will apply to Aadya and KHT too when they go live with their individual service centers. Nobody would want to seek recommendation to get their service job done. Hope the point about being a little more patient till things settle down is made clear.

    As far as I am aware of, the warranty replacements are not being made. But they are very much noted to action upon once the system is ready for it.

    Firstly would like point one small thing, the word "boss" is sounding offensive to me, so requesting you to tone down a bit. Whether Binai wants to provide a +ve or -ve review is up to him based on the service experience he receives and at same time you are entitled to yours as well. But, the point is Vecto is starting off on a clean slate, so is Aadya and KHT when they go fully operational and the prejudice will make things look a bit more -ve than it actually is.

    May be a bit relevant, but again not intended against anybody, with quite a few observations from many people in many different fields/industries, it does help not to rub other people's ego in a wrong way when one deals with the respective counterparts in any business. A healthy relationship and a little patience from us will ensure the other party goes the extra mile to provide us better experience/products. I try it and it does work.

    +1. I would rather do some twisties and return home with a wide grin and get a puzzled look on the face's of people at home rather than spending long hours at any service center be it FASS or TASS or MASS or whichever it is.
  4. binaiks


    I do not intend to start off a war here. My point is simple - appointment or no appointment, a running repair should be attended to immediately - for the simple reason that the repair could damage the car forever. They did have the courtesy to atleast TD the car and sort of identify what could be the probably cause - I was ready to leave my car for them to take their own time working on it. But declining to work on a running repair is no way acceptable.

    During the TASS days, the dealers in Kochi - Concorde as well as RF Motors were always accomodating to running repairs - in fact, once I turned up at 5pm at RF Motors when they were just closing down - the SA immediately called back a mechanic (who was leaving then) and attended to my complaint - it was a different thing that they did not have spares to finish the problem - but they did some "patch" work so that I could drive the car home and park it safely there till the part was available. Same with Concorde when I turned up with a malfunctioning door lock - that was before a festival, and the CRM attended the car himself - it took a lot of time, but he ensured that I was not disappointed.

    That kind of a dedication is surely missing here. In September 2012, My brother had taken my car to Prerana for an odd noise emanating from the front - Prerana did not attend to it, but Concorde set it right and returned the car. People turning up with running repairs cannot be asked to take an appointment and wait for their turn. The dealer would earn a name only when they can step up in need - not turn back the customer and ask him to come later.
  5. Krishna,I'm attaching your posts where in you first say that you wanted to pass feedback on behalf of Binai and now you say that it's his call. Since you said you wanted to do on his behalf, I suggested a better way. That's all.

    So, response is clear that they can not take in the cars till next week or say 10-12 days like in some other's case. So would you be able to run in your car with absolute peace of mind thinking that nothing worst is going to happen? body wants to under utilize their space and at the same time max up too early also. But, when Vecto started to go live at least 2 things were clear :
    1. Their current load at Prerana centers for Fiat cars and 2. the additional load as they were starting as lone FASS for some time atleast. What also clear was the "over loading" at the existing Prerana center. Somewhere they have gone wrong, otherwise how can you expect a waiting time of 10-15 days for even attending to the vehicles within one week of opening? What about the back logs caused by these bookings later?(unless Vecto returns each and every vehicle bang on time). Point is this was a well known issue in existing TASS, so how can they underestimate its potential impact when they started solo with Fiat.

    Yes, every body is starting off a clean slate. But point is Vecto was fortunate to go live first and I'm sure there would be many feed backs most of which are not accounted in this forum. But the journey has begun for Vecto and feed backs/comparisons ( + or -) is inevitable. Atleast for two reasons :
    1. After some time, we are getting the taste of independent FASS.
    2. At least here in Bangalore, all the FASS are going to be started by same team's which are running TASS and to which we are used to it.
    So, naturally when one sees the things, still going the same way as in erstwhile TASS era, discussions are bound to come up.

    So are they asking the cars to come back at a later date and giving the delivery back knowing there are faulty/damaged parts? or they will stand at the FASS?

    Agree to you provided the response is clear and prompt from the other end too. Why? Physcologically even I too have ego is every one else. Isn't it?
    In this case,even I have invested my hard earned money in a car and I want a proper response, and treatment for it. I might be the Nth customer for the business. But treating each and every customer in a proper way and attending to him properly could make business to grow in long way.

    +1 to this. Agree with you Binai.

    All in all, we are all heading the same way. To get proper response and treatment our cars deserve be it Independent or TASS.
  6. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    If you still did not get what was intended, I will try it again. Binai or anybody else is very much free to provide feedback to anybody at Vecto. With whatever discussion I had during my Linea's service, I was asked to provide feedback and that's what I just did after getting details from Binai. From the discussion, the outcome is "A bay dedicated for running repairs will be up soon to take care of such issues". With respect to the better way of communication lets not get in to that as it is very subjective. What may seem a better way to me, might sound utterly stupid to you.

    Depends on severity of the issue. If the issue is severe nobody would want to create trouble for themselves be it the owner or the service center folks.

    Just because they went live with the operations first does not mean they need to have a facility to handle a couple of hundred cars completely forgetting the volumes involved over a longer period time ignoring the economics. Again, the facility is settling in to have a capacity of handling 35 cars a day. The simple fact is being forgotten here, if they accept beyond capacity the backlog would appear. If this point is still being beaten around the bush, taking the discussion further is futile.

    But such expectations happen only with FIAT :A

    Agreed, but writing them off in the very first week is like judging the book by its cover.

    If the severity is high I wonder which person in his right mind will ask the customer to carry on driving the car. Whether the cars will stand at FASS or elsewhere is decided by the owner and not by the service center.

    Firstly I do think everybody at least on TFI will buy the cars with their hard earned money. This does not require special mention each time. Whether one is nth customer or n to the power of nth customer, the quality of service should be consistent.

    On the Ego part, everybody has it, but a few tend to rub it on others unnecessarily. The golden principle of give and take is being forgotten by us which spoils the relationship. Communication is two ways and making it effective is not an easy task for everybody.

    PS: Lets take this discussion in to the PM's if you intend to.
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  7. re: FIAT Exclusive Service Center: Vecto (Prerana) Motors , Bangalore

    @nkrishnap, as you have used vecto motors for servicing your linea,how would you rate it over prerna motors? ? My punto needs to visit the SC soon, so need suggestions.

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  8. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    As far as the comparison from Prerana to Vecto, the soft skills aspect is a bit more polished and the intent to delivery better service is very much evident. On the facility wise, I will take Vecto any day over prerana motors for the following reasons.

    1. more number of bays
    2. better washing facility
    3. The number of service advisor is higher
    4. Dedicated/trained (refresher training provided a few days before they started operations)
    5. No yellow board cabbies screaming and shouting at the service advisors. Its far more customer friendly in terms of facility. You can see the work done on the car from the customer bay.

    Rating is subjective. I can for sure tell, the Vecto is better than Prerana in both facility wise and softer skills wise.

    Do ask if you have any specific questions.
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  9. Calm down, friend. I suggested a way out and you are not agreeing to that. Fine,point taken and lets agree to disagree :). Usage of sentences/words sounding offensive,was not really required.

    All we are asking is pretty reasonable turn around time and immediate attention for vehicle with running repairs. In that way, they could have estimated better instead of starting off with the same old "being overloaded" concept. Point is made straight enough to understand and there is no beating around the bush. And, back logs do happen even if the vehicles are not delivered on time.

    Yes. But if its the second or third edition of the same book, people will make some impressions by the time they read the preface. By the way,no body is writing them off.In fact people want them to improve, that's why so many feed backs and posts.

    Sure..Let's take it that way.
  10. binaiks


    Looks like Krishna's feedback at Vecto rang some bells. I was called by their CRM yesterday morning, and I took my car in the afternoon. I was impressed by the way they handled the car - the approach was professional. They wanted to ensure that the vehicle is delivered to me in better condition than I gave it - so every precaution was taken to avoid it getting dirty.

    They worked on my pick-up issue first - things aren't really rosy. They cleaned the air-filter - it improved the pick-up, but not to the level of satisfaction (remember - the SA at Concorde was bent on proving that the pick-up was perfectly normal). They are suspecting some issue with the turbo now (it seems the turbo isn't working at all - but the car still reaches 100 without fuss - it takes a couple of second more though). There was some black smoke - but that reduced after the air filter was cleaned.

    They apologised for the fact that they cannot retain my car there since their "DMS" is not yet ready and they cannot raise warranty (Extended warranty) claims now. They noted down the details and returned the car - they worked on the car for about 2.5hrs.

    Now, they could've done this on the day I went there earlier and saved the bad reputation of not handling complaints - it is not that the workshop was empty yesterday - but was fairly free due to the extended holidays. I am keeping my fingers crossed to see how their overall work goes. So now I am driving around a car that allegedly has a "blown turbo" - it still doesn't emit smoke - wonder why?
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