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#58/1A, Singasandra, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560069
  1. My Punto had its first service at Prerana Motors ( Kudlu Gate ) today. Overall nothing to complain about. Dropped the Car at around 9.30 am. The SA came with the job card and noted down my complaints.Well I had no major issues ( touchwood !!) !! My front bumper had a patch of paint peeled off ( due to a collision with a bike). I mentioned if they could do any touch up job . Apart from that, the rear wiper had come off ( thanks to the car washing guy), so that had to be replaced. I was asked to come at 4 pm. I got my car at 4.30. The paint job was not great but atleast better than the black patch. I was given a quote of 1200 for restoring the paint back to its former glory. Will check in nearby garages as well.
    The rear wiper was not in stock, hence will have to visit again next week. The total cost for the first service was Rs 100 ( for the rear wiper). Cleaning and washing was good. They polished the plastic on the hood though the finishing wasn't good.
    I gave them a good rating overall.
    Other 'service' related stuff : Was greeted with a warm 'good morning'. Was offered a glass of water :lol: . Was asked to wait in the air conditioned customer lounge when I went to pick up the car.
  2. Arun1100

    Arun1100 Regolare

    Re: Prerana Motors , Bangalore

    Good to know about the good reviews of prerana.

    I suggest you to stick TFI stickers and also team bhp stickers on your car. These stickers help when you give your car for service. The service advisors will know about these Forums and will take the extra effort of giving better service to you and your car.
  3. Re: Prerana Motors , Bangalore

    Yes my car is adorned with TFI stickers. True that helps to a certain extent.
  4. ravi_punto


    Prerana Service is very very worst, last week my second service done..they are not dng service properly,its really bad,

    new Punto buyers, please enquiry it abt punto and buy, after sales service problems are there for FIAT cars, last week my car 15000 KM service done, as of now i went to 6 times to service station...thats y, plesae check properly other customers and buy it...
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  5. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    What is the exact problem you are facing? I got my vehicle from Prerana, i will be going to them for service, so eager to know what difficulties you are facing.

    Generally, i have heard decent reviews about the Kudlu gate service station, my friends gets his service done there.
  6. My experience so far with Prerana at Kudlu has been good.
  7. Subash


    2nd year ( 3rd) service bill for Punto MJD Epack at Prerana Blr

    scan0001.jpg I booked my 2nd year anniversary service ( 3rd free ) at Prerana, Hosur road BLR. Only complaint I had was Glove box opening by itself and Rear Left side door rubber which was coming out from door. I insisted that they do all fiat recommended updates ( I only remembered Blue and me cap top of my head ). Service adviser told me that he will also update the Blue and Me software. After reading the forum later I realized I had not changed my clutch salve from plastic to metal. I need to go back again next week to get this checked and replaced.

    Please let me know if I am charged more on any items. I got the vehicle dropped at home at service so did not get a chance to talk to service adviser. I am surprised to see the labor charges and some small items charged to me. Please give your feedback. Total bill came around 8700 for the third FREE service.


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  8. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    It looks Prerna charges much, compared to Concorde, for free servicing.
    I never been charged till now, for below items -
    • Dry or Empry Sheet
    • Windscreen wash
    • Wheel alignment

    Also, they have charged 5L of Coolant, actually it should be ~4L. Did they return you back?

    Do make sure to get clutch cylinder replaced, before it fails.
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  9. What is (14) WD40 rust leak??
  10. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    The prices are way too high in prerana compared to concorde ..

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