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B 72/4, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Tulip Banque Hall New Delhi, Delhi 110052 India
  1. khoj

    khoj Amatore

    TULI FIAT Raja Garden, West Delhi request for Feedback/Review
    One of the shock absorber mounts in my Linea's boot lid has become dislodged. The vehicle was sent to Kashyap motors as they have very positive reviews and are also the nearest A.S.C. to my place. They checked and advised that the assembly would have to be replaced but they did not have the part in stock. Half a dozen calls later and it emerges that Tuli Fiat in Raja Garden have the part in stock.

    The replacement should be a quick job but I am a bit finicky when it comes to service centres and therefore would like to gather some feedback on this particular service provider i.e. Tuli Fiat. If any one has availed their services please do share your experience here.
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  2. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Speak to Jaswinder there. Work quality is reasonable (I haven't personally gone there yet). It should be a straight forward job in any case.
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  3. khoj

    khoj Amatore

    Thanks nkapoor777. I did get my work there today. Met Jaswinder Tuli, he is the owner and looks after the day to day operations himself. They gave the vehicle an overall check up too all in all It was a nice experience. I will go back for my vehicle's upcoming second service.

    BTW their new premises in Wazirpur near the Richie Rich banquet hall on ring road will also be operational soon. This will be a Sales, service & spares facility.
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  4. DrivingAddict

    DrivingAddict Timido


    My Punto's 3rd service is around the corner. Just wanted to check if Tuli Fiat provide the free pick up and drop facility for the vehicle to be serviced. Since the new workshop of Tuli Motors is in Wazirabad, which is approx. 45 Kms from Gurgaon, where i reside. I personally would like to go to Tuli Fiat as they are one of the only two full Fiat workshops in Delhi NCR.

    Please suggest, if i should try and reach Tuli Fiat only or shall try my hands with the TATA - Fiat authorised service center in gurgaon only.

  5. rpm19050


    the arrangement in wazirpur is worse than your neighbourhood friendly garage. examples :
    - they bleed the ac refrigerant and then charge you for entire capacity. this is for a repair under ext. warranty. claim:"jo bleed ko thi woh to hawa thi sir".
    - there is no basic leak test involved in ac fixes. not even soap test. they pressurise the system with a desi compressor, worse in condition that my neighbourhood accessory shop wala's compressor. no soap tests to check leaks or anything. mantra is 'let's change'.
    - they will park the car outside their workshop, next to slums. then the kids out there will do stone graffiti on your car.
    - when all you need is a company suggested foc clutch slave cylinder pin/boot change, they will go on and suggest a clutch change.

    I am going to raise above issues with fiat, but before that, can someone confirm the price charged per liter of paraflu UP?
  6. rpm19050


    an important point about tuli fiat: I caught them red handed trying to put a refurbished swinging arm on my car under extended warranty. it had been repainted, rather shabbily to look like new, but thankfully they couldnt manage to put a spare part sticker.
  7. Neeraj


    New Delhi
    My Alloy wheels got changed at Tuli Motors-Wazirpur

    Recently, i went to Tuli Motors-wazirpur and get my car serviced, my experience is as below:

    1. first it costed me Rs 22,532, my clutch , brake disc & pads were changed besides other things.( i bot the car in May 2011)

    2. i did not get the computerised bill because i was told Fiat server is down on being asked they said they will send on my mail id later, i am still waiting for the computerised bill.

    3. in Mach 14 i went to them to get the starting problem, my car was not starting and i got stranded on highway, had to ask people to get it push start. They said, starter motor is to be changed, i agreed and they changed (supposedly). the problem persisted and on long drives my car refused to start due to some heating. during this service i asked that i doubt that the motor was changed and old one was fitted by charging me for new one, they said now you will not have problem.

    4. My alloy wheels were changed with someone else, my tyres were all fine, after coming home i noticed that one tyre has a thin crack and with closer look i found that even my alloy wheels are changed.

    5. i dialed the service station they say there is no such change. i know for sure it has been changed because on one of my Alloy wheel there was a very small mark of brushing with side way of road divider, this Alloy itself is not there.

    Is there any way i can prove that my alloy and tyres are changed by showing them some numbers of alloy or tyres.

    Neeraj Sharma

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